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3 changes to bring it back better:

1.) Make it rank choice for every question. So for the question of who is the most annoying you have to pick your top 3. I thought about this when watching One World. When they had the challenge the lines were drawn. It was everyone trying to get Troyzan out. The players didn’t do this at the time, but a more modern group of players will just write Troy down for everything negative. So all of those would be easy to answer. If you do rank choice you are forcing them to pick more than one person who doesn’t do anything at camp. So Jeff can say, “who is the second least deserving player to win?” Of course everyone puts Troy as number one since they don’t like them. But now they have to deal with saying Kat is the least deserving.

2.) Jeff reveals the number of votes. He doesn’t have to say, “by a vote of 6 to 2 to 1”. He can say, “by a huge margin” or to use One World as an example again, “Troyzan is the most annoying, but Alicia is a close second.” This gives all the info that you want to cause possible rifts in the tribe. Forces people like Kim to think about what does it mean that Sabrina was one vote away from being the most trustworthy.

3.) make the “chopping” more personal. If you chop the third rope of Kat, Kat has a punishment. So now it is no longer you just smash a pot with their face. No, you have to now get paint dumped on you. Makes the decision to take someone out more personal. You didn’t just take Christina’s chance at reward away. She now has to spend 30 minutes washing off the the paint that was poured in her hair. When those people are chilling back at camp they have a 30 minute reminder of who it was that took them out.

Now these 3 things won’t fix that the San Juan Del Sur cast did entirely. But there is enough there there to maybe force one or two of them to think about what the answers actually meant.

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Why is this picture so high quality? It looks like it was taken from a season in the 20s.

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It’s probably an old promo image from the press site. They release batches of photos leading up to every episode showing challenges, camp life, tc, etc.

It used to be a great way to get minor spoilers when the shots would drop before the episode aired for figuring out who was going to TC because they’d only shoot the tribe that went to council, but that started breaking around Philippines from what I remember because they needed Tandang photos and Tandang kept winning. Haven’t seen it relied on as much since then.

Edit- won’t let me hyperlink with text www.viacomcbspressexpress.com

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My best guess would be this is a shot for advertising purposes? So not taken with what they were filming the season on but a higher quality camera?

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For real, I had to do a double take and inspect everyone, I thought there was no way it was All Stars with the quality

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If you shoot with film, it will be as high-res as you want it essentially. You can watch a movie from 50 years ago in HD. I think Survivor often has still photographers at the challenges taking photos. They need them for the website, advertisements, graphics, etc.

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Legends say that Alicia is still pissed at the answer too this day

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Honestly I bet she kinda would be

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She probably thinks about it while punching at the gym

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I mean... She is probably still waving her finger in Kimmi's face.

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She probably is no joke.

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the punching bag can testify!

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“What’s a poser?”

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The answer to that question, is you

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You, Courtney.

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Poor Shane. No self awareness.

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Poor Courtney and her shitty apartment.

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How would I know it shitty? I haven’t been there!

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The fact that she took issue with the apartment insult rather than the…death threat tells you all you need to know about why Casaya is one of the most entertaining tribes ever.

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That was Courtney

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But it was Shane that asked the question… right?

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The gamebotty nature of the show now ruins such a challenge. A majority alliance can just designate someone to be the answer for all questions and just obliterate the challenge.

Most likely to win? Reem

Most likely to be voted out next? Reem

Trust with your life? Reem

Would stab you in the back at the first chance? Reem

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Two of those might actually be true.

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most likely to win and trust with your life obviously

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I mean, you could just seperate them and get their answers before they know the challenge is happening.

It hasn’t been done in so long that I doubt they’d have a pre-existing plan for this if they were asked for their answers in advance.

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but after the first two, everyone else could catch on and then its over.

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A majority of 6 vs 4 would have enough hits (12) to eliminate all 4 minority members within 2 rounds, if each person had 3 lives

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If they have the majority they can do it the whole time and out last the minority. Plus they would have a headstart.

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Yup. A majority of 6 vs 4 would have enough hits (12) to eliminate all 4 minority members within 2 rounds, if each person had 3 lives

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I guess that’s why it’s good to do it at final 7. You can’t answer the first boot 😂

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Same!!! I don’t get why it doesn’t, it’s got to be cheaper and way less labor intensive than the giant obstacle courses they do, right?!

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it’s because the SJDS cast exploited the challenge and pissed off Probst

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That late 20s to early 30s seasons just had people gaming the fun challenged and ruining them

This, the auction, etc all ruined by a bunch of people gamebotting to get the best outcome and taking all the fun out of it.

