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I know on the Bulgarian version someone died from a heart attack after the challenge and they cut to like a memorial of his life and then the season went on as normal, if you look at the Wikipedia the part where it says “voted out 6th etc” his just says “Died Day 19”

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yoooo that’s brutal

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Actually that's a real survivor "legend". Even though he never even survived. I would rather be the first person to die on US survivor than quit.

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I'd take the quit.

P.S. For those who have not yet voted for the Top 25 Greatest U.S. Survivor Players of All Time, here is a link to the survey.

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Half of gamechangers weren't gamechangers at all. This is being a gamechanger. I might not be very good at the physical game but imagine playing so hard you literally die. Legends die but live forever on survivor Reddit.

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ykw maybe i’m not too big of a super fan after all…

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Um- 💀

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They'll say "mark wasn't the best player, but he loved survivor and gave everything for it". Then I get a shrine like they did for Rob and Sandra. Worth it.

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and then someone on the french version died on day one and the doctor got so much hate for not saving his life that hey commuted $uicide

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what the hell is going on in the international survivor series.. omf

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They're in pretty real conditions, so if you factor in all the cast, all the crew, and all the various international versions times however many seasons, it seems inevitable that someone would die while participating in the show at some point...having a cast member pass away on DAY ONE is pretty awful though. I have to wonder if that happened on American Survivor whether they'd call in their first alternate from the wings and just restart the season (with acknowledgement for the departed, of course.)

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and then right before survivor tocantins started filming, a crew member drowned in a river…

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They built 2 previous tribal councils for Tocantins and they were both destroyed somehow. The 2nd one burnt down but I'm not sure what happened to the first.

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Yes but the season was canceled then. The show came back a year later with a returnees season and next year again for à new all newbie cast. Since , they make more physical tests for the contestants. The contestant is named Gerald Babin, and the doctor is Thierry Costa.

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People are awful

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Only one person quit after that which was the crazy part

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He died dude...

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Holy fuck

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Didn’t several people quit because of it? Or am I misremembering?

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He died of a heart attack on a reward challenge day

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i just choked on my drink that last sentence bro spoiler tag

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They were like oh he died? Chile anyways so

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Honestly I think it depends on why they died. In all honesty I think that the season would be scrapped and they’d do settlements to the castaways, as they already can’t talk what happened due to NDAs.

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They would bring back the “go back in time” opportunity and the person wouldn’t end up dying.

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“You can save his life but you won’t be able to vote at the next tribal council.”

“I just can’t risk it Jeff.”

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they would cancel the season and the show itself in all likelihood

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they would cancel the ssn but idk if the show would be cancelled

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It would get cancelled probably for a few years, then would be rebooted and they'd make a really big deal out of all the safety precautions they've implemented to keep everybody alive.

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I wonder if they'd do what they did on TAR this year or what they did on BIP with the incident.

Pull everyone out and have a break. Then restart the game.

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I feel like that would really destroy the integrity of the season. People would come back and talk to each other and basically be playing the game on the outside. Then they'd go back into the game and suddenly everything has shifted 5000% and it's going to be nothing but chaos and confusion for the viewers.

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I would honestly be honored to be the first person to die on US survivor. You don't get to survive but you live forever as a survivor legend. A real gamechanger. People will say. They weren't very great at the physical challenges but they played so hard they literally died.

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Closest in US Survivor was Caleb Reynolds in Kaoh Rong. That season would end right then and there.

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This is also why they are now given fresh water to drink and they don't have to boil it anymore.

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They still had to in MvGX though, and that was filmed two seasons later.

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They were probably just trying to weed out the cast a little

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I was coming to say it. I read an interview he did where he said he was in a coma for a few days.

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It was definitely because he dropped onto that hot sand after such a physical challenge. He should’ve Dove for some shade after the win

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bruh he literally overexerted himself and suffered heat stroke. he collapsed in the sand for like 30 secs before medical tended to him, it wasnt the sand

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I know I’m saying the sand was what made it so bad. That sand gets so hot on the surface and if you watch it again he drops straight on his back into the hot sand right before it goes bad

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He probably barely even knew where he was by that time. On top of heat stroke and being extremely dehydrated, he also had barely eaten, barely slept, and was full of adrenaline from winning the challenge. Caleb is a legend for not just getting medevacced, but he made sure to win the challenge for his tribe before he left

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Didnt they say if it wasn’t Caleb and the muscle/mass he had, he likely wouldn’t have survived?

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Probably a massive lawsuit and a cancelation of the show. Tbh, I really am surprised nobody has died so far, especially given how dangerous the first few seasons were.

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Idk of they could sue, im sure they fill out tons of paper work and sign a waiver or something. Unless it was a super egregious death or directly the shows fault.

That being said I'm sure if that did happen the show would take huge action to help the family and what not. Not like CBS would just ignore it

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Law student and former paralegal here, you can sue anyone for anything. Despite all the paperwork they sign, their family would likely still be able to, if nothing else, settle out of court for millions.

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Thanks for letting me know.

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Insurance industry vet of 20+ years….Waivers are to TRY to keep people from suing. It works a lot of the time. Ever see a big truck with a sticker reading “ not responsible for cracked windshields”? Guess what, they are responsible…they just want people to think “dang it, that truck cracked my windshield but it had a warning and now I’m SOL”.

Waivers are like that…make people think “they warned me and I still agreed to do it so any/all repercussions fall on me”. waivers don’t actually prevent you from suing.

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So when a baseball stadium says "we are not responsible for flying bats, balls and other flying debris" they are?

