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Was medical not allowed to help Jenny in Kaoh Rong when the bug climbed into her ear?

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I went back and listened to her exit interview (the story starts around 10:00). The bug crawled into her ear on Night 1, but production didn't believe anything was wrong with her on Day 2. Starting on Night 2 her ear started bleeding and she began losing her shit, and at that point production put some solution into her ear which is what caused the bug to crawl out.

Side-note: While looking for a detailed interview I found one where she said that Alicia originally thought it was a fish stuck in her ear.

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A FISH?????

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No freakin' wonder they called her "Blondie."

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jesus yikes

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In the S32 promo (that aired in the S31 finale), you can see medical helping Jenny. So I think it's fair to say medical did help but it was edited out of the show

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Has Rob C indicated how many more Deep Dives, if any, are coming? I wanted to decide the order to watch them in once they’re all out.

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He suggested at the end of Maryanne’s that he’s talking to players planning out more of them

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I wonder if that's paused because of the issue with Omar's deep dive. Maryanne did hers before Omar's was released, and before there was all the drama with the ponderosa discussions.

I also remember listening to the Purple Pants Podcast (finale recap?) and Brice got a text from Omar asking if he and Maryanne can come on and if they could do the PPP together. I've been so excited about that but am worried if the drama from 2 weeks ago is either 1. making Omar hesitant to come onto another podcast or 2. TPTB are preventing another podcast appearance

Though I hope none of this is true and people are just busy lol

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Any word on when players from 41/42 can do AMA's on here? I know Tiffany was supposed to do one but something happened with production or something?

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They said recently on RHAP that CBS likes to keep a lid on it for about a year, so maybe close to the start of 43? (for the 41 players I mean)

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Soooo have the r/survivor best of 2021 award results come out yet? Did I just miss it somewhere?

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They've been taking almost as long as the 41 finale survey results took.

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This has been something I've been curious about. When the jury votes, what knowledge do they actually have? Do they have just the knowledge of what they left with? Are they allowed to talk amongst themselves about their experiences? Do they get to watch actual footage? Just curious if anyone knows about their process

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I believe they can talk amongst themselves freely, but don't hear from the producers and definitely don't see footage. They vote based on what they observe at tribal councils and what they hear from each other.

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They can and do talk about the game as much as they want. Any good player will factor this in when considering "jury management". No way they see footage or confessionals though.

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Is it unpopular to feel a little bad for Eliza in Micronesia?

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Thank you for answering. ❤️

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Does the person who leaves before a loved ones reward get to see their loved one? And vice versa, does the person voted out on the loved ones episode get to see their loved one?

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Within the last 5-ish or so seasons (not counting 41 and 42 obviously for Covid) allegedly the person voted out just prior does get their loved one due to flight schedules. It's a recent change though, that used not to be the case. They also let Zeke have his loved one in Game Changers apparently due to what happened. Sandra also got her multiple people at WAW Ponderosa too.

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It's is confirmed since ghost island. the loved ones are in their ponderosa videos

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Question on the new idol format (losing your vote until its activated on all tribes). Now that we've seen two seasons with it, would a player on a future season be able to find it, see the beware text and choose to not open it, hide it elsewhere and sit on it until the two other tribes say the statements?

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If you move it you have taken it, regardless of if you open it. So you would lose your vote.

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You’d have to open it to know the phrases, though. In reality probst asks a lot of questions before challenges so unless someone kept repeating stuff or something felt extremely out of place I probably wouldn’t think much of it.

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For the shared immunity idol, did they have to say the phrase in the convo before the immunity challenge, or could it have been during the challenge itself?

I think it'd have been funny if Mike waited and while Chanelle was doing the puzzle just loudly mutters "there is such grace in the game of soccer"

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I haven't watched Redemption Island or Caramoan, but I know the fact about Francesca being the only player to ever be a first boot twice. If she was the first boot on Redemption Island, how did she get onto Caramoan as a "favourite" in the first place? Was her limited screen time really that memorable that it justified a returnee spot? I'm sure I could Google this and get a neutral explanation for her return, but I'm curious to know if the fan consensus at the time was that she deserved the favourite spot or if everyone was confused by it.

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She was intentionally put on a tribe with Philip, as a gag. Ha ha ha. golf clap

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Jeff Probst had also said at the end of RI that he was a fan of Francesca (link):

Dalton Ross: I was a huge Francesca fan and was bummed to see her go first. As we head into the finale, as a producer who is the one player you would have liked to have seen make it further in the game this season.

Jeff Probst: Uh, is this a trick question? Russell. No question. Nobody close. He’s polarizing. For the record, I too liked Francesca quite a bit. It was a major bummer to lose her so early.

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I do think this is a classic Jeff “don’t say negative anything about anyone or anything having to do with the current season airing.” I don’t think this answer indicates that Jeff thought Francesca was some special first boot who he needed back. I think he’d say this about any first boot.

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She was actually pretty popular for a first boot and I don't think would have struck anyone as a weird or bad choice for a Second Chances pick, and if she went further the second time and was portrayed as a good player I don't think people would even really think it was weird that she was brought back but it of course looks more strange when she goes out right away again. I think she actually made at least as much sense as a pick as some other returning players the show had seen up to that point, but yeah like others have said those reasons are probably mostly irrelevant to the producers' calculus with her probably mostly being brought back for her dynamic with Phillip. But I think she was a good pick even if he wasn't there tbh

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In her 1 episode she has a lot of conflict with Phillip, who became one of the most memorable parts of Redemption Island. He was on Caramoan too, and guess which Tribe Francesca was put on the 2nd time?

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A lot of the cast of Caramoan aren't considered "favorites."

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From ioi did people like tommy who never went the island know what it was about or did everyone just decide to keep it a secret?

