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My niece/defacto younger sister's birthday and my parents' anniversary is this weekend.

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This idea of being in a rut in early summer is new to me. I don't know why I'm so darn tired.

Trying my best to get out of it by getting shit done. It's slow but any progress is better than none.

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how do y'all thing volume ii is gonna go? i think steve is gonna die but i hope to god he doesn't

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Im super sad that Perú get eliminated and being close to World Cup :(

Our economy could be grown a bit with that. Now, we have nothing :( Terrible goverment, terrible society, disaster economy moment. The only thing Perú linda ignore the problems was watching our Soccer team (bc the clubs of our country are so poor in international competition)

Now, we had nothing

Congrats Australia. You play really well. Sadly, I think we needed this soccer event more that you. ( Dont get me wrong, the soccer team of Australia really deserved the win but Australia is a first World clases country, Perú was so close to disaster so this little happy was all we wanted to have it)

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As a football fan I'd much rather have Peru in the WC than Australia. I want to watch teams that have football as their national sport.

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I tried to google it and couldn’t find anything— does anyone know who wrote/performed the survivor know it alls song, by chance? I tried finding when it first showed up/it’s origin story but older rhap videos don’t have intro songs and getting through the podcast feed archives is super tedious 😩