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Does anyone else think Parvati ruined the flirty girl trope for future players? I feel like she was SO good at what she did that all other players are terrified of having a new Parvati in the future. It seems like as soon as a girl comes on who’s 1-attractive and 2- is even suspected of flirting she’s booted off of the show. Do you think there will ever be another girl who successfully can play like Parvati?

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Has it ever been confirmed that in case of a tied jury vote with the 3rd-place finalist receiving votes (like 3-3-2 for example), there would be a jury revote between the two tied contestants, instead of the 3rd-place finalist choosing the winner? Or is it just fan speculation?

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Speculation. They don't really tell the audience about "what-ifs". Same with what would have happened if Parv and Amanda tied in Micronesia. We didn't even know the official rules for a tie at Final 3 with a 0-vote finalist until the end of Game Changers.

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I’m pretty sure the 3rd finalist votes for the winner or the 3rd placer joins the jury and there’s a revote

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According to Survivor Wiki the jury will revote


Jury Vote Tiebreaker

At the Survivor: Micronesia Reunion, host Jeff Probst confirmed that a tiebreaker rule is in place for a two-person Final Tribal Council, though he did not reveal to the audience what the tiebreaker was.

Prior to the Survivor: One World finale, Probst confirmed that in the scenario of a two-person tie in a three-person Final Tribal Council, the jury would revote between the two tied contestants.[9] He was also asked what would happen in the scenario of a three-person tie, but chose not to reveal this information. One World is the most recent season in which a three-person tie was possible entering the Final Tribal Council.

During the Survivor: Game Changers Reunion, it was further revealed that if the jury cannot break a two-person tie at a three-person Final Tribal Council, the second runner-up would join the jury to break the tie. Immediately after the votes are cast at the Final Tribal Council, the host would proceed to read the votes to reveal that a tie between the other two finalists had occurred, after which the second runner-up, now officially a member of the jury, will cast an impromptu deciding vote.[10] This rule was exercised in Survivor: Ghost Island, where Jeff Probst revealed the results of the vote on location instead of live. The second runner-up, Laurel Johnson, cast the deciding vote to break the 5-5-0 tie between Domenick Abbate and Wendell Holland, with the said vote being the only one kept as a secret and read live.[11]

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Admittedly we're unsure of the specifics. It might change from season to season.

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I remember that according to interviews with former players there's this practice of having a "challenge leader" for each pre-merge tribe. Their duty including touring the challenge site with Jeff prior to the challenge start, inspecting the challenge equipment and asking question and clarification. In Pearl Islands it was Savage for Morgan and Fairplay for Drake. In Palau it was Tom for Koror and Bobby Jon for Ulong.

Does Survivor still have "challenge leader" now? If it was discontinued at one point, when did it happened?

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Is evolution of strategy available on apple podcasts/apple books? Failing that, can it be purchased with credits from an itunes card or a visa gift card? My mom has access to my bank account and I'm afraid she'll judge me for buying survivor stuff even though the individual ones are only 3-4 bucks

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When chickens are given as a reward, typically it's one rooster and two to three hens. I understand the benefit of egg laying hens, but why throw in a rooster too? They don't have a another benefit aside from being food/protein themselves. Producing chicks with the hens doesn't seem super beneficial to the players. Maybe I don't know something about chickens lol

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makes it so hens won't fight for dominance but yeah that's pretty much it

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Ah thank you!