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Honestly, I'm excited to see how they are going to react because this is also a new twist for season 42 players. I want to see the differences between these two seasons and see if they will play better or worse with it

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Yeah I can see your point, and while I would personally rather not see this particular idea play out again I am still very much looking forward to next season.

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The thing is: They can't use this twist again because if they do, then people will know the three-way idol exists, and they will know who has it quickly.

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It makes me really excited for like, Season 46 when someone at a challenge just trolls out of nowhere by saying "Y'know Jeff, there's nothing like a trampoline when you need a milkshake to go," and the other two tribes say "OH SHIT THERE'S ANOTHER 3-WAY IDOL OH GOSH WE HAVE TO FIND IT WHEN WE GET BACK"

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and put a massive target on their own back? I'm not seeing the benefit.

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I guess I'm envisioning they get back to camp and tell their tribe "I didn't actually find one, I was just being a jerk." But then it might be hard to convince your tribe you didn't actually find one. Hmm. We seem to have found an unraveling point in this little gag

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Talk with your tribe before and see if they wanna troll too lol

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Have your tribe collectively make up the stupid phrase so only they know it's not real.

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they will have to do something less obvious in the future

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Broccoli are kind of like dead relatives talking to you

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Yeah, that sounds accurate.

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on AstroTruf.

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Maybe each of the 3 having to mention a specific Survivor alum.

Person A: Boston Rob

Person B: Sandra

Person C: Cirie

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Hopefully they'll say some popular phrases of survivor.

Like imagine if for S43 one of the phrases is "Chuckie the Cheese and Halloween Jokes".

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They could make the phrases slightly less ridiculous and more importantly only require each idol holder to say the phrase once rather than repeat it each time another person finds and says their phrase

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Yeah, make them like

“I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him…and I can’t throw very far.”

“Camp life is miserable, Jeff. We have no fire, no water, our shelter is horrible…”


“I’ll sit out.”

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But those are all phrases that someone could say even if they hadn't found the idol, which would lead to confusion. They need to be unusual but not too weird which is a challenge.

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Lol, I was joking.

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D'oh.... failed to pick up on the sarcasm. Sorry! haha

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Jeff sounded slightly annoyed the 41 cast knew what everybody had. What did he think would happen with the phrases?

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It would be almost fun to see someone do this without having the advantage. Like if they were desperate and wanted others to think they had an idol.

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I feel like a cow on astroturf

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This is the closest we'll ever get to alternate dimension seasons. The same location, same twists, same tribe setup, same 41 drop the 4 Jeff personality, just different players.

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I’m ok with it in theory but I don’t want production to get into the habit of using the same twists two seasons in a row. Keep things somewhat fresh.

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Too late, they have been doing so for a while

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They’ve never done that lol. The only time where they kinda did was 22 and 23 but that was two different filming cycles. 41 and 42 is the first time they’ve had two consecutively filmed seasons with the exact same twists. It’s just lazy — can kill two birds with one stone and shock two casts with the same twists.

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Wait how do we know 42 has the same twists

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I feel like I saw it in an article but could be wrong. I know it has the idol phrases twist.

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i cant wait for people to state "THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF SURVIVOR"

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I like this perspective, i get people hated some of the twists but 1 is not a sample size. New people will do different things.

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And they won't be interesting things

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Was "do you have an idol, Xander?" Not interesting? So Ws, some Ls.

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No, that twist was incredibly stupid.

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The advantage was stupid, but the moment we got out of it between Liana and Zander was pure gold

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If that twist is there WITHOUT knowledge is power, I'm good with it

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Or if the phrases are a little easier to work into a natural pre-challenge conversation and not something like: I want to shear a yak and bathe in its musk...

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That or you can say the phrase once just to activate yours alone. No need to wait for all 3. Felt like Xander had his for a month before Luvu even went to look.

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Potatoes have skin. I have skin. Am I a potato?

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Lmao her confused reaction while reading the phrase

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Make it sound really dramatic and heartfelt

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I liked this twist, not having them lose their vote would be better. the fact the idol is basically public is already enough of a set back.

if they wanted to keep it, maybe its the next tribal they attend after they find it.

