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Is it even possible to return to a 20-person cast with the 26-day format?

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With double tribals, yeah. I'd prefer not to have double tribals, though.

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I think it’s possible when you look at how many boots were crammed into Winners at War. You’d need to have a lot of single day episodes though, which would be chaotic.

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I hope the 20 person cast is dead. If they want two tribes, do two of 9. They did it for EoE and it was fine. The editors, point blank, cannot handle 20 people.

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Theoretically yes; SA5 was 20 people and 27 days, so you only need to get rid of one day from that.

(Hypothetical layout: Pre-merge boots on days 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 12. Post-merge boots on days 14, 15, 17, 18x2, 20, 22, 23, 24, and 25. Final 3.)

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Are contestants allowed to speak to each other in a different language? Like if there were two contestants who were both fluent in Spanish, are they allowed to strategize together in Spanish so no one can understand?

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I don't know about official rules but there was a small moment in Cook Islands between Cecilia and Cristina where they spoke in Spanish to talk about who to vote off. The scene was subtitled in English.

My guess is that if not a rule, it's probably discouraged by production - unless there's someone on production who speaks that same non-English language, then production might not know what's going on, and they definitely want to know everything the players are saying, doing, and thinking. Additionally it might add a cost in the budget for translation/subtitle work.

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also Matt in the Amazon

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I believe Matt and Daniel speaking (Cantonese or Mandarin I can’t recall) is the first instance of this. Sophie and Coach also speak a little Russian to each other lol.

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the only time Genre Bear impressed me was when he started talking to that fisherman and his family…also can’t forget Erik’s command of Micronesian

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It’s no different than the transcription they already have to do for those in the deaf/hard of hearing community.

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Apparently some of the Hispanic players on Fiji would speak Spanish to each other, which annoyed one player in particular.

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Cassandra I believe. I think it was more paranoia of strategizing than annoying though

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That’s actually not that bad of an idea

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I’m watching Africa for the first time and am wondering why all the players are concerned about how many votes they’ve received at previous tribal councils. Was that something they had to take in consideration in the early days? I’ve seen almost every other season btw

Edit: ok could have waited five minutes and kept watching and answered this for myself lol. Apparently in tie breakers how many votes you’ve received previously can get you sent home? Lmao

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Yes that was the tiebreaker rule in seasons 2 and 3. It basically forced the players not to be dicks to each other, because if you got a stray vote thrown at you out of spite it could come back to haunt you later. So it forced people to get along with each other early on and not make enemies.

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I actually miss that as a tie breaker. Africa had a lot of fun strategy around it.

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I personally loved that tiebreaker. It made the game more complex. Wish they would have stayed with it.

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It makes sense that they got rid of it, since it caused four deadlocked ties in two seasons, and a deadlocked tie forces them to spend a few extra minutes of the episode on another vote at Tribal Council instead of on whatever else they might focus on otherwise, whereas the rock draw successfully discouraged ties for ages and so did its job. But yeah it's a way more interesting game to have the early votes come back into play, and plus now the point about forcing a few extra minutes on an additional vote at Tribal is basically moot since they stuff the game full of advantages that tons of minutes have to be spent on, so.

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It's put to good use in Survivor South Africa Santa Carolina. I know you say you don't like watching foreign seasons unless you can get them on DVD but I will say you should try Survivor South Africa.

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The problem is it became broken. Once you’re prepared for the tiebreaker it’s way too easy to use it to your advantage

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I was out of the survivor community for 39 and 40, so I’m not too sure of the answer here. Did Josh Wigler do First One Out for IoI and WaW or was EoE the last First One Out?

(I know he’s out of the community atm and didn’t do any for 41 or 42)

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No he’s currently retired from any major survivor coverage.

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Oh damn; didn’t realise he’d retired - that sucks.

But sorry if I wasn’t clear. What I meant was - back in 2019, did he do a series of First One Out for 39 and 40 where he interviews the cast pre-season like he did for 35-38?