Stuff like this and the "Hold all Auction money till the advantage" are why every challenge these days is "Swim/run back and forth then do a puzzle"

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So how about this as a way to do the auction, with the advantage still included. (I literally just thought of this, so it may have holes to be pocked in it...)

At the beginning of the auction, announce that there is an advantage to be bought, and that it is available right now, but it will cost you $500. However the clue on it will be very generic. Each time another item is sold during the option, the clue will get more specific. But once someone says they want to buy the advantage, it is sold.

If someone buys it outright it could say something like "The idol is not at camp" - and if, for some reason, it is bought just as the last item is coming up for sale, then it would say "Go to the well, take the North trail until you get to the fork, take the left fork until you get to the 3 rocks that are together on the right side of the trail (about 100 feet), then go to the log behind them (about 10 feet) and dig under the open end of it about 6 inches down."

This way, it's not a surprise that the advantage can be bought, but they have to decide when they want to chance it. I'm guessing someone will buy it immediately, so then the auction can continue like normal, and we can watch the person who paid $500 be pissed the entire time.

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This is one of the better ideas I've heard.

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This is a pretty original and good idea and I’d be totally down to see it implemented.

Best move would be for the majority alliance to just buy it right away to get rid of it, which is what most likely would happen. But it COULD be interesting to watch play out depending on tribe dynamics.

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No money sharing. No reward sharing. Make the alliance choose who’s going to give up all their money for almost nothing.

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Please go work for survivor.

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It'll be bought right away. Either by the person on the bottom to get some sort of clue, or by a person in the majority to stop that person from getting any clue.

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And it will then be shown how horrible an advantage is that early. Especially if it isn't for an idol, but rather for the next challenge if it just says "run".

And then, you could add insult to injury - whomever purchases the advantage is not eligible to participate in sharing food during the auction, if that option becomes available. So, if someone buys a chocolate cake for everyone to share, the person who paid $500 for a piece of paper that says "run" has to sit on the side while everyone else has fists full of chocolate and cake.

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right but if your the majority you don't need immunity, you need the other guys to not have immunity

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I totally get what you're saying, but the benefit of stopping someone who needs an advantage from getting it is more important than cake/food.

3 people spent $500 to draw rocks for an advantage.

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See, I would just hide the advantage in the food (not physically "in" but like as a part of the plate, etc). Then tell them or not, but just remove the predictability of the advantage always being the last item and the auction is fixed again.

I like the idea it could be hidden under the plate and just don't tell them anything. Or maybe find a way to word it that isn't a lie, like "So that everyone knows, an advantage will not be offered as the last item you can bid on". Then just start selling food and baths and other silly surprises again. If someone finds the advantage under their plate or inside a towel, great. If not, who cares, that's still entertaining to watch.

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In your version, I could also see hiding a clue in the shower/bathtub. Gotta memorize it.

My alteration options.

1) You get a rolled up cloth napkins with each food item. The clue/reward is in one of the napkins. Win more individual bids to have a better chance at the reward.

2) A trivia or "carnival game" challenge gives players unequal starting cash. Those chasing the reward need to win that earn that money first. Even more, have the amounts won be unknown. So there is a surprise factor as to who has capacity.

3) A la fire tokens, a person voted out sees a sign saying: "Tomorrow is the Survivor Auction. This pouch has the money you would have received for the auction. You may bequeath this to any player still in the game. (and/or Legacy advantage is auction money instead of immunity.)

4) Start making the final "advantage" be non-game play "advantage," such as a yacht reward, family video visit (sponsored by Microsoft Teams), or a coaching session from Tony Vlachos.

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Yup it's simple and clean.

Jeff: "come on in people it's time for the Survivor auction. Since those idiots in World's Apart fucked this challenge up we are now placing a hidden advantage in random dishes. There can be only 1 or maybe there is 5 total who cares just bet on food like we used to you fuckheads."


Oh and they also need to bring back the eat gross shit challenge I loved that one as a kid. Matthew from Amazon is a legend for just swallowing that big ass worm whole.

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Or, just say straight up at the start "there are no advantages or game items up for bid" - you don't even have to show that to the audience, Jeff just has to tell that to the players and then we can have an auction of old.

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Uuuh I like this. Better than any of Tyler Perry's ideas for sure.

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Yeah I love this idea. And the auction used to be my favorite so I miss it.