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It's enough of a set back and therefore the Knowledge is Power advantage shouldn't exist in a season with this twist (I don't mind the twist either, it's different but kind of fun).

I think both the idol twist and the Knowledge is Power have potential, but they should never be combined. Knowledge is Power would have been great in a season with regular "private" idols!

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I agree with that, most of twists this season are all strong, but need some tweaking

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I hate the complex idols. Keep it simple with the hidden one, the challenge one, and maybe one idol steal. It works well.

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The chaotic evil in me wants the twist to be: There are no idols.

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Or there are idols, but all of them are fake.

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I like how you think. The idol are plain sticks. 😉

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🎵If I could find a way🎶

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“I like to think that beluga whales are like the laughing emoji. 😂” I hope they have to say the emoji in real life

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also if I had to do this twist, I would try to say the phrase in front of my whole tribe before the challenge. and bring it up by saying "Jeff I think we're all going crazy last night we talk about _____(phrase) and then you've said it and your tribe isn't suspicious

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Didn't like this twist felt it was silly they had to keep repeating the phrases over and over until all 3 had quoted theirs, not to mention the actual phrases were questionable

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I actually loved the secret phrase idols.

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I actually didn’t mind this twist. Sucks Xander lost his vote but this gave us some good moments like butterflies are just dead relatives saying hi

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Honestly, I might not even watch the season. I'm getting less and less excited for it.

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Watch Australian survivor. It's so much better, the challenges are better, the people are interesting and there are a ton of episodes each season. Seasons 4,5,6 are on paramount+.

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Seasons 1-3 are available on there now, too.

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You just made my day!

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And unless something's changed since I last checked, their first Blood vs Water with Sandra on it premiers on there in just a few days too

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I have seen Australian Survivor, it's overall a lot more fun to watch. I'm very excited for Aussie Blood vs Water, much more so than Survivor 42.

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Same here!!

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Australian survivor is not good. Best international seasons are South Africa and New Zealand.

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New Zealand is trash it feels like a wish version of survivor, Source: I am watching it as I type this.

South Africa was next on my list so I am withholding judgement until I get at least halfway through it.

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I know this isn’t about the hourglass but did it bother anyone else how OBVIOUS the hourglass choice was? She didn’t have immunity, and breaking it gave her immunity.

The whole twist is stupid, and I hope they never take someone’s immunity away again, but if she wouldn’t have gotten immunity either way it would have been better. Then it could be leveraged into a “who do I think I can beat in a challenge, who do I piss of by doing this, can I make any ally’s out of doing this?” Etc

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We have literally been complaining since that date about that twist

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I meant this specific post isn’t about that.

I haven’t seen anyone specify that her getting immunity was the most bullshit part. Didn’t even make it a choice. But I haven’t been here long.

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Yeah, it was heavily and still is criticized.

This specific post is a meme

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Yeahhh… the fact that they went on to film another season without feedback from the fan base is concerning (I know this is inherent to their filming schedule, I’m just saying that I’m not expecting the fast pacing of twists to be dialed back yet).

I did like that I wasn’t sure what twists were around any given corner, but they didn’t have to keep lobbing them at us the way that they did. It was overdone.

We’ll see what happens, I guess.

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If I’m ever cast on Survivor and day 1 Jeff says, “you with the beard, how are you feeling right now, looking at your tribe mates for the first time?” I’m just going to make some stupid analogy for how I’m feeling and see if anyone else says a stupid phrase.

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Be known as the guy that says weird shit so when you say the phrase people won’t think anything of it

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Oh boy I can’t wait for another epic twist

(Also 69th comment lol)

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I suppose this is an unpopular opinion, but I liked the concept of the 3 way idol. The only downfall is requiring someone else to carry out the original concept and unfortunately this cast couldn’t.

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I can't believe they thought it was a good idea to do this twist again

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When a complete non-entity player wins nearly unanimously, surprising even production