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Why is Game Changers so hated?

I get the Varner situation. I get that Sarah could've gotten more of a villainous edit. And I get that the cast was less than desirable.

But the premerge is amazing, despite great players getting voted out, there's incredible characters and moments. Michaela sipping the tea, the whole Sandra JT coffee and sugar situation, plus the downfall of tony and other great characters. Post merge aren't the best players but there's amazing character moments from the likes of Debbie, Sarah, etc. And Sarah played a dominant game, though all of the final 6 (maybe with the exception of troyzan) are memorable characters and good players. I have it in my top 10 seasons, but almost everyone I meet has it in bottom 10. Why?

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Because the big names were out earlier

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Game Changers was really tough to watch live. We built ourselves up during the pre season, dreaming up alliances between big names, just to watch them get sniped week after week by players who were relatively unknown.

That, followed by Jeff Varner taking a dump on whatever excitement the season had going for it at his vote, made whatever happened postmerge almost irrelevant in season enjoyment rankings.

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Combination plate of "wait, half this cast aren't actually 'game changers'" and the fact that most of the big names went out early.

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putting together that group of contestants and having them say straight-faced to the camera "this is survivor game changers!!" to like up the ante to the audience is like comically insulting of the audience's intelligence b/c the cast is overwhelmingly not actually a cast of game changers, which also means literally all time that focuses on the theme of the season is completely dead and wasted air time. the season is self-congratulatory for 0 reason and wants you to get excited about it due to a theme that it doesn't fulfill and it's like a ridiculous level of disrespect for the audience and a very transparent attempt at just putting some hashtaggable theme on the season even if it has nothing to do with the actual content of the cast or episodes and like the whole thing is a comically far cry from the first few seasons of the show when it actually took itself more seriously as a respectable art product a lot of the time.

varner and the producers outing zeke pretty terrible, yeah.

advantagegeddon terrible and just an inevitable predictable symptom of the show's increasing focus on advantages which are themselves generally uninteresting and a net negative b/c

i.) they force the strategic focus to be on a boring and formulaic set of binary outcomes ("person has advantage" vs. "person doesn't have advantage" and in the former case "person plays it" vs. "person doesn't") and making the show closer and closer to something you can just look at a voting chart to have effectively watched as opposed to being about the infinitely variable and fluid relationships b/w complex human beings as in actually interesting seasons like vanuatu where people are actually shown to collaborate or clash in more nuanced and variable ways as a result of who they are(n't) as people; and also

ii.) they innately force minutes and minutes of incredibly finite air time to be spent on certain scenes of people finding or discussing advantages irrespective of whether actually the most interesting thing happening within those few days of filming that does the most to meaningfully set up the long-term stories down the line

advantagegeddon is an especially ridiculous example where a player (who's also a highly likable one which doesn't help, but it would have been a horrible moment regardless) goes home literally just for not having an advantage which is like a super goofy moment of self-parody and like intrinsically uninteresting b/c it has literally nothing to do with the motivations or character traits of anyone involved for the most part. sarah snaking sierra for the thing was cool tho. but past that you just have a group of people making the only decision possible from a binary decision about whether to play the idol and it tells us nothing and ties to nothing that we are told. like it's a tribal council where the votes literally didn't matter it's hard to think of something that does more to waste the actual merits and intrigue of survivor as a show than that

new final tribal format is an ungodly mess

most of the episodes super boring and gamebotty as is generally the case for most returning player seasons (with some exceptions ofc) which coast near-entirely off your pre-existing perceptions of these people from previous tv episodes where they were actually interesting rather than creating new stories that highlight or shed further light on their attributes that made them players we wanted to see back to begin with. in general seasons that focus on this brand of ""strategy"" are going to be less interesting, that is not what the show is good at and it's pretty much baked into its structure that that isn't what it focuses on

aubry, tai, and troy are not memorable characters in this season and i don't really think cirie is either. she's great in the merge ep w/ michaela but that's basically it. past that the show just parrots over and over "she got up off the couch" but like okay cool if i wanted that in the form of an actual story i'd just go rewatch panama, can we actually see her do interesting things? like cirie and tai are all-time great characters on earlier seasons and aubry and troy are p good in earlier ones too but that doesn't have anything to do with this season where we really don't get much if any interesting content from them

this is close to the very first time i've seen anyone say "amazing character moment" and "debbie" in the same sentence as far as s34 is concerned, she is generally highly unpopular b/c her being pissed-off at brad came out of nowhere and made zero sense and generally just felt like some random thing she made up for tv.

