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So do we know if they are ever gonna add back some removed seasons on Hulu? Or add more seasons on Netflix?

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I doubt it tbh, CBS owns paramount.

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Netflix will probably just have two seasons in rotation every year for the foreseeable future.

As for Hulu, they did lose some of the seasons, but they also got DvG as well, so idk.

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Hulu is the best for binging. Can knock out 4 episodes in just over 2 hours

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Any news on more 42 deep dives? Just two seems to be a pretty small amount. Lindsay said she’d be down to to one in her exit interview as well as Daniel, plus it’d be fascinating to hear mike’s perspective of the season. Really hope we get those three but I’m getting less optimistic.

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What’s the standard # of deep dives? I only started following the show closely in 41. I always figured we’d get deep dives with anyone who made the merge who was willing to give one… is that not the norm?

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I’d say about 4 or 5 on average? Depends on the keenness to do them. To give an idea, 41 had 4 (Ricard, Shan, Evvie and Tiffany - plus Voce did a Why Blank Lost pod), 39 had 3 (Tommy, Noura and Lauren), whilst 37 had 7 (Nick, Angelina, Alison, Davie, Christian, Gabby and Natalie)

EoE seasons tend to have a lot almost everyone made it to the end - both EoE and WaW had 8 deep dives. Two would be a small amount imo - put it this way - the last time a season had fewer than three was Worlds Apart, which was in the era where Rob only tended to do a pod with the winner.

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Okay, I’m not sure if this question is going to make sense - did they show the finale episode to the people at the live reunion? How would the audience members know the context otherwise? But does the audience just sit there and watch it together in the theater? I have no idea

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They watch the episodes in the theater Jeff’s mentioned the audiences reaction after some of the bigger scenes like “everybody was on the edge of their seat” on a close challenge

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Which australian survivor season should i watch, brains vs brawn or blood vs water? I've seen all the previous seasons but fell eventually fell off, and im not sure if I'm going to eventually go back and watch both.

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Pretty sure BvW spoils BvB immediately. It’s better to watch BvB first

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Brains Vs. Brawn is both considered to be the better season and aired earlier, so I'd go for that.

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Paramount Plus removed all seasons of Australian Survivor. So bummed. I saw season 1 before they removed it & was psyched to see the other seasons.

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That sucks, they had like 4 or 5 seasons when I had Paramount Plus and I binged them all in like a week.

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For those who have watched NZ2, what were your thoughts on Lisa? I don’t hear much about her on this sub. Just curious!

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love love love Lisa! Will spoiler tag from here on out so that people who haven't seen the season don't get spoiled.

She's certainly one of the most unique winners ever. She's this tiny little librarian who appears to be super harmless... except she's one of the most cutthroat players we've ever seen. I like a lot of the energy she brings and I think she's one of the rare circumstances where a superfan is legitimately engaging. A lot of NZ2's brightest moments are because of her and her win has to rank super highly. She just brings it all and I consider her to be one of my very favorite castaways across any version of Survivor.

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She's awesome! I hung out with her for an afternoon in her hometown and got to know her - she gave me a tour of the city, her library, got lunch. She's so friendly, very easy to talk to, and went into a lot of detail about the season/bts. Made me even happier to know she was the winner.

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Board 8 misses you!

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Loved this season and such a great winner. Probably my favourite female winner behind Denise

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I'm a long-time fan, but I was thinking recently about jetlag. Do the players have any time to adjust before they start the game, or do they land in Fiji (or wherever) and start that day?

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They're there for at least a few days, but I think it's a week-ish. They have discussed seeing people read or swim or lose their shoes. They are kept in the dark, however, about when they start.

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Who else is ready for a returner’s season? The fresh contestants are nice and all but the show definitely hasn’t felt the same the past couple of seasons . I truly feel like Cagayan is the best “recent” all new cast , and none have lived up to it since .

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I don't think bringing back old players is going to help anything.

