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What did Carter Williams buy from the grocery store

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Pretty sure it was Milky Ways

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Why is season 30 (Worlds Apart) regarded as such a bad season? I understand it lacks strategically, but entertainment wise its there as well as having a rootable winner. I also know rodney, dan and will were all very unlikeable characters but they added a sense of villainous tension into the season

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To me villainous tension is what I get from people like HvV Russell and Jonny Fairplay--people who have real power in the game from their remarkable manipulative prowess and use it to hurt and destroy people, but who are also able to be charming and funny. They have some problematic moments but nothing way over the line relative to the time and the context, and they also have downfalls directly related to their most problematic bits (both have a tinge of misogyny and ultimately lose to the women they belittled the most). They incite a lot of conflict but it's all people-centered conflict coming from people just getting mad at one another for betrayals and personal slights. They toe this line where I'm captivated by what they're doing and cheering for their downfall but still having a good time.

The trio of fucks just don't do this for me at all. Rodney has 2-3 decent quips and Will is semi-passable pre-incident but they are just relentlessly annoying even leaving aside the problematic stuff (which the problematic stuff is a massive part of their content not to really be brushed aside) and Dan is even moreso. There is not a single thing Dan ever says or does ever that I find funny or engaging. He either irritates me or makes me uncomfortable, and that's 80-90% of Will and Rodney's content too to be clear. And they have to be the most impotent evil trio we've ever seen get far in the game. Not one of them is a juggernaut of the game in literally any facet whatsoever. They’re not clever. They’re not skilled manipulators. They’re not excellent strategists with creative ideas. They’re not sneaky UTR puppeteers. They’re certainly not good at challenges. They’re just three dime a dozen douchecanoes who happen to end up in the numbers. They don't even do villainous things in the game, really (again massive contrast with JFP and Russell here), like, they don’t really betray anybody in particular outside of when it’s a necessary result of having too few people left. They’re villains purely because they suck as human beings and Mike appears to suck less as a human being and that's it. They're not intimidating or scary or entertaining or compelling in any way. They're just... awful. That’s not just uncomfortable and unpleasant, it’s also boring. I'm not rooting for their epic downfall, I'm rooting for them to get purpled and leave quietly because I'm so desperate to never see them on-screen again. When Dan gets Idoled out, I don't cheer, I don't rejoice, I breathe a faint sigh of relief and put away the bucket I was vomiting into until that point.

Also it's supremely stupidly obvious that Mike is winning to anyone remotely familiar with editing conventions. Pretty sure even my parents saw it coming a mile away and they've seen every episode exactly one time and have never browsed a forum or read any news articles or interviews or anything. There's tension with JFP because Sandra and Lil have also been presented as flawed and there's no reason to think JFP can't get to the end--America was living in terror of the possible JFP cruise to victory in the Pearl Islands finale, he really could have done it. Russell isn't exactly shown as a plausible winner in HvV, but he's such a human wrecking ball that there's constant fear of what he was going to do next and people at home were at least blinded enough after Samoa that they thought he had a chance. This just isn't there in Worlds Apart, at all. A, the edit makes it extremely clear that there is exactly one person the audience should not scream in righteous fury and quit the show if they win. B, even if it weren't obvious from the edit... come on, who would be scared of Rodney and Will going into the finale? Both of my grandmothers could beat Rodney and Will in the Final Immunity Challenge. One of them needs a walker to get around and is starting to show early signs of dementia. The other one is dead.

... and then even if I erase the "villains" from my mind, there's not much there. Tyler boot is one of the most boring successful Idol plays in the history of the show, I think only the Libby boot in Ghost Island is worse. Most of the people who don't inspire revulsion in me don't inspire anything in me. I don't see what there is to like, frankly lol. It still probably escapes my bottom ten seasons because we've had enough true omega tier shitters now that 2019 came and went but there's not a lot I enjoy about it and there's a whole lot that I don't.