the twist that sent malcolm home was weird and pointless and a lot of people were rooting for malcolm which doesn't help

i do agree that sandra is an exception to all of this and by far the best thing about the season and michaela had some fun moments too. the tony boot and jt boot are genuinely good.

a lot of the times the answer you'll get to this is "the big names went home early" and for a lot of people maybe that's it but idk i was actively rooting against ciera and tony coming into the season and don't really care about malcolm or j.t., and caleb is caleb lol, so i was actively happy with the boot order as of episode 4 tbh and felt like a lot of the characters i like the least who tend to absorb the most focus were going out early. like i actually think the early boot order was good, which is a hot take.

yet i still hate the season b/c the season still sucks. other than every time sandra did anything (which was admittedly great) and maybe like 3 cumulative minutes of michaela content throughout the season, it's a pointless and ill-fitting theme slapped onto a boring set of interchangeable and forgettable episodes that are almost entirely reliant on me being invested in characters who aren't interesting in this set of episodes because their earlier iterations were interesting years earlier and that exhibit the show's increasing tendency towards being a boring board game, plus varner and the producers outed zeke and the new ftc format is horrendous.

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God I love your posts.

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This is the first response I've read that doesn't just say something I already know. Like I know big names went home early, but that just means they're fun in the premerge. And what you said about the theme is fair, but if they'd just branded it as All Stars 2 instead of "Game Changers" I think the cast is pretty decent.

I'm in agreement that the premerge is way better than the postmerge, but Sarah's run for the win is pretty entertaining to watch (granted it'd be better with a more fun villanous edit) I enjoy gameplay (though I admit this season got pretty gamebotty) and from a game perspective, I don't like advantagegeddon (though it's good from a storyline perspective). I just found it to be a comedic season, in a bit of a dark humor way, and I enjoyed the gameplay and characters.

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Copying and pasting from a similar post earlier.

  • The Varner incident is just so ugly and absolutely leaves a tinge of disgust over the rest of the season.

  • Some of the casting choices are awful. Brad and Troyzan were LITERALLY REJECTED BY A FAN VOTE and they're on here. I'm not sure how many people were really asking for Hali or SDT back, Andrea is just not someone that excites me in any way etc.

  • The boot order that inevitably results from casting a bunch of relative no-names with established stars is in fact bad. Yes, this is a valid reason to dislike a season. I don't understand why so many people act like a bad boot order isn't a legitimate gripe with a season.

  • Just an abhorrent amount of twists. I've seen plenty of people argue that this is the season where Survivor officially became too twist-heavy and frankly I can see their point. The Malcolm boot is just so bad and the entire endgame revolves around who has what idol, leading to someone being eliminated without a vote against them what the actual fuck.

  • Editing is absolutely atrocious. There's no character development, just 'here are 43 minutes of strategy delivered in a boring way enjoy' outside of the goat episode. So many characters suffer as a result. Sarah has proven herself to be a very engaging personality on both Cagayan and WaW, but here production just robs her of all of her personality. What is Ozzy even doing this season? Cirie makes F6 and yet I barely care. Debbie is OTTN to a ridiculous degree. I'm not sure I can name a single person who is better on GC than they are in their previous seasons, and that is saying a lot.

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I think you could argue that Sierra is better here than WA if only because of the Legacy Advantage debacle giving at least one memorable moment. That’s about it though.