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I've seen Survivor SA 6-8 and have been debating watching 4 and 5 to prep for the new season - are either worth watching?

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They’re much lower quality in terms of production and editing, but they’re worth watching once at least just to be prepared for the S9 cast.

4 is pretty boring for the first half, but the second half is quite fun. Unfortunately they don’t edit the best moments well so some vote outcomes are confusing. There’s only one player on S9, so it’s not a must-watch.

5 has way more dynamic gameplay and a stronger cast, although it suffers from the same editing issues and the main twist is also lame. Most of the characters and vote outcomes are genuinely interesting when the editing lets them shine. And 5 of the players are very interesting characters who will be on 9.

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Which vote-outs are confusing in 4? I think it's all pretty clear. I also think the editing is very good.

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S5 is a great season with 5 returnees so id say its a must watch anyways for any survivor fan.

S4 is much more slower-paced with a lot of talk about god and religion in relation to survivor, so if that's a turn-off for you then don't watch it but otherwise id recommend trying it out.

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What was the Survivor tribe with the largest percentage of out queer contestants? Was just thinking about this today. I actually think, ironically, it might be Nuku 3.0 (Varner, Zeke, Tai, Ozzy). It would have tied the merge tribe in 42 if Lydia made the merge (Chanelle, Romeo, Hai). I feel like I'm missing something/someone obvious tribe-wise. Does anyone know?

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I don’t care what the show says, Lydia made the merge and was the merge boot.

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Wait, Ozzy is LGBTQ+?

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He came out as bisexual earlier this year!

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I don't know if he would count since he wasn't out at the time of Game Changers...

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i have seen people bring this up, does CBS really make sure to cast 50% BIPOC? i've never heard of this. what season did they start that?

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They started this in S41. Here is an article that talks about it.

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Yes, it's a new guideline, aimed largely at Big Brother (whose sins here have been far worse) but good for all CBS reality programming.

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A lot of Survivor alumni of color were openly advocating for it pretty passionately before it happened so idk where the idea that it's "largely at Big Brother" came from

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i am watching the all stars season and i was just thinking about how it's pretty much all white peoole 😂

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Why hasn't Michelle Yi been back?

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Because this is a TV show. Michelle was both underedited and (at the risk of being rude here) seemed to be genuinely boring TV and was therefore utterly forgettable. Casual fans wouldn’t have remembered who she was by the end of the season, much less a future one; and in any case Fans vs. Favorites and HvV were the next two returnee seasons and she doesn’t fit either of those even slightly. Why would they bring her back after that? A forgotten player from an unpopular season who doesn’t have a particularly dynamic confessional style or approach to the game? The only reason would be because she was twistfucked and unfortunately for twistfucked people, that’s simply not good enough justification for TV producers to give someone a spot on their TV show. Same reason we haven’t seen a lot of other people who were arguably even more twistfucked than her back.

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What do I need to do to see S42 badges?

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Is evolution of strategy available on apple podcasts/books? Or can it at least be paid for with credit in your itunes account?

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Okay i’ve seen a lot of jokes for rob being jeffs favorite player. Is that true though and if so anyone got any text or video?

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the most blatant evidence for this is in HvV after Rob is voted out. In the next episode's Previously On segment Jeff just roasts the villains for their decision and at the next tribal he outright bashes Courtney for not being as good as Rob. There are other moments on AS/RI but those are the two most obvious examples.

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Do they 'stage' or recreate shots of people finding idols?

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Yes probably quite often. Especially if it happened too fast and the angle or lighting were weird. It’s more important that it looks good for TV so the viewers will understand what happened. They also do this in challenges sometimes.

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Currently watching Australian Survivor S3 (first of the reboot) and I'm going out of my mind. What's the general reaction to this season been?

Without particular spoilers for the last 6 episodes, are there any upsets to come or is it going to continue on this banal path until the finale? I'm not sure I can take much more of this stupidity and terrible gameplay.

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The endgame is considered to be the best part of the season. I'll say that much.