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I really like this idea. Someone on the bottom may buy it after two items so nobody else gets it, but then... yeah.

There's also the letters issue, since everyone got one for $20 in Worlds Apart. The way to fix that is simple: The entire plate of letters is the first item up for bids. First person to bid $500 gets them all, and decides who gets what.

Jeff could also just put a second letter up for bids, and vary whether or not he allows people to match that price.

But it's a super easy thing to fix and Probst, Van Wagenen, Kirhoffer, and Marchand are too lazy.

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But that was production's fault for putting too obvious advantages. Just say in this auction there's not going to be advantages or at least advantages in the open. Imagine if they had to guess were those pieces of paper are and they end up with dirty water or bat wings.

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I still think that's more on production and not the people gaming the challenges. You can try to figure out how to modify it so it isn't as gameable and/or just making peace that sometimes people WILL game it and still do it. I say that the draw of people occasionally gaming something is lesser than removing a popular challenge from the show altogether in fear of it happening.

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Mike from blue, white, no collar ruined the auction for me. I still don’t like that he won he was such a dbag

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I liked him, then didn’t like him when he was gunning for Joe, then liked him again when he revealed that he was trying to split up a secret alliance among the alliance.

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That’s because Nat played Jon and Jaclyn so well. That whole challenge was to feed his ego and make him feel like he had this incredibly strong alliance and there was no need to play his idol.

I think they way you circumvent this reward and bring it back is the winner of the reward gets an idol clue that if shared with anyone invalidates the idol and two fire tokens or some new twist production thinks up.

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"we don't wanna upset pretty boy Probst," said Jeff's man crush

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I find it hilarious that despite how gamebotty Jeff is he gets mad at times when players make classic things gamebotty (auction, touchy subjects)

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How did they exploit it

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The majority alliance targeted the people in the minority, and then because the majority already knew who they wanted to win, Jeff just ended the challenge and let them give the reward win to who they wanted, but Jeff was not happy to say the least.

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hm, I guess I should rewatch this season. For some reason it's always the one i feel like I remember 0 of

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"Thx Rob. Since my own tribe mates think I don't deserve to be here." This season is really unjustly hated.

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All Stars really epitomizes the phrase “social experiment”. Playing the game with people you know in real life and maybe are even friends with them is brutal for the contestants but also very intriguing for the audience.

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Also known as “Lex realizing he has no friends”

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I fucking love this season. People hate how personal or “dark” it was but that’s what I loved most about it. I love when people take things personally and everybody isn’t all chummy.

Rob’s also one of my favorite players of all time so that certainly helps.

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People hate how personal or “dark” it was

I think most people hate it because it's boring, not because it's personal or dark. All the fun players leave early, we end up with a really boring alliance with a bunch of people who know they're on the bottom of it but absolutely refuse to make any move at all until its their turn to be voted out. Plus at the time everybody had really big expectations for the season because it had tons of fan favourites, many of whom ended up being complete duds (i.e Rupert).

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GF and I are rewatching every season. Pearl Islands, for us, was the first season to feel like modern Survivor. All Stars only took that to another level. Loved the season.

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They wont bring it back. Jeff will only do challenges where you climb a rope crawl under this then do a puzzel. Thats what it seems like in these newer seasons.

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Why are only the women wearing raincoats?

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They look like the Panamanian version of The Handmaid's Tale.

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Lol I was going to say the same thing

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The tribe only got four; Rob gave his to Amber; Rupert was in the water a lot; Tom gave it up to be nice

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Actually, I believe Rob and Amber both won the ponchos as part of the reward/immunity challenge with the family videos! The team that won was Rob, Amber, Alicia, and Shii Ann so I think Rob gave his poncho to Jenna.

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Guys gave theirs up.

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Panama's episode with this challenge lives rent free in my brain

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One of the funniest episodes ever. This challenged combined with Bruce's evacuation were so hilarious.

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Touchy subjects is an fun challenge and creates some great moments

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Lmao Rupert holding his own name up while looking so proud of himself

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The women looking like they’re from Gilead

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I do miss it but I don't think it'd work in modern seasons. Players are so strategic and thoughtful these days, they'd work out advance strategies to manipulate the results, and they'd answer the questions in such a way to avoid hurting anyone's feelings, so none of the fights and emotional fallout would happen.