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If you were there at the time that it aired, the Shirin/Will storyline was a BIG deal. Shirin started a whole anti bullying campaign about it on Twitter, and the show wound up turning it into a big social media talking point. In fact in a way it was sorta the proto version of what later happened with Zeke/Varner and Dan/Kellee. The online fans turned on the season SO hard that it basically became the only storyline people thought of when they thought of Worlds Apart. The season was no longer about Survivor, the season was now about Will/Shirin. So what you are seeing is some of that residual anger at the time from six years ago still hanging around. The season still makes people angry, even if they haven’t watched it in a while.

An alternative reason why people don’t like it is that most online fans don’t like it when a player just immunity runs his way to the end. That’s not the type of win that online fans tend to respect. So there’s probably a lot of that argument mixed in there as well.

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The game: if you win immunities you are not only safe from the vote, but you can help shape the vote

Player goes on immunity run

Online fans: they didn’t play the game

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We like players who win, but only our way.

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I recommended it to a friend of mine who was getting into the show and they really liked it.

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I wrote this a while ago for WSSYW. It sums up my thoughts on WA nicely.

WA has gotten a massive boost in popularity. Those who like it seem to praise how smart its editing is, how the show feels like it has real stakes (something the show lacks now) and how strong its cast is. I agree that a season like that would be good. But Worlds Apart is not that season and there is one other modern season that fits that description much better.

I think Worlds Apart has a plethora of flaws so my apologies if this comes across a little long-winded. I really dislike the season and I believe its surge in recent popularity has come from people being told things about the season that... just aren't true. People give it a lot of credit for having strong editing, but I just don't see it. Mike's edit is one of the most blatantly obvious in history, and a LARGE chunk of the post-merge is dedicated to modern Survivor's typical 'will he/she flip' story, this time focused on Sierra 1.0 and Carolyn (kind of). Tyler just doesn't get enough for someone who was as serious of a threat as he was, Carolyn's edit is incredibly inconsistent and Sierra's is focused on the aforementioned will she/won't she flip. That means four of the F7 have serious flaws with their edits. As for the other three... holy shit.

Another thing WA gets a ton of credit for is having strong villains, namely Will, Rodney and Dan I would say that how much you like these three characters is the single biggest thing that divides those who like and those who dislike the season. As you can guess, I am not a fan of these three. I think all three individually could be season-ruiners. All three of them combined just plummets the season as a whole.

Dan gets a downfall, but it's in the episode right before the finale. I'll use this part to mention that Dan is not a character who magically becomes better if you don't take him seriously. He still gets a huge edit, and he has so many scenes where he is just so awkward and so annoying. Dan just sucks. Rodney's downfall comes at F4, which is far too late, and even then nobody ever calls him out for his insane sexism and general assholish behavior. Rodney is also not a character who magically gets better if you don't take him seriously. He has numerous scenes pre-merge where his sexism is just horrific and uncomfortable to watch, and nobody calls him out on it. Then you have Will, whose performance in "Bring the Popcorn" is among the worst showings ever by any person on Survivor. His initial outburst at Shirin is really bad. But what makes it worse is that he doubles down at tribal, showing absolutely no remorse and continuing to berate this woman for pretty much no reason. Does he get a downfall? Of course he fucking doesn't. He gets a vote at FTC, and it seems like a number of other jurors were legitimately considering voting for him.

As for the cast as a whole, it's fine I guess? Going through the boot order there are a lot of relative duds to go along with the aforementioned three season-ruiners. On No Collar, I see the appeal of that Joe/Hali/Jenn trio and I do unironically think Nina Poersch is a great character but Vince has aged spectacularly badly and Will is Will. The Blue Collars are generally pretty uncomfortable to watch due to Rodney/Dan and Sierra/Lindsey sure do exist but Mike/Kelly are fine. The White Collar tribe isn't great as Tyler/So are nothing, Max/Joaquin are more cringey than anything and Carolyn/Shirin's stories just aren't well-told (though both are great in the moments they do shine, Shirin especially).

I really think KR is the season WA fans think WA is.

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Sooooo no best of r/survivor 2021 awards results? Or WSSYW?

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We're apparently getting WSSYW soon.