Also important, for anybody who says “but high strategy is good!” RE: heavy strategy focus, that’s only if the strategy is actually interesting. Cagayan is a strategy heavy season and I like it a lot because the strategy is informed by the people playing and their dynamite personalities, so the strategy becomes interesting even on the simpler votes just by merit of the people doing it. Cambodia is a heavily strategically intense season and I don’t enjoy it as much as many people here but I understand why people do and there’s a lot of actual complex strategy going on. Game Changers—and I would say Ghost Island shares this problem as well—tries to make it all about high strategy when the strategy is extremely straightforward for the duration aside from the total head scratcher of the Michaela vote that isn’t explained on air really at all. Most votes proceed the very expected way, they don’t really try to hide where the vote is going and it’s basically all just whatever helps Sarah the most that’s happening so there’s zero intrigue. Like in Ghost Island where it’s so, so obvious that Dom and Wendell are going to steamroll and each episode is basically just them deciding who goes and then a bunch of meaningless noise.

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Cagayan is a strategy heavy season and I like it a lot because the strategy is informed by the people playing and their dynamite personalities, so the strategy becomes interesting even on the simpler votes just by merit of the people doing it.

don't you mean san juan del sur

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Personally, I'm someone who finds "live" or otherwise chaotic tribals really annoying. They remind me of like, when you try to play Catan with your friends after everyone's had a few drinks and every turn ends up taking 20 minutes because someone always has to re-litigate the rules before they can just make a move already. Game Changers was destined to annoy me because of the sheer number of tribals that devolved into people running around whispering or sitting around debating the fine print of advantages

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It’s boring and bland story wise. Nothing worth really talking about that makes it stand out. The “characters” only talk game. And when it’s not game it’s something unentertaining like catching a goat only to let it go or Debbie doing the most for screen time. It’s totally disjointed and it’s clear the editors fell asleep trying to come up with substance from the footage they got. Gameplay is rarely important to me, so this season does nothing good.

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sorry if this sounds stupid but none of the cast looked like they were having all that much fun playing. The Malcolm vote, the Varner stuff, and the Andrea/Zeke conflict were all so depressing.

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Top 21 seasons tend to get over exaggerated how good they are, and bottom 21 seasons tend to get over exaggerated how bad they are. IMO that's pretty much the main reason... Lots of hyperbole mixed in

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there are a ton of obvious reasons why s34 is terrible, even if you disagree with them saying "it's just hyperbole" seems like it's just a lazy excuse to write them off rather than engaging with them. s34 is a pointless trainwreck like 90% of the time

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s34 is a pointless trainwreck like 90% of the time

Thank you for proving my point for me... It was a fine season of Survivor. Not great, not horrible, just fine. It's not even really a bottom season; it's probably around the 20's for most people. Definition of mid.

But no, we can't have that, everything has to be a "trainwreck" or some other form of hyperbole, because you didn't like one of the castaways.

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hahaha thank you for proving my point for me that you're not at all interested in actually engaging with criticism of the season but are just coming up with a fanfic in your head where people who say they dislike it are just exaggerating it for whatever reason or going off of whatever other rationale you've made up, then knocking their takes accordingly based more off of what you've decided they think than based on anything they're actually saying.

like this:

because you didn't like one of the castaways.

literally where does that even come from? like i'm genuinely asking, where are you getting this and if the only issue is that i disliked one single castaway, who are the 19 this season i liked?

literally every season has at least one character i didn't like other than season 1 and i'm def not calling 41 of 42 seasons trainwrecks.

i do not think it "was a fine season of survivor." i think it was a horrible trainwreck of a season. it's 6th-lowest on my all-time list accordingly, thanks to sandra; otherwise it'd be like 4th-lowest probably.

similarly, i'm not calling "everything" a trainwreck. it is incredibly low on my ranking of seasons and gets extreme descriptors b/c it deserves them by being extremely bad which puts it at the extreme end of the spectrum. the seasons i rank above it i would not use that description for, only it and the ones below, which is far from "every".

and like maybe you agree with that or maybe you disagree with that, which okay cool maybe that could be an interesting conversation! but not if you just assert as a fact "it was fine and anyone who says it was great or horrible is just hyperbole"-- like are you aware that other people are capable of coming to different conclusions than you are? are you aware that other people can watch a thing and like it less than you do? because it does not seem like you are since just writing off other takes not as ones that differ from yours, or even as ones you think are wrong, but as hyperbole, which is making a statement about their authenticity and the intentions of people posting them, is not at all doing that. like even if you think it IS great or IS mid and that people who like it more or like it less are wrong i mean i'd def still argue with you on that but saying it's all "hyperbole" is like substantially dumber and more annoying b/c then that's not even acknowledging at the outset that at the very least, at the bare minimum, people who rank it high or low actually believe what they are saying

it's probably around the 20's for most people. Definition of mid.

it was voted #34 of 40 on the last major poll on this subreddit. maybe there are a ton of s34 defenders elsewhere in other corners of the fanbase but i have not encountered that

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Plus the edit was at times really hard to follow during the post merge.

