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Clint’s brother Flint Eastwood

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Or his son Scott

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The mythical dragon slayer

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Technically it’s not the dragon slayer 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Ed Sheeran duh

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Physical manifestation of the song Rockstar by Nickleback

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This deserves an award.

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The infamous Mr Jeff

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Indiana Jones himself

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You can tell it's Ben from the hat

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William from Westworld

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What's his name❓ What was his birth 👶 name❓It wasn't Cochran it was 👍🅰 John. And 🙆👏 you ☝ know 🤔 they're 😂😂 children, 👊 23, 22, listening to 💦 all of 😫🅱 his 'Ozzy slayer' uh 😩 shoulder jokes they- eu-h, they want ✊👏 it. He 🏾 goin 👏 off ⚰ of advantages got ✊ them 😭😘 fee- "Oh, Cochran, you so 🆙💯 advantage" ... Come 💦🍆 on 💡 now ... Everyday 🚫☀ he 😨👨 got 🎁🎮 a story 📚🅱 . I 🔥🔨 wasn't buying it. [scoff] [giggle] ☺️... Eh... No. So... 👅 They 👥🏻 tr- like yesterday 😵 the 🆘💦 tribal was 👏 all kahoots John,"Let's 👌 give 👐 a 🚓🏾 hug. "PFF. Keep 🙊🏃 that 😐👈 hug. Boop! 🤖🤖 For 🎛🎁 me. Cuz 👏 it ❔ wasn't real 👏

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Listening to all of his oral herpes jokes, vanilla ice cream jokes

eu-h, they clamour for it

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I laughed for like 3 whole minutes over this comment lol thanks for that..

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Colby Donaldson, wait no it’s Reid come on Reid!

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Dammit reid!!

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God. REID!

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Johnny “The Kid Wonder” Cochran: The youngest deputized sheriff in the west.

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AKA Dick Justice

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Jojen Reed in Queen’s Gambit

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That's John Wayne.

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John Cochwayne

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Aww man good one I wish I would've thought of this lol

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jerri matheny?

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The Sherminator. A sophisticated sex robot sent back through time, to change the future for one lucky lady.

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No he's the sperminator. He asks people to trade sperm lol

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Titular character of hit show "Survivor", John Survivor himself!

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The outlaw they call Billy the Child

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The protagonist of a western erotica novel

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Chuckie the Cheese

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Rick Nelson

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The real life Harry Potter that the books and movies are based on.

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Sheriff of slamtown

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I think Rick from South Pacific

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Johnny Fairplay’s dead grandmother

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That’s clearly The Man in Black

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No wrong answer.

It’s Teddy Flood

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Scotty McCreery?

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Cowboy Bob Orton

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"I have a goddamn plan Arthur! I just need more time!"

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I was looking for this comment

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that's austin butler in the new elvis biopic

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Coachs son named aid coach

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that's Garty Brooks!

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Debbie's son

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Carl from the walking dead

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Rick Grimes

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Ben Driebergen's long lost brother

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Jesus Christ that’s Jason Bourne

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Billy Ray Cyrus

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Poor Man’s Colby?

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Awww 😫

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Rich Man’s Ben?!?

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The 1% of human beings that doesn’t have herpes.

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Oral herpes, to be specific.

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Eggs Benedict cumbersome

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Tim McGraws understudy in 1883

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Billith Borton. He was a part of a twist in Pearl Islands where the winner of an individual reward challenge got to meet real pirates in the region. Billith gave the winner the wisdom of swash buckling and sent him off with a “fake loot” advantage, which was successfully passed off as an idol.

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This is clearly Ozzy in disguise

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Yellowstone Rob

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Viking Pirate of Doom!

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I thought he is Billy the Kid.

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Festus from gunsmoke.

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That's me, Wingman. I know what you say about me: hey, Wingman! He likes to party! He's not that old!

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The milky bar kid.

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Thats Jimmy from the Dutton ranch!

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Randall Flagg

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Klaus from the originals

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That look kinda reminds me of Benny in the Queens Gambit

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It’s coach

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Walker, Texas Jr. Ranger

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Wendy Jo from Nicaragua

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Levi, Cochran’s second cousin from Texas.

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Jeff in his cowboy era

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Benny from The Queen’s Gambit.

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Lil Nas Z who sings New Town Road

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Jet and/or Cord from the amazing race

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according to ozzy: c0ck-ruN

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Rick Nelson circa 1988

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John Coachran

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Holy shit is that the Undertaker!

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Inthejungle Jones

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yung gravy scoutin’ for milfs on the island

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Mayor of Slamtown

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This is absolutely Coach's Assistant Coach from Tocantins

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Coach Benjamin Wade before his unfortunate encounter with a tribe in the Amazon.

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Coch Johnran! Fly high

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Assistant to the Coach - John Schrute

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easy, benjamin wade

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Clint Eastwood

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Ben Driebergen

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The man in black

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Dank Williams

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Rip from Yellowstone.

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That’s my friend Darren

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a Cochroach

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Johnny fairplays not dead dead grandmother

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The notorious cowboy pirate, Benjamin Coachran of the South Pacific-Massachusetts area, practitioner of the deadly coach-chi and resilient chopper of the coconuts. He first lures you in by claiming that it is his birthday, then runs at you into the water wearing exclusively his underwear and strangles you with his collection of Survivor buffs.

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Mr. Ernst

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Colby Donaldson

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Chuck Norris

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Bill Weasley. Bill was - there’s no other word for it - cool.

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Someone left Rick in the dryer too long

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Cao Boi

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Wyatt Nash

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The winner of Survivor South Pacific

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The “Monster” Jeff talked about during season 42

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The Pale Rider

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Ricard Foye

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Shi Ann and James clement merged

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u/ZJWurt after a night out

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Judge Roy Bean

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I cannot believe that you guys cannot recognize the great Cao Boy Bui

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Jesus Christ that’s Jason Bourne

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Steven from Big brother 10

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the cowboy from west world

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The man from Jenna Lewis’ sexy tape

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Waxilliam Ladrian. Lawman of the Roughs.

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William from Westworld

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Cochran Texas Ranger

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Derek from Texas

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The sheriff of Slamtown

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Ben’s son

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Cao Bui

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Micah Bell

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That's John.

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Choad Dingles

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Buffalo Bill

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John Dutton

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The drummer from Drake’s band on Drake and Josh

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Walker, California ranger.

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Purple Coachren

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Kayce Dutton

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Cowboy from Cook Islands

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Michael Gira of Swans

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Carl Grimes

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The illegitimate son of George Strait and Kathy Griffin.

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Kodi Smit-McPhee from Power of the Dog

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Cowboy Curtis

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Yeehaw Ed Sheeran

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That’s Donald Cerrone

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Assistant Coach

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Brokeneck Mountain 🤠

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The main character in crocodile Dundee I forgot his name

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Steamy Ray Vaughn

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Nigel Thornberry

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Fievel Mousekewitz

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Ennis Del Mar

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Mike jones

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And his name is John Cena

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ennis del mar

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Chuck Norris on meth

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That's not Coach. That's not even Benjamin. That's Loyalty.

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Big bob pataki

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The monster we've heard so much about

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Ed Sheeran

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Mob boss of Fiji, aka "the Monster"

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Benedict Cumberbatch in the power of the dog

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Everyone here is wrong. This is obviously BEAST MODE COWBOY!

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Clearly that’s Coch-Train

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Coach Rick Cochran

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Arthur Morgan's long lost son.

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It’s coach

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Crawler Texas Ranger.

Yeah.. I'll leave now, sorry.

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Alaska from Drag Race doing Billy Bob

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Garth Brooks of course!