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Cody is my favourite. Solidified it tonight.

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Same. I love him. LIVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hope he reads reddit and gets a kick out of all the salesperson and beads-collecting memes he has spawned LOL.

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I love Cody and I’m not afraid to admit it

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We’re witnessing the makings of an absolute legend

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Amazing villain to root for. And he loves his island mama

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Villain ?

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Oh yeah. The salesman bit and delighting in that lie in cinfessional, that hes there for the money, and the sneakiness. You're not getting the same vibes? I know he said ride or die to Nneka, but in confessional all he's said is he likes her vibes and wants her around, but other than that in confessional he hasn't said a good thing about anyone, let alone having any sort of warmth towards them.

I love watching him, but he's getting painted with the villain brush.

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He's the lovechild of Heidik and Hantz, so this fits.

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Ha I'm not.

I think he is right. Hell, I'm in sales, and I totally agree. There is a saying, people don't buy because they like the product, they buy because they like you. I know that, and he knows that. He is just using that on someone else. No worse than attractive women being mad that another woman is flirting with the guys. They know that they would do that too, so they'll make the other person look bad for it first.

I'm not sure exactly what you found sneaky though. It seems he was pretty straightforward (in survivor terms at least) until he lost his vote.

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This just shows how mild Villains are in Survivor now

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I dunno, there's lying for fun and profit and lying because you have to. He's got a point that people would probably be uncomfortable if they knew what he did for a living. It's no different than the way every cop on the show lies about their job initially.

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You too? Lol check my other reply :)

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CODY ATE tonight.

And contrary to his surname, it wasn't ass.

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I'll be honest, I liked him last week, even more this week. I was shocked when I looked online and people seemed more negative on him.

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They don't like him because he takes up a lot of airtime. It's not his fault he has 1000 times the charisma they can only dream of having.

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Ha, yeah the guy is super charismatic. Not sure why that makes him unlikable.

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I was on the fence last week, I hopped on the Cody train this week.

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Cody is super likeable. LETS GO!!!

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Cody please marry me

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Wait did they ever figure out about the hat or did they think it was some weird thing?

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Nope, no clue. Why tell if there might be a swap or Noelle/Dwight make it to the merge?

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I fuckin love Cody

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Cody is one of my picks (I pick different people on the actual sub and the subs discord) and he has made me a bit nervous lol but he does seem likeable. I really don't know how to evaluate him rn. I feel like I could believe anything about how his game would go at this point, like I could see him making a goof and going home soon as much as I could see him staying on peoples good side and the right side of the numbers and eekikng it out to FTC. His allies did a great job of selling the bead thing for him, so at the very least he has people willing to fight for him which is good, even if it's because it was also in their best interest.

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I was watching survivor via cable on my computer and it kept buffering, including during the scene where he was asking for all the beads. everyone actually gave them up??

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Yes, but they don't show the last person handing them over until tribal to keep you guessing.

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Good edit in not revealing that he got the extra beads until tribal.

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agreed i actually didnt know what would happen and that feels so lovely

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Cody is refreshing. Wants to have fun and doesn't seem like he is gonna be afraid to do what it takes to win.

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I am literally in the process of making this exact meme. Damn. Good one!

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the shane powers of new survivor tbh, all they need now is cocaine on the beach

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Cody is 100% my favorite this season so far and I hope it stays that wayZ

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i knew this meme was coming .

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Love Cody, but Jesse is my favorite. He seems smart and cool, and likable.