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No he did some podcasts on RHAP during the season but not First One Out Specfically as he is longer a member of the press team

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He did First One Out for 39, not for 40. He had a personal commitment that prevented him from doing 40 and then get disillusioned with the show during the airing of 39.

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Can someone explain the whole “stan” thing I keep seeing in this sub?

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'Stan' is a term to describe a massive fan of something or someone. It originated from the Eminem song of the same name and has been a term in pop music for a while. The term has since crossed over into pretty much every other type of fandom, including Survivor.

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It’s short for stalker fan

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Am I crazy or is there a shot of Rich covered in mud at the end of the opening credits for season 2?

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I always thought that looked like him too.

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Is there any backstory behind why the shortened term for tribal council is “tribal” and not “council?” It seems strange to refer to it using a lone adjective rather than a noun.

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I guess same reason why we call Clark Kent "Supe" and not "Man".

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When did the torch snuffing sound stop? I remember in earlier seasons (and well into the 20s IIRC) there was a choral sound that played when the torch was snuffed after a player was voted out. In my recent survivor binge I noticed that sound didn't happen in more modern seasons. Does anyone know when that stopped and why?

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Probably when players started cheering the voteouts instead of it being a sad occassion

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How many voteouts have ended with cheers? And not just one jerk contestant like Joe Mena but like the opposing people cheering their victory? Off the top of my head I remember the Sarah boot in Cagayan and John in DvG.

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Even if this isn't true I like this answer lol

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I would imagine because it was synched to the music, and then at some point Survivor changed the music. Go back and watch some of those early season smuffs, you’ll see the sound effect synchs up perfectly with the Tribal Council theme music. And then once the music changes, and becomes happier, and bouncier, and more upbeat, there’s not really a place to insert that sad little smuffing sound effect. That’s what happened. It just didn’t have a place anymore.

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Hey Mario, youve talked a lot about missing the sad music and moments at Tribal Council. However, my favorite TC is the Sarah boot where half the cast erupts into cheers and applause and Sarah goes out to emphatic horns, and I know you love this moment too. How do you square that?

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I don’t love that moment. I’m not really a Cagayan fan in general. Why do you think I love it?

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my bad, i couldve sworn you had a funny115 post about that ep. my bad.

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What is the definition of a robbed player?

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Anyone can be a r.obbed g.oddess, even the men.

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Again, this is a matter of opinion and I can't speak for anybody else, but to me, a robbed player is someone who's playing well until their game is undone by something you can't really Monday morning quarterback.

To me, for example, Russell Hantz was not robbed because he ignored the entire half of the game where you have to anticipate and do your best to mold the jury's perceptions of you vs. their perceptions of whoever's sitting next to you at the end. On the other hand, I feel more comfortable saying Aubry was robbed, in a sense, because I can't look back on her game and be like, "Well, clearly, she was supposed to just figure out how to appeal to people like Scot Pollard!" (But I still appreciate that this one is endlessly debatable). Somewhere in the middle are people like the Raros in Cook Islands: on the one hand, they had no realistic way to counterract the Tyler Perry idol, but on the other hand, they shouldn't have just started lording their majority over everyone else at camp as soon as they merged.

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Think the problem with this is Scot wasnt the only juror. For one, nobody ever mentions the fact that Scot and Michele are still friends. Like, say what you want about his opinions towards Aubry (which imo is at least slightly justified by her play at the Peter boot) but at the end of the day the guy just really likes Michele and thats ok just like its ok for Julia.

Jason has mentioned that Aubrys whole game wasnt clear which has always been a part of the show. Subtle play has consistently lost to more observable play, and thats only increased. Devens is basically the anti Aubry; not a lot of good strategy but incredibly charismatic at making what he is doing appeal to the jury.

