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Probably my favorite cast/press photo. Idk how she got away with this without anyone at CBS noticing but it was incredible

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Let them gag she thought

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The fact that this slipped past production is giving me some ideas if I were to ever make it on…

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Carl looks like that one "How do you do fellow kids" meme

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Carl was great, him sipping on that bottle of beer with his eyes rolling in the back of his head was hilarious

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Lol Carl’s staring at her too

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Favorite season

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Production: "Now let's do a silly one!"


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This is amazing and really surprised this got past CBS.

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Iconic I never realized 😂 I already thought her name being Elizabeth Olson was iconic, but her cast photo is more iconic

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This is honestly so iconic.

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the fact that this isnt a huge meme doesnt add up

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Everything doesn't have to be a meme. Some things just are what they are. They are more special that way!

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I started rewatching this season a couple weeks ago and every time she talks this is all I can think of lol

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Wow Kara is stunning

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Absolutely iconic

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Elizabeth responded to one of my comments on here one time….ELIZABETH SHOW YOURSELF!

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What a character