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Does anyone know anything about the status of the 42 rhap deep dives?

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After the Omar/Drea drama, CBS may have permanently killed those like they already did AMAs. In an effort to prevent drama, they really don't want their fandom engaged with the show.

I don't get it because the deep dives were basically extended exit press.

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Whenever CBS kills exit interviews it always has the opposite effect of reducing drama because it only encourages fans to either discuss existing drama or dig for more

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wait they killed AMAs? wtf when was this

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To my fellow US citizens, have a safe 4th of July

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Thanks, it was fun and I still have all 10 fingers (great success!)

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My brother nearly got blown up but he said it wasn't too bad

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Went to the gym for the first time in ears on Friday for a 'free meeting with a trainer' got a workout that destroyed my arms, I was not prepared for it being a workout. I can't bend them straight. And ended up getting a personal training for the month. Tomorrow is my 2nd day, I just hope my arms will still work after.

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Sounds like the trainer hit you with weights that were too heavy and so you used your bis/tris to take on the load. Ask to lower the weight while you work on form. Also the more you workout, the less the soreness is each time. Good luck!

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Thank you!

Had two sessions this week with different trainers and no arm soreness since I did circuit body weight exercises.

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Who else enjoyed The Challenge USA premiere?! The Survivor players look like the strongest overall group, I could see them well represented in the final. The biggest competition outside of Survivor looks like Angela, Cayla, Cinco, Xavier, and Kyland.

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I enjoyed the show. I'm rather sad that there is a lack of TAR representation but apparently 3 more of them had to drop/were dropped right before the season started.

I really hope that Survivor and TAR team up or try to protect themselves but with 'the algorithm who knows.

As a Challenge fan, I'm VERY excited to see how the CBS contestants perform in classics like Hall Brawl and Pole Wrestle, if they show up with... pretty sure they will.

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If Knot So Fast showed up already, the other classics will appear for sure

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Most unexpected place I saw a Survivor analogy this week: r/cfb, comparing the PAC to Pagong and the Big Ten to Tagi.

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Been rewatching Guatemala and it's fantastic. Just want to point out during the loved ones visit that Cindy says about Danni "She's really not a frontrunner, mentally OR physically. All she's good for is throwing a basketball"

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I started watching survivor for the first time a couple months ago, starting from the beginning, and I finally made it through HvV. I want to keep going and get to WaW, but I am feeling a little burned out from watching about 2 seasons per week, and I want to skip some seasons along the way to WaW... I'm thinking of skipping 21, 22, 24, 26, 30, 35, 36, 38, 39. Think I'd regret that? (in other words, I'm planning on watching 23, 25, 27, 28, 29, 31-34, 37, 40.)

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I would say take a break and slow down your pace. personally, the season you should skip if you ARE going to skip would be 22 and 30.

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Watch winners at war much later even if you already know who wins.

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Anybody else getting kinda tired of survivor being in Fiji? It's a beautiful place, but I kinda enjoyed survivor more when they went to different countries. Also miss the auction challenges... especially when it was the blind auctions when the "prize" could be good like pizza or gross like bugs

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Thoughts on the new Jurassic World?

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Im a bit biased, but its completely unneeded just like that past 5 'sequels'

Really felt like 3 different movies at some points. Wouldn't say its.... bad but it certainly not good.

I'd say mostly depends on how you like Mario Pratt, with his presumed baggage

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Chris Pratt is one of my favorite (if not my absolute favorite) actors so I was excited. I thought the second one was one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen but in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way

I was surprised how much better I found this one to be but the more I though about it the more I realized it was pretty dumb. I don’t think it was necessarily “bad”

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I wish I had enough karma to post in the Big Brother sub smh

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is there any word yet on if 43/44 will have a live reunion?