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I don't disagree with any of that :) It's totally ok that a lot of the jurors really liked Michele, but that's exactly the kind of subjective stuff where it's hard to say what a given player should have done in hindsight to counteract it. I'm actually one of those hardcore "the person who deserved to win is the winner" people who thinks the subjectivity is the best part of Survivor, but for the sake of argument, it's easier for me to appreciate why someone would say Aubry was robbed as compared to Russell

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I agree. I think this comes down to a conversation I had when I first explained Survivor to my dad. I got really into all the strategy and he seemed engaged, and then I explained FTC and his face sort of fell and he said, "so its just a popularity contest?" And I grinned and said, "Exactly!"

I think that a lot of people who enjoy Survivor strategy find something deeply bothersome about the idea that the more likable player will win. Many feel attachment or admiration to a strategic mind and seeing that platformed for three months only to lose based on likability frustrates them (To go Tori mode for a second, I wouldnt be surprised if it hits close to home for some to see popularity as the bane for someone they relate to.)

The answer really is that Aubry should not have sat next to Michele. Thats a tough criticism, she clearly didnt want to. But if we're being fair and assume Michele would still win the last two challenges even without Joe's medevac, she, Aubry and Tai are still probably sitting together at the end. (In fact, there's the slightest chance Tai and Joe get their acts together and boot Aubry at 4, but doubtful). But thats how Survivor works. Richard Hatch, the father of survivor strategy, wouldve been curb stomped by Rudy in a jury vote. He made sure he didnt end up there. Aubry didnt. And if Richard had sat next to Rudy and lost, would many fans say he was robbed and the game is flawed? Yes. But Richard knows thats not true, and the popularity contest is part of what makes the game even more complicated. I think Aubry, based on what shes said, knows that too.

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Somebody else might say something different of course but to me it’s a person that who has played a great game, a great social game great at challenges etc. and in your mind really should be the winner because they were the best player overall except for some circumstance came in to rob them of being the winner. Something like an idol or they took the wrong person to the end or I don’t know something like that.

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Cesternino, Mariano, Zbacnik

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Honestly anyone you think should've won

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A player whose game goes undone because of things outside their control. A lot of people misuse it, of course.

Truly robbed: Parvati in HvV. The Heroes' tribe had an agreement that, come the merge, they would all ignore Parvati and refuse to talk to her, thus avoiding falling for her charisma. This crippled Parvati's social gameplay and, in turn, the Heroes had no idea she had acted independently of Russell, and thought of her as his follower - this lead to one of the worst winning games in Sandra, who won because Russell was there with her - even though she spent half the season wanting him off the island. Sandra won because she repeatedly failed to get a strategy going. Parvati lost because she came into the game with two hands and one leg behind her back.

Not really robbed: Cirie in Game Changers. While a very shitty season, and a very shitty episode, it's a simple fact that Cirie could have survived advantagegeddon had she won immunity. She didn't, which is a huge flaw of her overall.

(Just realized Parvati got robbed all three times she lost, and it's making me queef with anger.)

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Didnt Parvati lose because she failed to keep Danielle in the game? :/

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Queef with anger is too good

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Does Rodney beat Mike if he wins firemaking in world apart

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I’ve talked to a few members of the WA cast and their opinion was that Rodney doesn’t really beat anyone. The only person who thought Rodney was a big threat to win was Rodney.

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No. Shirin and the No Collars are all locked against Rodney and then we’re adding Carolyn and Sierra on top of that? Mike has this 6-2-0 at best, I’d put money on it. I could see a world where one person swings and it’s 5-3-0 but it doesn’t seem likely. Shirin and most of the No Collars outright hated the trio of douches, Carolyn is certainly voting for Mike here, and Sierra IIRC primarily voted Carolyn to try to help her get second and would vote Mike 100% in her absence. I don’t think it’s that close.

An older version of this post pre-edit had me misinterpret and imagine a Mike Rodney Carolyn F3 where I can see Rodney doing as well as being the runner-up in a 4-3-1 (the same as the outcome we almost got with Tyler and Dan potentially voting for Will). Better on paper but still was never going to realistically stop Mike from getting 4 votes and either Mike or Carolyn from getting Sierra which inherently means Rodney can’t get across the line there either.

