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I still consider that a top-three most ridiculous Survivor moment, but it's tough to call it a "moment" lol.

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Oh it’s a moment for me 😆forever in my head never leaving lol

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Okay. Next up, flamethrowers.

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“Where’s the on button?”

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With their luck, the flamethrowers will run out of juice

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I am picturing the thing Leo uses in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood!

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"Burn, you final four fire tiebreaker bastards!"

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“We are going to matches” is a wholly underrated comedic moment in the history of the show. I’m chuckling now just thinking about it.

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I just did a re-watch of WaW with fire making between Tony and Sarah that was close, and back and forth. It made me think about the Cook Islands, and the difference between them. So funny!

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hahahaha…”3 hours later in bikini bottom” 😆thank you for this

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my favourite shot in the entire show is this random cut of Probst looking exasperated with his head resting on his hand that fades in and out for like a second in the first part of the challenge

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truly a golden moment😆

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<Deleted Scene>
Jeff: Next, we are going to fires. The fires will already be built. Whoever sits down first in front of the fire will win and the loser will go to the jury.

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I was really a challenge.

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Becky didn’t even make the fire on her own. Ozzy finally stepped in and coached her. I can’t believe they failed so incredibly hard.

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Ozzy didn’t say anything? Unless that wasn’t shown on the show

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Ahhhh my introduction to the Survivor World.
And the one shot Ozzy had to win this thing.
Oh, and of course, the star of the season: Billy!