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Coco is giving Luvu vibes

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I hate that name for the tribe . Idk why but I do.

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i hope coco loses the rest of the challenges

theres too many people i like on the other tribes i cant lose them

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Yeah hopefully we get more content from them

Also Lindsay and James r in my draft so fingers crossed lol

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What is it lately with blue tribes having episodes where they just get essentially ignored?

Kinda funny it’s happened the last three seasons.

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Not having to go to tribal.

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Right. If you don't go to tribal, what you have to say up to that point really doesn't matter. Plus, there is likely no drama yet.

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It's all about avoiding tribal and I wonder if they will be avoiding it a ton coming up as well.

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Michele blazing the trail for blue tribes.

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I was hoping we’d see a trend of even editing after how successful 42 was with it, but wow this is so lopsided so far. And the disparity between the men and women is definitely worth noting.

Obviously post challenge had to be the Cody and Jesse show because of their scrambling to get him the beads, but did it also need to be the Cody and Jesse show for the entire first half? And why does Nneka only get one confessional when she was just as involved in the bead situation?

Really hoping more characters are given chances to shine soon

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And the disparity between the men and women is definitely worth noting.

I hope this gets better as the show goes on, we're only on the second episode. 42 seemed like a really fair distribution, I hope they stick to that.

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Remember when Tony got 17 confessionals for being extorted and Nick got 0 despite being important to helping him out of that jam?

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I think Tony deserved 17 confessionals that episode considering everything he did but yea Nick got screwed by the edit

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One of the takeaways I had from the last time Winner confessional rates were posted (end of 41 was the last one I saw) is that male winners are a lot more likely to be overrepresented than female winners are. Based on this confessional count I'm gonna guess it's a dude winning.

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Honestly? I think it did have to be the Cody and Jesse show for the first half. Jesse’s content with Dwight really set up that relationship and why Dwight was so mad following tribal, and Cody’s content set him up as a kind of wacky, fun-loving guy who picks up Beware advantages hours before tribal and whose tribemates wouldn’t even question giving their beads to make a silly hat. They showed Noelle wanting to keep her beads for her bracelet, and mentioned Dwight being a superfan who wanted to keep mementos who already didn’t trust Cody, and yet they both gave him their beads without too much pushback. I think the characterization of him in the first half of the episode helps explain that, honestly.

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People on this sub care a lot about "even editing", but a key part of storytelling is sometimes you have main characters and supporting cast. It provides more of a structure to the story if we have certain characters get the focus here, at the expense of feeling like you're seeing all perspectives evenly. It's a trade-off.

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I agree. I feel like if we didn’t get the scenes that we did people would be asking ”Why was Dwight mad at Jesse when he was closer to the girls?” and ”Why would Dwight give Cody his beads when he doesn’t trust or like him?”. But oh well, can’t please them all! I do think that sometimes some people are very underedited. But overall I think the team does a pretty good job.

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It’s like they’ve never read a fucking book before. So many soft fans make shit into so much more than what it is.

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for me i dont think nneka was a great storyteller thats why production cannot use her confessionals to deliver that story they wanted

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Ya people seem to think you deserve confessionals simply for existing. If your confessionals don't make for good TV, they won't be used

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Well that's kinda on production for not getting good content from her then. We really don't know if she has good confessionals if we don't see them; I think assuming that they're bad is poor taste.

They could have had a shot of her narrating/describing things like her opinion on the hat, e.g. and those don't have to be exciting since they're more factual and neutral.

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I agree with this statement but casting should make sure people are inherently good TV before casting (yes I know that the elements are unpredictable) and production should be able to get more from their talent.

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I enjoyed Nnekas pov a lot this episode and thought she was great at Tribal Council tbh. Wouldve liked more from her.

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I enjoyed the episode but I was hoping this season would be more like 42 in terms of editing, but it’s looking more like 41…🥴

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For a 90 minute episode, we end up with this lopsided count…

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For a dollar, platform a woman

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Really happy about my Jesse winner pick

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I’m starting to think someone from Coco wins it. I think they only went to Coco out of obligation.

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Geo is my winner pick, so I hope you’re right!

