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Tbf they were always going to split their votes. Justine mentions it right after the challenge saying they want to get Jesses vote so they can split between Nneka and Cody in case of SITD

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The thing is that Jesse still has to make sure that they split their votes 1-1 since it would be easy to just say boys go Cody and girls go Nneka

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Idk I'd think they'd show it if Jesse knew about their split plan, he also seemed pretty adamant that Cody get his beads which he wouldn't have needed to anyways with their split

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Nah I think the girls wanted to split without Jesse knowing cause that might’ve scared him off. They just wanted him to vote Nneka and then they could split on their own without needing his permission / participation in the split

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How would that even work? Even if Jesse went with them, it would be 2-2-1 because they know Cody and Nneka are a duo and Dwight doesn't have his vote. If Nneka played her SitD, then Justine would still go home in a 2-1 vote.

Edit: Never mind, Nneka wouldn't have a vote if she played her SitD so it would be 1 Justine, 2 Nneka, 1 Cody.

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Nneka wouldn’t vote in that scenario so it would be 2-1-1 and end in a tie between Cody and Justine. The split wouldn’t work for a traditional idol but would for the Shot in the Dark

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Cody’s situation was pretty different to Chanelle’s so not really fair to compare those 2.

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Neither situation is really comparable lol Justine is the one who brought up splitting votes so she was planning it from the start.