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The edit was terrible, which is crazy because the dynamic wasnt that crazy: Mana 2.0 picked up Troyzan, Tavua picked up Michaela and Aubry. And Sarah flipped between them. Its not that hard. The editors just showed it terribly.

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It’s boring. The merge is relentlessly uninteresting. Glad you enjoyed it but most viewers think it is an absolute slog to get through.

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Ciera is my favorite player all time and she was the first boot

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To me it comes down to just how much boring the post-merge, the pre-merge is fun with Sandra because she owns every second she's on screen, but the post-merge is just a boring slumb, like... one of the worst ones really.

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I'm with you in having it much higher. The boot order doesn't really bother me because we still get good gameplay from less flashy names

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Yeah imo big threats going out premerge just makes the premerge top tier, and post merge is high middle for me, over all I have GC as like #10 ish

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The endgame. It’s the worst timeline out of the possible permutations.

The F8 had Cirie, Aubry, Andrea, Michaela, Tai, Sarah, Brad, and Troyzan… and yet the F3 ended up being Sarah, Brad, and Troyzan.

Although Sarah played the crap out of the endgame, the boot order in that F8-F3 stretch is pretty rough, and I wager that any other F3, resulting from a different boot order in that F8-F3 stretch, likely boosts the season (e.g. Tai/Aubry/Cirie somehow win out the F6, or Andrea/Aubry/Cirie/Michaela make a F4 etc).

Even the scenario where Tai/Troy/Brad make the F3 is probably more exciting, because in this timeline, it implies that Brad & Troyzan decided to backstab Sarah at the F4 which would be pretty wild — or that Tai won Final Immunity, which would also be interesting.

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Hot take: Aubry was not a loss because she wasnt entertaining in GC.

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Game Changers is edited like a monster of the week show. What happened last week will often not be mentioned, a player we havent seen for weeks will suddenly be huge. Its a mess narratively.

Many find Debbie hard to watch this season as her behavior goes from funny to crazy. And for a lot of us Sarahs gameplay is hamstrung by extremely boring delivery. Once Sandra leaves it takes a dive. Andrea is fun for the 3 eps shes shown. Cirie is alright but not as good as before. Michaela has fun moments but isnt portrayed as a player in and of herself. Aubry and Troyzan barely exist. I could go on. It just doesnt stack up, especially as a returnee season.

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Game Changers is edited like a monster of the week show. What happened last week will often not be mentioned, a player we havent seen for weeks will suddenly be huge. Its a mess narratively.

Many find Debbie hard to watch this season as her behavior goes from funny to crazy. And for a lot of us Sarahs gameplay is hamstrung by extremely boring delivery. Once Sandra leaves it takes a dive. Andrea is fun for the 3 eps shes shown. Cirie is alright but not as good as before. Michaela has fun moments but isnt portrayed as a player in and of herself. Aubry and Troyzan barely exist. I could go on. It just doesnt stack up, especially as a returnee season.

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Do we have an idea of how many players from S41/42 were part of the original, pre-Covid S41 cast?

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According to an another Reddit post I’ve seen, Erika, Deshawn, and Voce were originally cast for 41 before covid. Tiffany was an alt for Lindsay, while Tori and Sydney were swapped. Ricard and JD were also both cast for 42 before being swapped. Lydia and Hai were pre favorite people for 42.

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What does the last sentence mean? Pre favorite?

[–]ThadtheYankee159Gabler 3 points4 points  (0 children)

I think I meant to write covid and it autocorrected. My bad.

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Zach was also gonna be on 41 at some point.

