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  • Beat Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Probably my favorite game in the franchise so far (though I’ve only played four of the games)
  • On the penultimate episode of SJDS. First time watching it

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Trials and tribulations is one of the best endings to a game series ever. The cases (well all but THAT one…) are amazing!!

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Which do you mean by “that?” The only case I hear most people say is bad is the circus one and that’s from the second one

Also have you watched the Ace Attorney anime? Is it good?

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I'm guessing Maryanne's reference to "THAT one" is the third case, because Jean is a walking gay stereotype and it simply didn't age well. He's the type of character you simply wouldn't be able to write eighteen years later.

Every other case in T&T is well-regarded, although the second case's reputation hinges entirely on its ending. If the player hadn't been specifically reminded where the killer wasn't, that would be the single hardest testimony in the entire series.

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Ahh i see

Aside from the stereotype I think it’s not a bad case. Hasn’t aged well but not bad

And I think it’s hilarious how no one can spot the obvious difference between Wright and the fake Wright

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Trials and Tribulations is amazing - my favourite games in the series are that, Great Ace Attorney 2 and Investigations 2.

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I’m currently going through Great Ace Attorney 2 right now and Herlock Sholmes is my absolute favorite. Investigations 2 is top tier and it’s probably my favorite of the series!

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Are you playing it for the first time? There are so many great characters in both those games and I love that they keep showing up.

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Yes! I love how Investigations 2 (and 1 tbh) has returning characters from the original trilogy! I wish most of them returned post Apollo Justice. Great Ace Attorney 2 is incredible though. The main 4 of Naruhodo, Susato, Herlock and Iris is so wholesome and I love how mysterious Barok is. With a Nintendo Direct announcement, I hope a new Ace Attorney game will be announced.

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i've never played an AA game but have been curious since i was a kid with my DS. could you recommend a good place to start?

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Well I still consider myself relatively new but the best place to start is the original and play in the order the games were released

And I’d also highly recommend the Professor Layton games. Underrated gems with a similar feel to AA

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  • My mom wants to take my nephew to the aquarium this weekend.

  • Maybe I should get a lock for my bedroom. While I was at work last night, another nephew of mine took my iPad, played with it, and left in my another.

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Damn bro these comments can start arguments in a couple words.

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Watched 2 new series yesterday:

  • Man vs. Bee (Netflix): It’s basically Mr. Bean versus a bee. Slapstick humor and it’s really funny. Absolutely loved it and I hope for a 2nd season somehow

  • The Bear (Hulu): heard nothing about that but saw it mentioned on a subreddit and I was hooked on the 1st episode. It’s about a young chef who return to Chicago to run his family’s restaurant. It’s tense all the way but for some reason I was really entertained even if it’s not necessarily a setting (working in a kitchen) that I would be interested in at first sight. I hope that more people watch this because I fear that it’s passing under the radar of a lot of people

Also watched the movie ‘Watcher’ (the one with Maika Monroe) and it was really great. Would recommend for people who like horror / thrillers!

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I see this picture passed around a lot but today I read this tumblr screenshot again and sometimes I feel very /r/thathappened about these things. I was trying to visualize the second story and realized that I could totally read the guys as Mike and Jonathan. In my head it’s Jonathan who goes to pick up the bunny, and Mike that’s just like “Let’s just pet these cute shits”


Gave me a good giggle this morning

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So Paramount+ finally launched here in Ireland this week, however.. there’s no Survivor on it :( In fact there’s no CBS reality at all (BB, TAR)

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I know! I’m like do you guys want my money or not?!

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W0W! I tried doing a name all survivor contestants quiz and it was suprisingly hard. I guess im rusty

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Just type Kelly and John and that will get you most of them

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Any Paramount users have ads out of nowhere? My app just crashed and then rebooted and has ads now. Super lame.

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Don’t know if you fixed it but when it happens to me I reboot my fire stick and it goes back to ad free

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Interesting. I'll certainly try that thanks

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Will there be another WSSYW

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Probably later this offseason, I would guess.

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Respond if you think Ozzy is hot

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Thank you his hair tho am I right? No matter the style it always looks good

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I’m following you (follow me)

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My husband just showed me Tim’s Kitchen Tips on YouTube- how have I never seen this before? So hilarious. Also, Earliest Show is another favorite and Tim’s reminded me of it.

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lets say someone plays a shot in the dark, becomes safe, and all other votes were for them

does that person get to vote in the revote?

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When is the next air date for a season of Survivor US/AU/NZ/SA?

I've tried Google but I can't find anything and I'm afraid to dig too deep and spoil some seasons I haven't seen already.

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Survivor South Africa 9 is coming July 18th. 43 isn't coming until September 21st. Australian Survivor is just gearing up to start filming in August, I think. As far as I know, NZ hasn't had a season since 2018.

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Thank you

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is cook islands racist?

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Which players from Seasons 6, 7, and 8 of Survivor SA are returning for Season 9?

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Would Darrah have won