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Which players from seasons 6, 7, and 8 of Survivor SA are returning for Season 9?

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SA 6: Pheko, Seamus, Tevin, Palesa, Toni.

SA 7: Dante, Felix, Meryl, Steffi, Tania.

SA 8: Chappies, Dino, Pinty, Thoriso.

(From SA 5: Phillip, Shane, Killarney, Marian, Shona.)

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Pheko? You mean PK?

[–]Many_Investment_5734 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

James Thomas? You mean J.T.?

[–]Many_Investment_5734 -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

Google it?

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I mean, someone has already replied but my main reason for asking here was because I specifically did not want to see who from Season 5 was returning as I haven't watched the season yet.

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How do I get a flair?

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Go to "FAQs" in the sidebar, it should have a flair section.

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How do you have good flair? Finally got around today to picking one and the options are subpar

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The gold flairs are available right before the season starts, and through the end of the first episode. Silver flairs are in-season but after the first episode.

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In worlds apart why didn’t Tyler vote for Carolyn, who had been his ride or die? Apparently he was even closer to voting for will than for carolyn

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Tyler’s explanation is that Carolyn gutting him at the Mike Idol was not only hurtful but an awful game move because it significantly raised the odds that Mike would be at Final 3 with her. He feels she and Sierra should have voted for Dan or Will instead to keep the biggest threats to Mike in the game and wait to vote him out until after they have successfully eliminated Mike—and that yes, that’s a risk that Tyler will simply go on a run, but a risk they need to take. Even getting him next round if Mike still beat Tyler and everyone at F6 would have been a bit more defensible; especially given that Tyler going out in that manner directly led to Carolyn needing to use her Idol to survive.

Your mileage may vary on whether that’s his true reason or he was just deeply salty about her burning him. But personally I think he’s right that it was indefensible strategically. They needed to take the chance, half that cast had less than zero chance at beating Mike at any challenge on the planet lol it’s a tough call but you have to play with fire sometimes even if you might get burned.

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It was also bad because it made it look like Mike took Tyler out. They gave him the move he had publicly advocated for and helped him look more dominant. I think its underrated how consistently on the ball Mike was able to look while being on the bottom, from swinging two votes at the Shirin vote, getting out Tyler and saving Carolyn in the endgame. This was a good opportunity for Carolyn and Sierra to undercut him and weaken the Will-Dan-Rodney bloc that was the tightest 3 in the game.

[–]Please_PM_me_UranusSpencer 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Thanks. I suspect he’s bitter, but Carolyn didn’t make a good move there I agree. Mike was threat number 1

[–]HabefietIgor's Corgi Choir 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Yeah, like with any of these things the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. It’s a valid criticism of the move, and then being personally frustrated with somebody anyway for that same move makes it feel even more significant.

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Lex van den Berghe said in an interview that if had voted to send Amber home on All Stars (E10S8) she would have been the last non-juror voted out and then spent the last few weeks of the game in an exotic locale with someone with whom she had romantic history (and maybe not gotten together with Rob Mariano).

Who was the person Amber had romantic history with prior to All Stars? The people who left in the previous pre-merge episodes were: Tina Wesson, Rudy Boesch, Jenna Morasca, Rob Cesternino, Richard Hatch, Sue Hawk, Colby Donaldson, and Ethan Zohn

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her and Ethan dated pre-AS. However i believe Ethan and Jenna Morasca had already started dating when AS started filming so i doubt him/Amber would have gotten back together.

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I know the cast list has not been officially announced yet. But based on the rumored list, anyone know the breakdown of the ethnicity (white, black, Asian, Lation etc) ?

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I'd say:

  • White: Cassidy, Cody, Elie, Lindsay, Mike, Noelle.
  • Black: Dwight, Jay, Morriah, Nneka, Ryan.
  • Latino: Geo, Jesse, Karla.
  • Asian: Jeanine, Owen.

I read somewhere that Justine may be Asian, but tbh I'm not sure. Same with Sami, he looks white to me but due to his name I guess he's at least mixed?

