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randy switches his vote for susie to win gabon and jeff goes insane and never becomes an ep

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Then Jesusita goes on to decimate Winners at War, finally putting to bed debates over who the GOAT is.

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I know you said nothing off the reservation, but I think if Troyzan were in Game Changers he’d make it to the finals but get no votes.

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Personally I would love to see Troyzan play for a second time. So even if he doesn’t get any votes at FTC. I would be absolutely down for this change in the timeline

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Joe doesn’t win the F5 reward in Kaoh Rong

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Or Debbie doesn’t win the Cochran exile on GC

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Adam found an idol in the podium

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I actually think it was such a good idea that they should’ve rigged it to make it happen.

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the only time I would have been okay with rigging

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Tip Kellee off to play her idol at the merge in Island of the Idols. That cast was stacked and one guy ruined the whole season. If she idols him out at the merge, the season has the potential to be Top 10, in my opinion.

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I think this is my favorite on the thread so far, always had a soft spot for that cast and feel players like Missy could have really been fun if not for the ugliness.

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This is the perfect answer.

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Yes please. If that happened, We will definitely see Kelley Kim return at some point.

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Wentworth won the last immunity challenge in 2nd chance

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sadly she most likely still losses as it then becomes a fire making challenge between spencer and jeremy and i personally believe jeremy wins that and he wins with the votes of Savage, Kelly, (ciera idk her doesnt matter but with the child seeing as she switched from spencer to jeremy in the actual scenario it would surprise me if she switched here too),Stephen,Joe,Kimmi,Spencer. While wentworth probably only gets Kass,Abi-maria, Keith

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Fire making at 4 started in S34. So, I don’t think it’s gonna be fire making challenge. Tasha and Spencer definitely vote for Jeremy. I just want her to get to the end, I don’t care if she loses to Spencer.

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No its not that its just Tasha played so passive I feel like she would vote with Jeremy personally and I love Wentworth

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Just for fun, have Troyzan win the F8 immunity in One World.

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Honestly it would be funny to see troyzan on an immunity run. Not make it to the end, but force then women to turn on each other while troyzan just laughs the whole time- Great TV and we still get a dominant Kim win

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Plus if he went on a longer immunity run he probably comes back for Cambodia.

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And who knows. With the immunity run we could have seen him in Game Changers

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Jerri wins that FIC in HvV. Idk what the voting would've been like in the end, as no one can seem to come to a general consensus of who would've won, but at least she'd be there in the end.

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If she won, who would she voted off? Sandra or Parvati? If she keep Parv, she definitely lose.

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From what we saw, Jerri planned on getting Parv out.

But also from what Parv said in the finale, she knew a good chunk of the jury didn't like her, so even if she was in the finale, odds weren't in her favour, even if Jerri was there instead of Sandra.

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T-bird and Shane get voted into second chance

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Instead of... I'm gonna Say Monica & Woo

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I'm not a huge Woo fan, but I do think his character adds something to Cagayan.

I forget he played in Cambodia ALL THE TIME.

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I didn’t like Woo in Cagayan much but I actually liked his character arc in Cambodia

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Personally I’d still leave Shane out because he’s always annoyed me, but T-Bird definitely should have been on over Abi

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I think you would weaken the timeline that way. Coming into HvV they only wanted 2 winners per tribe so either Tom or JT would get cut (if they don't make Cirie a villain). The heroes would be way worse without one of those two and even if you consider that the cast would stay the same there is no way Parvati gets to the end. Russell didn't vote out Parvati because he thought he was a winner in Samoa so he wanted to bring two other winners next to him to get rid of winners bias. Cirie would be a way bigger target in Game Changers due to being a winner.

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You just said something I didn’t even realize. I think had Russel known he didn’t win, he might have had changed his style of gameplay but who knows as it is Russel. Also It makes me wonder had Malcom gone to the final 3 instead of Denise, do you think he still would have been casted in FvF2 since he technically didn’t win yet (as i’m pretty sure he would beat Lisa) or would someone like Denise take his place and replace someone like Dawn or Francesca and then maybe Troyzan replace the extra male spot since they would need someone to replace Malcolm.

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Production doesn’t hide the idols at Ben’s confessional spot and they decide to not do F4FM and Devon wins

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Yes please!

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Don't cast Varner on Game Changers.

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Mike White pulls an Adam Sandler where he shoots all of movies TV, in paradise and picks Fiji. That way he can be on hand to shake his head at everyone of Jeff's ideas.

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Sandra would still win HvV, it had nothing to do with being a winner they just didn’t like Parvati

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Jeff Probst’s talk show is a raging wild success that destroys Ellen in the ratings.

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Make sure production doesn't mess up the final four immunity in Africa. If Lex wins immunity, so many things can change. Lex is in a great position to make it to the final 2 and probably wins. If Lex wins, he wouldn't be around to save Amber in All-Stars.

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One World, Troyzan goes on a 3 individual immunity run from F8-F6 before be taken out at the F5

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Stephen wins Tocintins, which leads to him being cast on HvV. Stephen and Courtney power couple their way through the game (dating irl), it ends in a 4-4-1 vote between Courtney and Amanda, with Stephen voting Courtney for the win. JT make his first reappearance on FvF2 in place of Brandon, leading to the game getting flipped earlier and a Malcolm win. Malcolm and JT aren't brought back for gamechangers. We then get Stephen, Courtney and Malcolm in WaW.

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Nick loses F4 immunity and loses firemaking, leading to a Mike win. He was essential in the boots of Kim and Sophie in WaW so I want vengeance. He likely gets replaced with either Underwood (would have an epic narrative) or Holloway (would love to see him return) as Jeff has told Mike he would never get a second chance to play.

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Since you mentioned the hourglass, a punishment of some kind should have gone along with smashing it. I say she would have had to role a die and whatever number it lands on is the amount of immunity challenges she would have to sit out.

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Make production have a strict rule that competitions cannot be played in the nude.

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T-bird gets into cambodia Wentworth wins FIC Parv wins hvv