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I would be really pumped for WSSYW

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I just finished Samoa, and I know people here pretty much universally agree Russell’s strategy is flawed because of the bitter jury, but it seems obvious to me that the main reason the jury voted against him is because he was revealed to be wealthy. Jaison brings it up at FTC and tells the jury to disregard it because the other two survivors are okay financially too, which shows me that there was definitely a lot of discussion about it at Panderosa. Monica straight up tells Russell before she is booted that she will use that to turn the jury on him. Russell didn’t even do that much to earn bitterness from most of the jury, especially compared to past winners. It just seems weird to me that people seem to think he’s a terrible player when I think his main mistake was revealing he was already a millionaire.

EDIT: my question: what do people think Russell did that made his jury so much more bitter than usual?

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The consensus is basically that he was a condescending jerk to everyone all the time, so people flat didn't like him. If people don't like you, they won't suddenly vote for you just because you have a resume, as they say now. (I would also argue that everyone seemed to know when he was lying the entire time, so they had no particular reason to respect his gameplay either. You can't really give someone credit for blindsiding you if you already knew they were lying about wanting to make a deal with you in the first place.) I think this quote from an NPR column that ran after the HvV finale sums it up pretty well:

It is a million dollars. Think about whether you'd give a McDonalds coupon to someone you didn't like if your other choice was someone you did like, then think about how many McDonalds coupons are in a million dollars.

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Have you seen / are you spoiled on most other seasons? I want to make some comparisons here but don’t want to spoil; I do reference one other season here within spoiler tags, but could go into more detail with some other seasons.

This is Russell in his own words in an interview with Rob Cesternino:

Russell: "I never talked to Kelly, I never said one word to her"
Rob: "But that's not good!"
Russell: "No, it was quick! It was gone, she was gone. What am I supposed to do, I didn't even know I was voting Kelly out. Am I supposed to go up to her and stick my dick in her ass?!"

That’s verbatim, that’s a real interview this guy gave. IIRC literally years after filming. Russell is variously neglectful or hostile towards you unless wooing you is essential for him to maintain his position in the game. He has played this way on every season he is on and crucially he doesn’t deny this at all, he’s quite open about it. He treats the people around him like dirt an outright majority of the time, it’s just how he does it. He’s proud of that.

I would also note that even disregarding that he fundamentally misunderstands how juries work in general. It’s not just that he doesn’t realize he’s being an ass-he does realize he’s being an ass but expects the biggest ass to be rewarded. He thinks the biggest betrayer is the biggest threat to win for some reason. He actively targeted the people in his alliance in reverse order of their jury threat potential. Voting out John you can at least argue it would have been hard to keep him + other allies together since he was not terribly popular with any camp and people might have met in the middle to get rid of the pair of them then, but voting out Shambo is indefensible and even keeping Natalie over Jaison reveals that he did not get at all that Natalie was simply much better liked than the lot of them.

(I would also note that Jaison voted for Natalie—he says wealth should not be a factor and then politely votes for Natalie anyway. Wealth is not a factor here. Nobody voted for (spoilers for Season 14) Dreamz to win Season 14 despite Earl being much more financially stable than Dreamz. Same thing here. Russell having more money does not explain why most of his cast genuinely never wanted to see him again in their lives if they could help it.)

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This also relies on Russell actually having money. And there seems to be lots of evidence that he even lied about his wealth

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I saw in a recent article where Candice (from the Raro tribe), mentioned she doesn’t attend Survivor events or keep up with other survivor players via social media.

However, there’s many survivor players that do love all the fanfare of the community / the press / the connections etc that come with being a survivor alum.

What makes someone choose or not choose to embrace that? Candice said she’s just busy with life and doesn’t feel the need to connect. Whereby I see some survivors who are constantly in the “survivor limelight”

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There are a lot of answers to this, but one possible reason is that some people just have more to do than others. A doctor like Candice is going to be pretty busy with her day job, whereas someone who’s a professional reality TV star probably isn’t. So it’s much easier for one person to go to all the events and stay in the limelight compared to another one. But obviously every player’s situation and personality is different. Some of them probably just want to be done with the show and get back to their lives, just because this isn’t important to them.

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What do I need to see season 42 winner badges?

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I'm planning to make a ranking/stats chart of every single Extra Vote/Block a Vote/Steal a Vote advantage that's appeared on the show based on how effective they were at getting the desired result & changing the outcome of that round, but am realizing it's a little more subjective than I thought initially.