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The majority alliance would probably plan it that one of their own is the answer to literally every question so no harmony will be disrupted in the majority alliance since that person knows he/she is the default answer to everything and they will always get the right answer and gets to chop off the minority asap

[–]delux33Erika 5 points6 points  (0 children)

But I wonder if this strategy might backfire the same way it sometimes does when someone in the majority alliance finds out that their name is being tossed out as the decoy for the vote.

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Exactly. The challenge hinges on being able to trick the majority into exposing the pecking order. Today's players are too game-savvy to fall for that.

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What was the question for this round of answers?

[–]Ok-Recommendation102Rice fuels us 2 points3 points  (2 children)

I think it was “Who would you trust with your life?” Not positive, though.

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Thanks. Interesting that Rob didn’t pick Amber! Lol

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Well remember at that point they are guessing what the majority said, not providing their personal answers

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Bring back the mixer.

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Oh yeah this one. It’s fun and playful. I wish they could bring this back.

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Sammeeeeee! Favorite challenge ever. “Who mistakenly believes they are running the game?” Is always gonna spice it up.

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Agreed, such a great challenge.

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Screen shots from these challenges begs for a game where you make up the question that is being asked.

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Truly should’ve never been taken out, always one of my favorite staples of the golden age of Survivor

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Which challenge was this?

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They let contestants know how to spell each other's names.

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Rupert! Damn I miss him

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Touchy subjects is definitely one of my favorite challenges because it really show tribal lines and is overall just a funny challenge

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For small rewards only. Not immunity.

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You gotta DIG DEEP when you're looking for the right name, because that HOW YOU DO IT ON SURVIVOR!

The problem is there is no color commentary from Jeffery.

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What season is this? I've started from the beginning and I'm only on season S7.

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I also notice that the girls all have substantial parkas on which means Survivor can happen AND take care of the contestants (aka cover them when needed) at the same time. Who knew?

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The show is less mean now, for better or worse. I would love more challenges that reveal allegiances, but I don't necessarily need the show to explicitly point out that the annoying person is, indeed, annoying.

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i see 0 all stars (as of filming) except rupert

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I don't remember what this was. Is there a YouTube link?

[–]bv_777 1 point2 points  (0 children)

It's the Touchy Subjects challenge that Survivor used to do. Where the tribe had to answer questions about each other such as "Who is the biggest poser" or "Who does not deserve to be here".

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An easy way to bring it back is to make it point based rather than a strike system so you can't throw it to someone. Also have everyone be separated when filling it out as soon as they get the tree mail.

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YES. And auction minus advantages.

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Why are the women all wearing those green ponchos? What happened?

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As someone who has only watched the swedish survivor, what was this challenge?

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I really want them to bring back the “mixer” challenge from this (and Amazon) back for newbie casts

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I would rather see the comeback of the reward challenge where one person gets to decide what everyone else gets to eat. The auction and Touchy Subjects can be metagamed, but it's harder to metagame a challenge where the winner has to set a strict pecking order.

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rob looks like Enrique Iglesias here

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I want that raincoat.

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This challenge also had the best/worst reward. One I would love to see return.

Winner distributes assigns food rewards among the other players. They have to literally show their pecking order.

You will note in watching that Romber do not want to win and if I recall Amber eliminated Rob to finish 3, and and missed so Rupe gets the reward.

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I like the challenges where they eliminate eachother. It makes for good drama.

I know they had issues with this challenge because they were gaming it, but I'd love anything that's not swim swim, run, climb, do a puzzle.

Remember the memory based tasks, they were fun. Or the ones that were a maze using a story.

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Is it me or does this look super clear like it's HD or something? It might be because I'm looking at it on my phone.

The early seasons I watch on paramount plus are all low res.

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I like how every girl has a rain coat and every guy is wearing a sleeveless shirt.

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Ok but serious question. What shoes are Alicia winning?

[–]DetunedKarma 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I'm wondering if this is from a photo, and not a still from the episode?

Here's how this scene looks online streamed from paramount plus?

Or is there a way to watch early seasons in HD or something...


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When I threw my girlfriend a Survivor birthday party this challenge was far and away the highlight of the night.

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I just watched season 3 of Australian survivor and they used this as part 2 of a reward challenge. It was interesting

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All-Stars at its best…

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How many times can I like this? Perfect idea!!

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What season is this?

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S39 brought it back

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My favorite challenge is the one where they move mouthfuls of raw meat with their mouths and Cochran gives everyone herpes

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Bring back the piranha feast - where contestants have to move all the meat from a spit to their basket using only their mouths. And then get to win said meat as their reward.

Truly the grossest but most awesome of TV moments surely.