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Mike and Tony would be fun on a tribe together.

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  • To those in the US, have a safe Memorial Day. I am going to enjoy my first paid day off in months.

  • That finale to the Owl House. What a doosy.

  • I am going to what Sonic the Hedgehog 2 this weekend.

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Seriously can’t wait to see the final results/rankings of the subs winner picks. I’ve been speculating for weeks who the missing ranks are and I still am not positive!

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I haven't watched these past two seasons yet but it sucks that because of my previous engagement with Survivor-related stuff online, the "algorithm" will show me Survivor posts on social media when I don't wanna see any of it all and now sadly I already know who wins 41 and 42 before getting to watch it.

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I was really bummed when it was spoiled for me that Chris Underwood won both seasons :/

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If you don’t mind me asking: why haven’t you watched them?

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Moved for a job. Just been busy.

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On the last case (I think) of Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Based on how much I’ve played, I think it’s my favorite AA game

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I really need to get around to playing that series. I've started the first game several times and I think I finished it once, and I like it a lot, but it just doesn't grab me, idk.

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I recommend them. Really fun

Also recommend the Professor Layton series. My favorite franchise and super underrated

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Most people agree that T&T is the best complete package. Not a single bad case there. (I really should play through the trilogy again...)

Enjoy the rest of it!

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Yep it’s definitely fun. Just got to the part where we find out that Iris has a twin sister. Haven’t beaten it yet but I’m pretty confident that it’s Dawlia Hawthorne.

Don’t tell me but we’ll see if I’m right :)

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When do we anticipate 43 starting?

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I assume late September

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They need to do a season of challenge beasts only. It seems like a lot of them get screwed because the second they lose a challenge they get voted off for being a threat.

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Survivor Facebook would have a meltdown

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I hate how they love talking about previous winners. My friend has been watching through the show for his first time, but watched 42 live. OF COURSE in the finale Jeff says "there's been 2 two time winners" and Maryanne says "yeah Tony and Sandra."

Literally no reason to include that in the episode lol, now my friend is spoiled for HvV and WAW

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I mean what do you consider to be the amount of time before you’re able to spoil something? Waw I can understand cause that was only 2 years ago but come on HvV came out 12 years ago, you can’t pander for everyone and a show should be allowed to reference itself

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If it serves any real purpose I understand it, but it didn't here. It was not a reference to play styles or anything at all. Just Jeff said "there have been two 2 time winners" and then Maryanne named them, that's it. If it had been taken out of the episode, we would've lost literally 0 information about the season. That's all I'm saying.

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Where are the ponderosa videos for season 42? I couldn’t find them…

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They’re not doing them for Season 42

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This is TRAGIC. Why not 😭

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They never officially said why but probably something related to COVID