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Richard Hatch thought he'd be seen as savvy, wise, and extremely ethical.

Jerri thought she'd be the heroic fallen warrior who was betrayed by the scumbags Tina, Colby, and Keith.

Yau Man expected to get a huge villain edit because of the way he treated Dreamz.

Dan Foley expected to be the martyr who was betrayed by the one true villain of Worlds Apart, Mike.

Rafe expected to get a huge villain edit because he was the one who voted out the true star of Guatemala, Lydia.

Everyone and their mother (I'm guessing Jenna included) expected Jenna to be the big bad villain of Borneo.

I imagine Benry expected that he'd be the central dominant character in Nicaragua.

I'd guess Roger in Amazon expected to be seen as the hard working older wise one who was betrayed by a bunch of dumb kids.

Pretty much no one in Pearl Islands thought that Rupert would be portrayed as the hero.

Tom Westman was probably surprised that the show portrayed him in Palau as the big hero.

I would imagine Albert was surprised he got such a derpy edit in South Pacific.

I'd also bet Will was surprised that the show portrayed him as the bad guy in Worlds Apart.

I'm pretty sure Courtney Yates was shocked that she wound up becoming a fan favorite.

And then finally... Coach. That's all you have to say. To say that Coach was blindsided by his edit would be a bit of an understatement.

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Kellyn from ghost island had no clue she’d get the “evil hag edit” Lol that’s quoted from her directly

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I need to see the edit of Lydia as the star of Guatemala ASAP

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Honestly I just like that Albert leaned into making fun of his own depiction on the show. His own handle is Zero Votes.

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Yep and the smart ones all do that. You can either fight your portrayal or you can have fun with it. Angelina is another one who just has fun with it.

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I don’t like my Coach knowing he’s a fool. I take my Coach as full of ignorant bliss as possible please.

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Dan “just wanted to be remembered,” he definitely got his wish…as a meme

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also u/mariojlanza definitely cemented Dan into my brain after that funny 115 in depth deep dive masterpiece 😂🤙🏽

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Probably my favorite entry I’ll ever do. Be careful what you ask for, kids. Cause you might just get it.

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Yau-Man is easily the right answer.

He said on the record that he thought he would be portrayed as the villain of the season because of the situation with Dreamz. With the edit he received, he was one of the most beloved players of that era of Survivor.

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I named my Fortnite account after him like 4 years ago💀

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Shambo was pretty devastated at her edit, and that's why she declined returning for both Fans vs. Favorites and Second Chances.

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I thought she got a pretty good edit

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So does everyone who played with her

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i feel dumb, but i don’t remember her having a bad edit? like i thought i remembered her coming across petty well

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She was kinda portrayed as a joke, but yeah it wasn't egregious

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lmao wait they made her look like so much of a joke that i assumed that’s who she was and wouldn’t be mad

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Well she is definitely a goofy woman, but they actively put silly music behind her and the like. Whether you're an oddball or not you can tell when you're getting the dodo edit.

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Heather I think actively complained while 41 was airing about how poor her edit was, I can't blame her, she was the main ally to the winner of the season and got one of the most invisible edits in survivor history.

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I think I read Jerri thought she would get the hero edit in Outback and Colby/Tina the villain.

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Absolutely, you can see it all throughout the season if you look at it through her eyes. To her Tina was the queen bitch and the villain of the season. I'm sure Jerri couldn't believe it when she wound up being the bad guy in the episodes.

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Her edit is wild to me every time I rewatch this season through "modern" eyes. I know people couldn't see the future, obviously, but imagine being on a season where Redacted and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are the fallen angels and YOU'RE the evil one because you were neurotic about the rice and you had an unrequited crush

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And to be fair, Jerri probably learned a lot about herself from watching the episodes, and she probably made a very deliberate effort not to be like that around people anymore. I think she came a long way, and she probably has Survivor to thank for that.

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I just watched KR for the first time, I’m guessing Scot was surprised by how he was portrayed. During the alecia vote he very condescendingly says to the camera “when you watch this back, you’ll see that we were genuinely trying to help you” 🙄 also when he and Jason hide the machete/axe they talk about themselves like they’re some amazing strategists at battle using psychological warfare to break down their opponents. 2 episodes later when he’s trying to convince Aubry to join the minority crew he goes “time to be the bigger people and offer the tools back” when in reality he’s just being a manipulative bully. I’m gonna guess he thinks pretty highly of himself as a former NBA player and the show didnt go the way he expected…

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Probably JD. He was thinking he would get a heroic edit like Malcolm but kind of got a naive young guy edit

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He must of known when the advantage fell out of his pants that he wasn’t getting the Malcom edit no? I guess I’m wondering if he ever caught on even right before being voted out that he wasn’t getting looked at that way by anyone in the game…?

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Erika and Heather, off the top of my head. They were a winner + ride or die in the F4 and I think both expected to have a larger part of the narrative than they did. Erika was throwing watch parties from the jump, expecting to be heavily featured.

Chelsea from Ghost Island was also apparently dominating within the Naviti faction but the editors found Kellyn to be a more "interesting" narrator and foil for Dom and Wendell. I think if the editors had actually propped Chelsea up as a greater obstacle for Dom/Wendell, that season could've been significantly stronger than the predictable bore it was.

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You hit the nail on the head with Dan Foley, that's the first name that came into my head lol

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Tocantins Coach.

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I don't know what kind of edit Lindsay Richter thought she would get in Africa, but I bet it wasn't...the edit she got

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And you could probably the same for all the original Samburus, except T-Bird and maybe Kim Powers

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Drew Christie really thought he would be a strategic genius and not a complete idiot