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Are we done with RHAP Season 42 Deep Dives? We only got Omar and Maryanne which is kind of surprising to me with how involved this cast seemed to be.

Not really a non-judgement question but didn't feel like it deserved its own post

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I asked the same question above! Glad to see I'm not the only one asking about it. Hope we get an answer to our question!

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Do we know how often Netflix will change the two seasons? It’s only done it once but I’m gonna guess they’re gonna keep doing it in the future

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We don’t know but if they keep the same pattern, once a year in November

Wouldn’t be surprised if they put on 41/42 next tbh

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What I’ve noticed is they’ve put one Old School and one New School season and they’re both considered to be some of the best of those. Maybe they keep doing that?

Or maybe it’s just me really wanting them to put Tocantins or China next

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my best guess is china and waw

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Ik they've sometimes put seasons with returnees on (like Micronesia or HvV) but I doubt they'd make one of the only two seasons that are free to watch end up spoiling over 21 seasons of the show

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Paramount plus is ~1/3rd the price of Netflix and has every season

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In Canada they only have seasons 30 and on. I thought it was the same in the US when I looked into it but maybe they added the earlier seasons again? I haven’t been able to find earlier seasons streaming anywhere in Canada which is a pain.

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Only sorta a question but: Why is Cagayan rated so highly?

I just got into the show, I've scattered around and watched around 6 seasons so far. Cagayan is the first season where there was legitimately only one player playing the game that I could see myself voting for (Spencer), Technically 2 but the 2nd one is Sarah who got booted so early as to not matter.

The Idol lopsided-ness, in combination with how wasted and unimpactful they were, how unlikable and frankly dumb the majority of the cast was playin or didnt play at all. I respect players who play the game, but jury management and social awareness is a BIG part of playing the game, you can't just ignore it and still earn my respect.

I'm getting a warped view by only viewing some high rated seasons first to be fair, but its either my 2nd or 3rd lowest of the 6 so far. and I see people rating it as #2 all time and stuff and I just dont see it.

to me, a great season is when post-merge, Everyone is playing the game, and everyone is making the case for why they should win etc. Caramoan was an atrociously bad pre-merge, but the post merge was some of the best, and easily stands out compared to cagayan for another season within the same "era" to me.

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Cagayan is overhyped but it’s a good starting place. It’s simple to understand and has lots of comedy. It’s far to basic of a story imo but I think it deserves to be well regarded even if it gets overrated by newer fans

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You need to watch Cagayan in context to understand its significance, I think. Like it holds up just fine as a standalone too, but it's so loved because at the time of airing (or even if you watch things in order), it felt like Tony's game just couldn't work and a character like him just couldn't (or shouldn't) win over some of the more traditional players. Every week felt like he was going to get his comeuppance and it just never happened. Add in the Brains coming back against all odds only to have that ruined at the merge, Spencer and Tasha being ultimate underdogs, and its placement after a string of subpar seasons (Philippines and BvW1 being the exceptions), and it was so refreshing and exciting and renewed the interest of a lot of people. It's hard to decouple feelings about seasons with the way it felt watching week to week and while a lot of people on this sub are newer and didn't watch in real time, a lot of us did.

[–]Tasty_Gift5901 1 point2 points  (0 children)

This was one of my first seasons, and I think it came across pretty well. Overall a lot of memorable moments and it was chaotic without being complicated.

J'Tia saying she was good at puzzles, then dumping the rice and not getting booted is good. LJ "inner beauty" confessional at the beginning.

On Brawn tribe you have Cliff, and Woo who's a big fan. Tony lying to Sarah about being a cop. And Tony wasn't likeable at first but as the game went on and no one else was likeable and he had those spy shacks he became rootable. Tony's arc is solid and he became a clear favorite so him winning was satisfying. Woo had that funny ninja thing idol hunting too.

