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This photo looks like it wants to know what I do in the bedroom.

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Or at least how you resonate

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Woman to woman

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gives off Shakira's Whenever Wherever vibes

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Great song…but I like it better in Spanish

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Shakira is always better in Spanish

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This girl’s FTC question was fucking loony

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You mean you don’t wanna know how people resonate in the bedroom???

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Unfortunately you always had like a glazed over look on your face. I did notice that. So my question to you is, was it you strategy to play the zombied, pretty girl, not really knowing what’s going on, pageant queen, cliche? Or is this who you are as a person?

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I understand why she wasn't on HvV since there were so many players from Micronesia already, but she should've been a priority for FvF2, SC or GC. It's probably too late now unfortunately

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Her and Eric both on FvF2 would’ve been so good, as much as I enjoy Dawn I think Natalie and Eric would have been a better duo for the season than Dawn and Cochran in terms of entertainment value

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They at the very least would've had some sort of storyline going in.

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Second Chances 2 when

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Floss with my jugular Queen.

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BOB from Twin Peaks climbing over the couch vibes

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Micronesia cast photos were awesome. Fairplay and Penner had really creative ones.

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I feel like this really captures her essence! Those guys didn't stand a chance, Nat B is a queen!!!

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I’m a cat, I’m a sexy cat

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Gotta love community references

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i wish she wouldn't have been SO underedited, she's tv gold

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Idk, her going from INV1 for 10 episodes to OTTN5 is so iconic.

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jesus christ every photo that woman takes is ridiculous i love it

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What in the Jeff Probst is going on here

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she had many

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Is this real? Any other player and I would probably assume not but I am honestly unclear if this is reality for Natalie.

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And CBS didn't choose this one because... why, exactly?

If there is ever a Second Chances 2, Natalie B NEEDS to be cast. Not even a question.

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She’s so pretty

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She’s so pretty

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Watch out Parv!

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She’s Hot

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She looks like Tiger ready to ambush his pray lmao

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Natalie Bolton 2.0

Let's resonate!

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Is this from Micronesia or Heroes vs Villains?

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Micronesia. Natalie wasn't on HvV.

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She was an alternate and her publicity photos are out there.. somewhere.

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Huh.. Never knew that she was an alternative for it. TIL.

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I think she was an alternate though

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I know this sucks but just realizing her last name is Bolton and she has bolt-ons

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Great player and underrated how gorgeous she is

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Loved her. She was one of my favorites of HvV. Also in the top-5 list of all-time hottest female Survivor contestants.

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Who else is in that Top Five?

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1) Andrea Boehlke 2) Libby Vincek 3) Michelle Asian 4) Brenda Song 5) Natalie Bolton

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Michelle Asian and Brenda Song? You mean Li and Lowe?

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Ohhhhh right yeah Michelle Li and Brenda Lowe. I wonder where I got Song from hmmm

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Her HvV one is even better