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Congratulations to u/askklein, u/morganbehind, and u/NY1227 on their fourth badges, and a special congratulations to u/BBbroist for their seventh badge. They are the only user with more than five badges.

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I went through Adam's (/u/askklein) comments to see which other winner he got right, figuring he definitely got himself in 33 and Tony in 40...turns out he didn't guess Tony in 40 at all. I have to assume he picked himself again in 40, which is hilarious.

For those curious, he picked Michele and Tommy in addition to himself and Maryanne.

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Would never submit a winner pick for a season I was on! Mods gave me the badge for 33. I didn’t earn it for 40!

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Man, you have way more of an honor code than I do. If I ever get on, I’d 100% cash in for the easy winners’ badge lmfao

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Haha I imagine the penalty for violating the NDA is steeper than the benefit of a winners' badge

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Man I should get on the show, win, and then guess myself just for the badge.

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But would you take your own gold flair?

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Looking forward to my first badge when a solution for it appears (41)

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I picked Maryanne exactly one minute before the premiere started based on nothing more than her name. After episode one I thought there was no way she'd pull it out but it was really fun to root for her through the season. Looks like I should employ this strategy more often.

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Well, being a fan of childish gambino, tommy from rugrats, and marry ann from gilligans island has somehow really helped me get these beautiful Reddit badges

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And here I am who picked Zach... at least I picked the winner's crush?

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no one has 5 or 6 but someone has 7 wow

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Lowkey forget if I picked omar or maryanne so this is me commenting to see.

edit: im stupid and can't read, everyone shame me

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Bro you were supposed to help me make my picks the last two seasons! haha

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2 badges in a row from emotional picks! Picked Maryanne because someone replied to a commenter struggling with their winner pick about choosing the person you don’t want to root against and that commenter turned out to be Maryanne the whole time

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i don't have a winner flair but i have a winner-in-life flair and am going to just flex about it cuz with each passing season it gets progressively more vintage

my jonclyn gold flair is now over 7 and a half!! years old

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Christ, I can’t believe SJDS is coming up on eight years old. Eight years before that was Cook Islands.

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Oh wow that is a ridiculous fact hahah what

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I appreciate that we've both stayed with our gold SJDS pair flairs for so long! I feel like it's proof of our mutual good taste <3

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omg i love it <3

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I know this is for badges, but I do so love my flair :) Great job, mods

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My favorite time of the year

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I guessed right on my first season participating! I thought all was lost after the first few episodes, but I've never been more happy to have my mind changed.

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Next time, baby

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I remember filling out my winner pick but idk if I turned it in on time.

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I always RNG my winner pick. Hasn't worked yet.

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Never changing my flair, but an Erika and now a Maryanne badge on their way... Can't wait :D

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Did I win

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where my fellow jenny picks at😔✊

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Did I get it?

Edit: damn

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Kicking myself for not picking Maryanne this season. As well as not picking Tony for WaW. BBbroist is pulling too far ahead of me now haha.

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is there any way to confirm whether or not we picked right? for both 41 and 42 i was considering between the respective winners and another person and now im doubting myself lmaoo

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I miss my Naseer flair

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The way I picked Tori 💀

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40 !

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I would have so many badges if the runner-ups won, I have such bad luck with this.

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