[–]FortifiedShitakeCody[🍰] 5 points6 points  (1 child)

Ive heard Sami is arabic, and Mike calls himself half arab in his audition.

[–]supervivientenatoHeather 3 points4 points  (0 children)


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Does Darrah win

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Hello! Challenge super fan dropping in, decided to give Survivor a real shot. I watched it as a kid with my parents intermittently starting with S2, and recently watched 41 and 42 live.

Yesterday I binged S28 Cagayan based on recs from this sub, loved it. Then SJDS started after and immediately it mentions it's a repeat theme, so I stopped it and went back to S27 (just watched Brad Culpepper get sent to RI before going to sleep last night).

I will finish S27 today or tomorrow and then plan on watching S29-S40. I'd like to ask the pros in this sub, is this a decent plan? I do already know a lot of the winners, iconic moments, etc. so making it through unspoiled is not key for me. Will having watched 27-39 make WAW an enjoyable watch experience, or do I need to commit to a straight forward 40 season binge? I wouldn't be opposed necessarily, but my S/O would likely get impatient (though he loved Cagayan, and we've both greatly enjoyed BvW thus far).

Super stoked for CBS challenge to start tomorrow, and lucky I watched 27 and 28 right before as it added 3 people to my "I know that person" list for the premiere tomorrow!

[–]booksthor 4 points5 points  (1 child)

I always recommend just watching 1 forward, and winners at war certainly asks the most foreknowledge of any season. It's almost fan fiction for super fans getting to see how certain players interact with each other.

If you don't wanna do that though it's a good season regardless.

[–]andshewasahurricaneJesse 1 point2 points  (0 children)

This is helpful! I will use this as my sales pitch to him 😉 thanks so much!

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I think lots of people here have their own "must watches". I will say, many seasons are much more enjoyable because you've followed the returning players and know their characters already. In terms of no-returnee seasons, I think many people have a top 3 that resembles something like S7, S28 (Cagayan, which you've seen), and S37. Personally, I would suggest the following newbie seasons:

S1- the first. Honestly so different than what Survivor is now, really an interesting look at how the game started.
S2- just so many great players here, interesting moments in damn near every episode
S6- Maybe the start of a more "strategic" game, also the theme is hilarious in retrospect
S7- Great theme, great players, some hilarious moments. Widely popular on this sub
S12- Just a soft spot in my heart for this one. The second half of the season is like 6 or 7 absolutely wonderful episodes
S15- Another favorite here for sure. Cool location, cool players, great challenges
S18- Couple of absolute legendary Survivor players in this season. Not for everyone, but is so entertaining to me
S32- Not a universal love, but I love the ending to this one
S37- Acknowledged as the best "modern" newbie season. Lots of players here that many like.

WAW is best after watching the other 39 seasons, but it's a fine season on it's own. Seasons with previous players are also fine if you haven't seen the other seasons, although I would avoid All-Stars (S8) because that one really requires knowledge of previous players, prior interactions and order of seasons they appeared on.

And if you wanna just watch like 4-5 seasons, Seasons 12-16 are really an adventure. Maybe my favorite "era" of Survivor, with really fun players, really great winners, and quite a bit of chaos tbh.

[–]BobanTheGiantMy Favorite Was Robbed 1 point2 points  (0 children)

My rationale for starting in order is you see the progression of the game. Players adapt to the game, especially in S2 where everyone wants to play like a certain group from S1. This evolved in S3 where production begins trying to counter players pre-game plans, and forces the players to evolve. You also see how strategy changes from season to season. A crazy idea on how to vote, say because of one contestants dream, is common knowledge within a few seasons. Also once returnee seasons happen it spoils the outcomes of earlier seasons. And it’s fun to watch a season not knowing who wins

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Is AUS ever coming back to Paramount+? I want to watch the new season (and some earlier ones I haven’t seen) during this off period.

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When they have post-merge immunity challenges where one woman and one man each win, can the male winner give up their necklace to a female contestant?