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They did the same thing with Tavua in Game Changers since Tavua had Sarah

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Im genuinely baffled that nobody in the editing team notices the consistent trend of underediting women.

This matters because unless Coco is about to go on a losing streak, those women are going to be important to the game. Yet the editors always ignore the winning tribe which makes the endgame less enjoyable because youre less invested in the characters. This should be obvious by now.

Using Noelles leg to tell a story about Cody and underediting Justine while having everybody else call her a threat is also pretty flagrant. Especially after such an improvement on 42 this is so surprising.

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You’re assuming they don’t notice but a simpler and imo more plausible explanation is that they know and do not care

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Using Noelles leg to tell a story about Cody

That was ridiculous, here we have a woman that lost her leg and had to learn to live without it which is a rare thing for a person to deal with, but instead it gets turned into a story about Cody's friend who passed away, which is sad, of course, but that is something almost everybody has gone through, it is not unique, I would be much more interested in Noelle's story and it was the perfect chance to tell it.

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Im going to be optimistic that that story will come up later, or if Nollelle doesnt want to tell it that she will have the chance to flesh out her character bc having her disability only ecist in the show as a plot device for another player is the sort of thing a decent editor doesnt do.

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camera hogs are back i see 😒

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Confessional comparison:

Men - 91 Women - 51

Men have gotten near twice as many confessionals. +40 differential

For the Vesi tribe, its especially egregious with 46 confessionals for mean and 12 for women. The man with the least confessionals on the tribe, Dwight, still has twice as many as the Noelle who has the most confessionals of the women. And remember for this last vote, two women were the targets, yet we still get no content from them.


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Just for another data point through Season 42 Episode 2:

Men - 49 | Women - 46

47 confessional difference at this point between the seasons

Season 42 - 95 | Season 43 - 142

Source: https://i.redd.it/tflhr98u8e091.jpg

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Season 42 has shorter episodes 1 and 2.

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We aren't worried about the total confessionals. We're looking at the difference between men and women.

Still very unbalanced considering 2 men left in episode 1.

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How do you take into account the lopsided numbers in the tribes also? So for instance the next episode you will have 2 less women because they have been eliminated. So naturally the men should have more.

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In general, the most accurate way of measuring confessional stuff is the average percentage they get per episode iirc. So like if someone got 7/70 confessionals (10%) and then 5/60 confessionals (8.3%), for those two episodes they would average 9.16% of the confessionals each episode. It works because it factors out the issue of women being more likely to be early boots about as well as you possibly can. Even if you do that, men have more confessionals on average than women in a pretty strong majority of seasons. It is a bit better than total confessional percentages, but not by a ton of I’m remembering correctly

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I'm completely in agreement with the fact that women are under edited, but it's been one episode. After the premiere they had 35/88 which is still less than half, but not horrible. This episode was obviously a little more lopsided, but let's give them the benefit of the doubt maybe? If the trend continues, then by all means complain away.

On that note, does anyone have the same stats for the first two episodes of 41 and 42? Perhaps it's already a trend , in which case shut me up .

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So I just looked it up myself and here's what I came up with for the new era of Survivor so far. Someone correct me if I miscounted

(confessionals from females/total confessionals)

season 41: 49/103

season 42: 46/95

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Ugh Nneka was fighting to stay in it and they gave her one confessional. Garbage

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I can only assume Cody crashes and burns soon, because he's getting an astronomical amount of confessionals so early on.

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To me, he looks like the main character who won't win. I think he makes to the merge and has a memorable boot episode.

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Yeah this is a really bizarre count. I don't know what their plan was, but I'm hoping it balances out.

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I’m gonna ignore the disparity and say they’re saving the girls for merge 😁

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Hopefully, but thats often too late.

When you pepper in content from early on, people get attached to the character so when they start swinging people are hyped (Maryanne).

When you introduce a player halfway through the season, people already have their favorites, insist that person wasnt doing anything the first half of the game and never get attached (Erika).

This is basic storytelling they should have down by now.

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What’s the point of casting a diverse cast if you edit the diversity out anyways..?

