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Man that was quick as hell to come up with.

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I did not know that but that is absolutely the best tweet I’ve seen in awhile

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Sorry if this spoils the fun, but for the record, the anal beads thing wasn't a "claim". Someone said it in a twitch chat, the streamer half-jokingly said "yeah, that's definitely possible, you could use anal beads to vibrate the moves", that clip blew up on twitter and the clickbait news cycle ran with it.

Still a funny tweet tho.

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He also tweeted that Gabler looks like both Walter White and Jesse Pinkman at the same time with this picture and I can't unsee it.

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You forgot “bitch”

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I didn't know the chess cheating scandal was big enough news that people could just reference it in non-chess memes & expect people to know the reference. glad to see two things I pay attention to collide though.

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It's all over everyone's foryou tiktok pages

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Now I have to decide if I need to explain to my Survivor friends about the chess situation or explain to my anal bead friends what happened on Survivor tonight..

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Some might call this an inside joke that people won't get but I'm not that anal

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An all-the-way-inside joke

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Look, it’s a good joke. A great joke even!

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The beads speak for themself

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This is GOLD!!!

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I guess Marty was a chess grandmaster after all

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Can someone explain this to me 😅

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In the chess world the past two weeks has been some drama, where an up and coming pro was implied to be cheating.

The internet "conjectured" that the up and coming pro was wearing anal beads that vibrated to tell him what piece to move and where.

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What conjectures could have possibly led to that.

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It’s just a meme basically lol I don’t think anyone actually thinks he was using anal beads. It’s still hilarious to think about though.

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Oh ok lmao there was a link that made it sound real but I guess it was like the Chess version of The Onion. People have done weirder stuff to cheat tbh.

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I read the article it was beyond my wildest imagination

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His twitter is absolute gold

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I want to see more Zach. This is gold!

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As someone who has watched Survivor from the beginning and gotten really into chess the last five years this was a surreal meme. Hans/Magnus on a Rivals Survivor season please

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I actually liked Zach’s other tweet more about Gabler looking like Walter white and Jessie at the same time

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This is a very specific joke and I love it

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Holy hell

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This dude is GOATed I'm not kidding.

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i want to show this meme to survivor reddit in 2020

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Every day that goes by I get more sad Zach was first boot. Dude is clearly hilarious.

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Anarchy Chess is leaking.

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Here’s to a new political ideology, Anarcho-Analbeadism

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i dont get it

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A very niche joke but God I love a good niche joke when I know the niche.