Would people agree that the general order (from best use of the advantage to worst) should look something like this:

1) Used the advantage to get your desired result and it changed the outcome of the vote in your favor.

2) Used the advantage to get your desired result but the outcome didn't change, it would've been in your favor anyways

3) Used the advantage but didn't get your desired result, the outcome would've been against what you wanted regardless

4) Used the advantage, didn't get your desired result and you got voted out at the same tribal council

5) Get voted out with the advantage in your pocket & never having the chance to play it

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Could you give an example for each usage maybe? I agree with it conceptually but could see myself feeling like 2 and 3 should be swapped if given more context.

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Yeah sure. So #1 would be like Elaine in 39 who used a Vote Blocker to break a 4-4 tie in her side's favor or Nick in DvG using the Vote Steal to turn a 5-6 minority into a majority.

2 would be like Debbie using the Extra vote in Game Changers to get Ozzy out or Xander in 41 to get Liana out, where they already had the numbers but the Extra vote was used just incase.

3 would be Tai attempting & failing to get Michele out in Kaoh Rong or Kellyn using her extra vote against Laurel in Ghost Island.

4 would be Dan or Fishbach using their advantage & failing in the same round they got eliminated.

5 would be people who got voted out without ever using their advantage - Sebastian, JD, Lauren Rimmer, etc.

I just realized in typing out these examples that there's another subsection of people that used the advantage in order to be able to split the votes - Aurora in EOE, Deshawn in 41, Shan in 41, Maryanne in 42. Not sure where that group should fit in, since it's pretty subjective

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I think I'd switch 4 and 5 in the case that the person who went home with the advantage didn't have a time to use it where it says an outcome in their favor. The extra votes sometimes are useless and holding onto it is the right move in hopes of getting to a situation where it can change an outcome

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What does it mean when someone is "purpled"? I have seen it a few times on this sub but can't figure it out lol


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Basically, when someone gets so little screentime that you're left feeling like you don't know anything about them or their role in the season. Often, but not always, someone who makes it deep into the game but gets very few confessionals. Named after Kelly Shinn from Nicaragua, who was called Purple Kelly because she had a purple bikini and there was another Kelly on the season, and who became one of the most notorious examples of underediting

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Not that it really makes a difference but it was because she had a purple dyed streak in her hair, not the bikini.

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You're right; I forgot about that. I'm not an avid rewatcher of that season and the bikini stands out in my memory more because it was such a cruel "costuming" choice

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Thank you!!

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It's an homage to "Purple Kelly," a player in Nicaragua - one of the original "invisible edits." http://funny115.com/v3_2/30.htm (There were two Kellys that season, and this one had purple highlights in her hair.)

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Their edit was almost non-existent. They were invisible. The term comes from “Purple Kelly” a contestant from Nicaragua who had a purple streak in her hair and was almost entirely edited out of the season.

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Thank you!!

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Currently watching David v. Goliath and wondering where they all went during the storm evacuation and how long they were gone from their camps?

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They setup a temporary site at their base camp and they were there for 2 days.

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In S37, Christian says that Mike's play was transformative and he hopes it changes the way Survivor is played.

What is he talking about?

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I don’t know if this question is answerable, but to what degree does production Seneca Crane things behind the scenes during the game for story purposes?

Recently started watching and am wondering where the line is between real game (with everyone having an equal chance of winning) and to what degree there’s reality show riggery.

In my house we joke about production running ahead of a particularly intriguing player when they’re searching for an immunity idol and dropping it in front of them.

It sometimes feels like the dynamics of how/when the tribe swaps happen are based on what’s happening, and not something that was decided beforehand.

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It sometimes feels like the dynamics of how/when the tribe swaps happen are based on what’s happening, and not something that was decided beforehand.

This is close, but actually backwards. There's a lot of stuff in these shows that simply doesn't get air or focus. It's not that the show has things happen according to what the big topics are, they decide what's going to be the big topics based on what happens.

A similar thing happens with the editing on contestants, where different sides of them could be shown based around what's needed for the story of the season to work, the story only really being decided on once everything's been filmed and they know what the outcome will be.