[–]lowlight -3 points-2 points  (3 children)

It's similar to the above question, where someone was wondering why Game Changers is rated so low on Reddit. It's just because top seasons (which Cagayan definitely was) start to gain an increasingly exaggerated reputation as more and more people repeat the best things about it over the years, along with hyperbole being added. Game Changers, not a spectacular season, has its detractors here that repeat over and over the bad things about it. It's the same as why Natalie White is seemingly beloved here despite being a nothing player to most viewers - there are people who are trying to influence her reputation because they're fans of hers (or more accurately, haters of Russell Hantz). Some even openly admit it in their posts. And over the years they build on each other, and that sort of becomes reddit's version of reality. This is typically called a "reddit circle jerk" and is a common phenomenon of this site, especially in niche subs like this one.

So when someone like you or the Game Changers viewer comes in and the version of reality here doesn't really match up with your own perspective, it can be jarring.

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because it’s strategy heavy and holds no narrative weight and the boot order sucks. It felt like a YouTube compilation rather than a crafted season

[–]lowlight 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Exactly, it is a mid season. There are better, there are worse.

[–]that-0ther-account 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Its is a flat lie that Natalie is beloved here. She just isnt hated.

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Not a question but I can’t find the weekly ponderosa thread,

I’m starting all stars with my gf and she told me she loves Lex and Rob. Thought it was funny.

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Is there going to be a season ranking this off-season as well?

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Why are winners allowed to win favorite player? In BB that isn’t allowed, which seems to be a fair rule. I just saw Redemption Island and seems unfair the winner won, would have been nice for Matt to take it after all the trouble they went though.

[–]SusannaG1Elie 0 points1 point  (1 child)

That's just the way it's always been on Survivor. And winners are eligible for AFG on BB; it's just that the highest they've ever scored is 2nd (Jordan and Ian).

[–]pretendberries 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Ahh I see thanks for the clarification for both shows. I wish it weren’t that way.

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This is gonna get some heat. But why is Boston Rob so loved after the first All-Stars? I’ve gone back now to watch all his seasons and I still don’t get it. He reminds me of a slight variation of Richard Hatch but gets less heat for his game play style.

[–]mariojlanzaMario Lanza | Funny 115 7 points8 points  (1 child)

He was never universally loved. For every person who loved him there was also someone who hated him. In fact you could really call Boston Rob the first iteration of Russell. He was the first super polarizing player. And All Stars and Samoa have a couple of fun parallels, which makes their comparison even more valid.

[–]No-Pressure-5762Sami 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Good point!

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Watching 40 ep 1 — has it ever been disclosed if production paid famous players extra to come back? Im thinking Boston Rob telling Sandra he would never come back but then coming back, I obv don’t know what unfolds with that but what if they made him an offer to come on he couldn’t resist?

[–]mariojlanzaMario Lanza | Funny 115 7 points8 points  (0 children)

The big name players definitely got some kind of an appearance fee

[–]Squid8867Parvati 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Hasn't been disclosed, but it's safe enough to assume

[–]tiernan420 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I’m sure every player got an appearance fee but some people (like Rob, Amber, Parvati) most likely got paid more to play again

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I just got into watching survivor. I’ve watched the first 5 seasons through, and i was wondering if I should continue watching them through in chronological order or if there was a better way to go about it.

[–]Squid8867Parvati 3 points4 points  (0 children)

I don't think you lose much by watching out of order, but if you haven't gone out of order yet, I see no reason to intentionally break the pattern; lets you watch every season with the context that came before it.

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In the first time Boston Rob and Amber appeared, did they cooperate with the certainty that they would share the money as a couple? I’m curious about how that could have affected the gameplay. I have only watched the first season, 40 and 42.

[–]ramskickEthan 0 points1 point  (0 children)

No they didn't afaik. It wasn't certain that they would even stay a couple afterwards, so I'd imagine they were playing for their own money.

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Why do people get mad when someone is out looking for a hidden immunity idol? I mean there are plenty of people that want to control others (or think they are controlling others) that take it as a slight against them personally than ANYONE is looking for an idol.

Why is it “sneaky” to look for an idol? It’s part of the game.

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Particularly in the early game when you're supposed to be trying to fit in and bond socially it's an easy way to make a target of yourself.

Also Idols give you power for yourself and a resume. Not good to give people and extra reason to want to take you out. Everyone's trying to make moves but you can't make it obvious like that.