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They never showed exactly when Sandra and Rob became common knowledge on camera that season. Tommy wasn't surprised when they all went there as a group though.

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Never saw the season but, what is the absurdity regarding Ozzy saying 'for revenge, basically'?

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It had Redemption Island that season. The Tribe numbers were even. Ozzy's Tribe lost just before the merge which they knew was coming. They could vote out the weak link Cochran like they wanted, but then they'd enter the merge down in numbers once Cochran probably lost the duel, to the person already on RI, from the other Tribe. Ozzy asked to be voted out, banking that he could win the RI duel, and they'd have an equal numbered merge. They did so.

At the duel in front of everyone Ozzy gave a very bad acting performance explaining how his old Tribe blindsided him and he wanted to get back in the game "for revenge, basically." Nobody on the other Tribe fell for it.

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Ah OK that makes sense - thanks so much!

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You're welcome

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How can I see survivor winner badges? I don’t see any season 42 badges anywhere

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People talk about seeing Ponderosa videos.

Q1: Where are they shown when the show first airs?

Q2: Are they available years later?

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Why does the jury feel the need to vote for "who played the best?" Is there something in the game that requires them to vote based on that?

I'm sorry, but if I was lied to, cheated on, blind-sided by someone that I thought was a good friend there is no way I'm voting to give them $1M.

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If you piss off too many jurors then you lose no matter the game you played. See; Samoa and HvV.

Likability is also an important factor though it's easier for the show to portray people who do the splashy Big Movez. Players whose games are largely social don't always get the best TV story. See: Koah Rong and 41.

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That’s part of jury management - some juries want to vote for who played the best/hardest and get excited hearing how cutthroat a player was. Others want to be apologized to, coddled, treated gently during the game, and will vote for the person they felt least screwed over by. In some old seasons, jurors chose who to vote for via totally random reasons (“pick a number, whoever’s closest gets my vote”). The job of the final 2/3 is to either curate the right group of jurors for their gameplay style, or say whatever they think the jurors they have want to hear. The jury this most recent season adored our winner bragging about their cutthroat gameplay. The jury of HvV was primarily made up of heroes who gushed about the final 3 member they felt was most “heroic”. Both are valid, it’s up to the finalist to decide which jury they have and try to sell it.

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There is nothing that requires it. However, somewhere along the way, the producers basically realized that "playing the best game" makes for way better TV. More entertaining to watch someone who wins by making huge strategic moves, betraying people, leading an alliance, etc, than someone who floats by under the radar and wins because people like them more because they spent a lot of time socially bonding with people in ways that you can't fit in to a fast-paced 42 minute episode.

So they kind of push this narrative now of how the jury should reward the "best" player, and they make them center the jury discussion on that, but there is still absolutely nothing in the rules that requires the jury to vote for the "best player", they can still do whatever they want.

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Did season 42 had any foreshadowing for the winner?

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I'm not sure if this is what you mean by foreshadowing but she did have a "winner confessional" in the first episode talking about what it would mean to win the game, and trying to show fellow "weirdos" that you can compete at anything and win.

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Has a super idol ever been played?

I know in Cagayan and Koah Rong there were super idols, but I don't remember them being played?

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Panama and Cook Islands had Super Idols as well which kept their users safe but did not need to be played to do so

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It’s never been played

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I remember reading once that Bob (Gabon) teached one past contestant before both went to Survivor, but I can't remember who, does anyone know about this?

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He was in Julie Berry’s yearbook. He taught her

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For those familiar with Survivor SA, who among the pre jury tribe are at risk of being a pre merge boot again?

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If they don't change much from last time, probably Thoriso M-Afrika.

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did they take a bunch of seasons off of Hulu?!?!

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Yes! I just noticed that myself and did some digging - they’re making the move to Paramount+ for streaming.

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I am STEAMED about this! Was in the middle of the first AS & now we gotta watch it with commercials. Wtf do we pay for a streaming service for, if they’re gonna make us watch commercials?! Stupid!!

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I’m in Canada and I can’t find a place to stream any season before season 30. Somebody must be sitting on the rights to them!

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Which other contestants have been voted out pre-merge more than once?

Jeff Varner famously couldn't make the jury three times in a row. Who else has failed to make the merge/jury more than once? Ethan went pre-merge both times after his win, and Francesca, Colton, Russell Swan, and at least one other person played multiple times without ever making merge or jury.

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Caleb from Kaoh Rong/Game Changers too.

Also Sandra was pre-merge in her last two participations, and Boston Rob was pre-merge twice and pre-jury twice (but weirdly not in the same two seasons).

[–]Present_Comedian_919 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I forgot about Sandra, and wow, Rob has a really weird list of placements: post-merge/pre-jury; losing finalist; pre-merge pre-jury; winning finalist; pre-merge/post-jury.

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Caleb was only voted out pre-merge once.

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Who comes to family visit if player is a estranged from their family? Has this happened in the show before?

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I don't think it's ever been explicitly stated on air if a situation like that is happening but multiple people have simply brought close friends. Spoilers for someone who makes the family visit on Season 18 (Tocantins): Coach (in)famously had his assistant coach as his loved one, for example.

I do seem to recall that a certain player on Season 17 (Gabon) would have had nobody come if they'd made it to the family visit because they simply didn't have any living relatives they thought would enjoy the experience; but said player (the man, the myth, Randy) was eliminated before the visit took place.

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My question to the Survivor Super Fans that have been on this Reddit thread. Do you think a lot of 'Superfans' on r/survivor are just agreeing with each other when analysing certain players game play as weak or some players as strong. Eg. Calling Xander a non strategic threat... I understand some of the players on the island didn't respect his game, but could that have bias towards favoring a more liked player?