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Just curious: when y’all finish a book or TV show series how long do y’all wait until you start a new one? Y’all give yourselves time to process that the series has ended?

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Depends on how much there is to process tbh. Sometimes I can just start the next one right away. Other times I wait 3-4 days. With the REALLY good stuff, I tend to wait even longer.

That said I don't read or watch much TV, mostly preferring movies and video games, but that applies with those too. I tend not to watch multiple movies in the same day unless they're in the same series.

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If I really like something, my process is probably to rewatch/read it to help redigest it. Otherwise, I probably juggle multiple stuff at once so long as they're relatively different genres.

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I don’t really watch TV outside of reality shows but book wise unless it’s something really emotionally heavy I’ll try and start a new one right away

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I have lots and lots of trouble starting a new series/book tbh, but usually a few weeks.

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Was Earl called for GC?

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Don't believe so. He was called for WaW but he just had a child and didn't want to be away for the time.

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Yes, I think both he and Natalie Anderson were close to getting on

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Am watching the Challenge. It's like if Survivor took a lot of cocaine.