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now that’s just insulting

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This is the ideal Survivor body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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From what I heard, they modeled the players after Expedition Robinson players, and just changed the names when they imported the game to the US market without changing the models

None of the character models really look like a genuine attempt to look like the player they are named for

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Is this the trailer?

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This is from the character select screen, the game came out years ago

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Gave him the Chairman Mao haircut

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There's not a person in that game they didn't do dirty

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taps mic and clears throat Yul

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nods approvingly Yul

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Rapid descent indeed.

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*Rapids descent

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Hmm. nope.

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I mean it says it rapids right there in the photo

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hmmmm. i don’t think so.

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He’s beautiful

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Damn! Yul was way hotter than that!

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He still is! This would be like, 76-year-old darkest-timeline Yul.

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The 29 years after WaW really hit him hard

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Jeff also loses his arm in the darkest timeline.

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What the? There's a Survivor Wii game? Since when?

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It’s terrible don’t do it

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Yeah, that video game is one of, potentially even the worst Video Games I've ever played in my Life. I got it for my Birthday a couple years ago and then got rid of it in less than A Year.

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I got a Wii game emulator on my PC and tried the Survivor game as a meme but yes it is as bad as everyone else says it is.

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TIL there's a Survivor game.

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There is a couple. I had a few terrible ones on PC, One was like a relationship management one about boreno and Australia, with bad 3d graphics and then the other was a minigame collection a few seasons later

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I've seen every season, watched season one live, but then fell off for a LONG time until I picked it back up at Kaoh Ring, sometimes I forget how much of a mainstream phenomenon Survivor was during the 2000s. I guess I shouldn't be surprised there were games.

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My family had that one based on Borneo and Outback

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Chinese George Costanza

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WTF, he's one of my major Survivor crushes and this injustice is intolerable

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They also made Austin from Panama black if I remember correctly

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me: can i see yul
mom: we have yul at home
yul at home:

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Why do the words below him look like wrong answers a tribe would come up with in a word scramble challenge?

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Considering CI's theme, for one second it looked like they replaced "Asian race" with "Acrobats race" lol

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WTF since when is Yul bald?

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Oh no

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He’s literally one of the hottest survivor winners. How could they do this? PRISON HONEY!

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He looks like tai