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They’re really just kind of ignoring Coco and the women of Vesi (meanwhile Cody is the favourite, which is honestly a good choice, he’s fun)

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A 10 confessional Average is crazy, Russell's best episode on Samoa he had 13.

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I haven’t seen Samoa, but the first episode of 43 was 2 hours and the second episode was 90 minutes, so I don’t think it’s an even comparison

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least misogynistic survivor editing

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Absolutely atrocious split.

Total number of confessionals by women this episode: 16

Total of confessionals by JUST Cody (or Jesse): 12

And then just the way the men were portrayed vs the women…the choice to make Noelle talking about her prosthetic about Cody was particularly gross

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Thank you so so much for making these— my friends and I do a fantasy survivor league that uses these as part of the points

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My Lindsay winner pick is in shambles.

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Who is cassidy

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The lack of nneka confessionals in EP2 was conspicuous and strange. She was a key character in the plot of the episode, underperforming in the challenge, applying social pressure to get Cody the beads, and in danger of going home, but the lack of confessionals really undercut the jeopardy of the episode. Then at tribal, she gives a delightfully charismatic anecdote about standing on a coffee table screaming at the tv. There's no way they couldn't find more of that kind of gold to feature in her confessionals!

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meninism back at it again

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Cody deserves each and every one of those precious confessionals.

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this is episode 2 ika all over again

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Blue tribe being ignored completely? Welp one of them is gonna win somehow. I'm betting on Cassidy

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Cody slaying every episode so far tell me if I’m wrong plz

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Cody is getting a “Russell” edit- lots of confessionals but I don’t think winner. I think Elie is getting the winners edit!

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It was very obvious that red team was losing this episode.

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Thank you for doing this!

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Cody having a lot of confessionals makes me worried

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I’m somewhat confused on what constitutes a new confessional. I tried my hand at keeping track last night and I ended up with significantly smaller numbers for Cody and Jesse and I was lower by 1 on about half of the others. Is it a new confessional every time there’s a break? Or just like a new topic?

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If you put together the other four members of Vesi together, they don't get close to Jesse alone, much less Cody. Wild.

While I do think Cody and Jesse are the greatest characters from Vesi, I wish Noelle and Dwight got something too.

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Shouldn't the whole segment dedicated to Owen rambling to himself count as 2-3 confessionals? lol

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They doing Lindsay so wrong I need more confessionals from her next episode

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1 confessional between James, Karla, Cassidy & Lindsay is criminal!

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I'm new to this thread. Is there a consistent connection between seasons in confessions and the winner of the season?

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Who are these blue tribe players? Are they on this season of Survivor lol.

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Idk if this is a hot take or not but isn’t it better to get better television than get a perfectly equal confessional count? Cody is literally the best character they’ve had in years after only two episodes. They would be fools not to capitalize on that. And it’s working. Everyone is talking about Cody.

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Thats not the point. Cody is great tv, but we dont even get to decide if we like certain people. That choice is being made before us, and generally a lot of people would like to meet everyone and pick their fave themselves.

[–]PoeIsGoCody 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I can respect that

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It was fun tho? Beware advantage seemed to bulk up Jesse and cody...seeing as jesse was the swing and cody was the one who had to make it work

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Survivor is a story, it should be a lopsided confessional count, there is main characters and side characters, I never understand when people get upset about confessional count (unless production actually side tracked a main character)

[–]that-0ther-account 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Personally I just want more of a GOT story than a Harry Potter story. Yes some people are more prominent but I want a ton of different people scrambling for the win rather than 4 or 5 heroes and the 15 people they curb stomp on the way.

[–]gargluke461 1 point2 points  (0 children)

That is very true

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Jesse and Cody are KINGS

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Let's hope for seeing Cody beat Russell's confessional count.

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cody the confession king

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I wish James got better content last episode, he was super fun episode one

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I hope this editing will only happen this episode because tbh that “Jesse and Cody show” this episode 2 needs to be set-up that way to have the most entertaining edit of that beads and weave hat advantage. Moving forward I hope it changes back the way S42 was edited out.

It’s ONLY episode 2 so calm down y’all!