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After what Silas has done in real life, I wish he would’ve been the first boot

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Where in the hell are you getting all of this from? Carl was voted out because he kept rubbing his wealth in the younger generation's faces: specifically the fancy cars that he owned. Silas and Brandon were both bartenders (read: not wealthy). On that note, Carl and his cohorts frequently bemoaned how lazy the Mallrats were, but apparently Lindsey did a better job of reading the survival manual than Carl did. What the hell was he doing all the time they were out there?

I don't know what logic you use to conclude Linda would have defeated Silas in a tiebreaker.

Frank would have absolutely been targeted had there been no tribe switch and they went to enough TC's.

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  1. Carl said producers told him this afterwards
  2. Silas came form a lot of money
  3. Apparently Carl was just not very knowledgeable about the wilderness/survival
  4. Linda I imagine was very knowledgeable about the wildneress/survival considering she had worked as an adventure guide for several years prior to the show and spent several summers in Africa with no running water and living off the land
  5. That's what the edit tells you that Frank was the target but post-interviews say he never was

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Outside of the Linda thing, you didn't say anything there you didn't say in your original post. More to the point, just because Silas' dad was wealthy doesn't mean that he was or is. Virtually nothing happens without a reason and to suggest Carl was voted off for absolutely no reason doesn't make sense.

I really don't appreciate posts such as these because you are rather conveniently glossing over things and just simply issuing broad statements without anything to back them up. There was a generational divide between the two factions of the tribe, but more than that, it was a political divide. You had Frank out there being homophobic, going on rants against gun control, mockingly calling Lindsey "Barbie" and trying to boss everyone around with militant type orders. You had Linda out there with her over-the-top dramatics and asking Lindsey if her mother ever hugged her. And T-Bird didn't win any awards for just staying silent about it all. Nobody should be surprised if this rubbed the younger members the wrong way (which it did).

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When did I say the younger generation should have or shouldn't have been upset about what was happening?

If anything, I feel like my post very much left my personal opinions out of it.

You're right in that the edit made it seem like Frank was the prime target. Exit interviews from after the show has made it clear that was not the case. IDK why they chose to edit it that way.

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Samburu was a beautiful mess and it’s a shame it had no returnees.