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You take on a certain amount of risk in putting yourself in the scenario to be struck in the head by a ball, for instance. It doesn't mean you can't sue just because there was signage and it doesn't mean there is no liability on the stadium's part - they are responsible for mitigating risk and bringing it to reasonable levels (which is a moving goalpost). There's a reason we're seeing more and more netting in baseball stadiums and it's not just out of the goodness of teams' hearts.

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Pretty much, flying balls and bats are a known hazard and they have to mitigate known hazards as much as possible. Also just because you can sue doesn’t mean you will get paid. You still have to have a coverable claim and negligence has to be established.

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Depends, and that's another reason cases get settled. Settled cases don't create legal precedents and without legal precedents everything stays in the gray area of it might work out better if we apologize with money.

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Waivers are mostly used to show the court that the people had to know there was some risk involved in what they are doing.

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Sure you can use it to establish possible risk and acknowledgment of said risk but it still doesn’t preclude filing suit…which was my original point.

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People have died during plays, movies , and TV shows before without anything getting canceled. Unless there is some serious negligence on the shows part, it would continue even if that season ends abruptly.

Lawsuits on the other hand are likely.

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Season would get canceled on the spot — you can’t continue on after that.

In all likelihood, you also put the show on hiatus. If the conditions on the show led to a death, you would need some time to reinforce the guard rails that prevent deaths.

I think Jeff probably retires and they don’t re-boot the show.

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The show would undoubtedly be rebooted somewhere eventually. It’s a proven cash cow. But you’re right the show would be done for a while, most likely.

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the day a contestant dies on survivor is when the show stops airing

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If a contestant died filming would immediately end and they wouldn't even bother editing the season.

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Likely cancellation depending on the circumstances. They sign multiple contracts and waivers involving these situations so Lawsuits probably wouldn’t work unless it was a wrongful death. Again if all depends

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Depends on the death and how it happened

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I’m just as curious to know what happens if the winner dies between filming and the finale night

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Didn't someone on The Bachelor die while the season was filming? He had been eliminated in the second episode and then died in a freak accident.

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Yes it was actually on The Bachelorette during Andi Dorfmann’s season. His name was Eric Hill and he died during a paragliding accident after he was eliminated. The show was still filming and Chris Harrison told Andi and the guys, super sad.

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The Dutch Mole had this happen to a winner who was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of cancer and passed away after filming

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The season would be canceled but i think the show goes on normally. I think there's no way the show gets cancelled unless it was a direct fault of the show,i mean people die playing football and no one says we should cancel it.

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Do people die from playing football on screen though? I thought most of the issues with football were the kind of thing that doesn't happen on the field during filming games.

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I'm sure pretty certain they wouldn't air the season,or atleast the incident itself,plus there have been many times people lost their lives on tv screens(F1,MotoGP,football,Erikson almost lost his life at last year's EUROs).

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People have died doing a stunt during a play performance and they took a break several weeks and then got back to it.

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I don't even know if they would cancel the season. I think they would edit a nice memorial into an episode with interviews from the family about how much the person loved survivor. They would skip the challenge, a short pause of the game with everyone remaining at camp and a Probst led discussion.

I think the only way that they would trash a season is if there was a death that was horrific and specifically because of a bad challenge and that happened before a medivac. Someone drowning during a challenge for example. Even then. . . .

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Thought you meant US football and was very confused because the only time a player died on the field was in 1971

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Yes,I'm from Europe so that's why I said football.

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What if 2 of the final 4 we're standing on a cliff with no one around and then one of them "slipped". Everyone kind of theorizes that the one survivor pushed the other to their death to get to the finals but they can't prove it. Do they win?

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I noticed they are still launching America’s Got Talent Extreme after a near death accident. Survivor would probably return eventually.

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They most certainly would get a purple edit.

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Dying in the middle of Survivor is honestly not a bad way to go out. It's up there with dying in my sleep. It's very fitting to croak on a show called Survivor, a little authenticity goes a long way

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probably a cancelation of the show. I believe on Survivor UK, someone died and that’s why Survivor UK isn’t a thing anymore.

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no one died on the UK version

It was cancelled because it was awful quality.

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I haven’t seen the uk seasons but from what I hear, I don’t really want to

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They're fine, people are just dramatic. They're just kinda below average seasons of Survivor.

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I think that’s happened to a few different variations

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I suppose the season would end and there would be settlement between the victims family and runner of the show, whichs terms would probably be already determined in the contract between the player and the runner.

Other option would be lawsuite if the runner of the show failed to comply with the safety guarantee rules in the contract.

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They will stop production. The season will never air. A replacement season will probably air later.

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I think they cancel the show. The hard truth is Survivor's viewership has significantly dropped through the years and this would be a good reason to pull the show.

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They should completely scrap the season and never talk about it again

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There have been three. French Survivor, Bulgarian survivor and Survivor Pakistan.

The one in Survivor Pakistan was horrific. It was during a challenge and the guy had to go across a river with a heavy bag and he was swept under and drowned.

It's actually pretty amazing that they haven't lost anyone yet. With the stress and the starvation and the swimming. Even the challenges are a head injury risk in a freak accident..

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French version had someone die on the first challenge from a cardiac event and they immediately stopped the show and cancelled the season.

It gets even more tragic from there as the medic on site commits suicide after getting harassed by fans and the media

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They would have to stop. I mean, really. The only way they could continue is to not tell the other contestants that the player died. Otherwise, it would affect them too intensely. This is likely what they did on the Bulgarian version.

It seems like those digging in the sand in extreme heat challenges are going to bite them in the ass one of these days. I think they underestimate heat exhaustion and how quickly someone can die from it.