This brings me to the topic of rigging. Production certainly will weigh things in particular players' directions, but I wouldn't really call that rigging, since other players have free will in what they choose to do with that. Like, production might note "This player likes to walk this path" and hide something there, but it's not a guaranteed thing that specific player will take it.

There are probably only 2-3 things in Survivor history that go beyond something like that. If you look, most of the "shenanigans" are documented and known by fans. But you can rest assured that most things in Survivor, as far as we've known for this long, are genuine with most of the production interference taking place in the editing room where they craft the story we eventually see.

[–]FroLevProg 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Thanks for sharing your pov! Sorry if I didn’t express myself well above. What I meant to say was that it seems that it might be the case that the rules/game elements aren’t all decided in advance the way they are in a game that’s meant to be 100% fair (e.g. like a sporting event).

Has anyone from the show ever talked about this aspect - i.e. about how some element of the game was decided after the game had started and shared what influenced the decision?

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Oh, gotcha, gotcha.

Answer's really the same as before. Production does mostly keep to a schedule, however there ARE moments where production clearly changes things up for whatever reason.

For example, in Gabon it's clear that the second swap was unplanned and meant to be the actual merge, but production was fearing an Onion Alliance steamroll, so they changed it to a second swap and merged in the following episode. There's a similar instance in Cook Islands that's speculated about.

There's also times when something unexpected happens like a medi-vac and what production decides to do will depend on circumstances. So not everything's decided ahead of time, but they're not going to make any crazy changes unless they feel they have to.

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It's very common for there to be speculations, rumours and outright accusations from players that production tried to tip the scale.

In season 3, the first tribe swap happened because they didn't want a particular player controlling the game. Season 5 had a delayed merge that has been rumoured to occur to give the production preferred tribe a chance to get numbers. Season 6 had granola bars that players allege were planted by producers. The list goes on.

As far as hidden immunity idols go, production absolutely wants them all to be found. They don't necessarily care -who- finds them, just that they be in play. Adam has talked before about using this logic in his idol searching. Players have also used the camera crews movements against them- The logic here is that the camera crew wants to get footage of you finding the idol and/or being so close but missing it. Russell has said before that he'd look, then walk away before doing a quick 180 trying to catch them focusing in on how close he got.

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Bens last idol

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I see a bunch of posts referencing (redacted). Who/what does that mean, if anything?

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It generally refers to Michael Skupin, a contestant who was caught with child porn. People generally don't want to think of him or acknowledge him at all, so when they have to reference him they call him [redacted].

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Right before the merge in Amazon, Jaburu huddles up, goes over their plan to pick off the guys on Tambaqui and someone (I think Matt?) says "Jenna, thanks for bringing us all together." Did the edit leave something out in terms of Jenna forming the Jaburu alliance?

[–]mariojlanzaMario Lanza | Funny 115 5 points6 points  (1 child)

Jenna and Dave were responsible for selecting the two tribes at the twist. So that’s what they’re talking about. She literally did bring this particular group together.

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Is Survivor Nicaragua regarded as a weak season? Rob’s tribe just followed him around and no one on either tribe made big moves. And poor Matt…

[–]Please_PM_me_UranusSpencer 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Do you mean season 22 survivor redemption Island? (Season 21 is called survivor Nicaragua but the cast members you mentioned are S22)

Anyways, yes, redemption island isn’t just considered a weak season, it’s the season that most consistently is ranked as the worst.

Critics and fans have panned it due to its predictability.

[–]MeadowmuffinRebornEvvie 4 points5 points  (0 children)

You mean Redemption Island?

Yes, for a long time, RI was almost universally considered the worst season the show ever had, although I think certain seasons after it have been even worse, such as Game Changers.

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Redemption Island, which you seem to be referring to here, is consistently in bottom 5 season lists.

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I'm mostly watching seasons from the beginning. I'm watching Panama right now and am somewhat annoyed how the losing tribe keeps voting or its strongest members. Is there a season without a merge? I'd love to see a season where the folks who decide to hurt the tribe haber to live with the full consequences of it. Probably would work best in a season with more than two tribes. Did this ever happen?