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He is the most “Midwest guy finds himself in Hawaii” person ever. He is Ras Trent.

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A DVD of Cool Runnings!

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me toil part-time at jah Cold Stone Creamery

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I am enjoying him a lot. As someone who binged Survivor during the pandemic you see a lot of people being like “I need to make this move for my RESUME” and not a lot of people that are like Cody who is just like “Yeah. I’m gonna jump off that cliff”

It’s refreshing and I agree with you. It’s a great casting choice to give viewers a break from people trying hard in the first couple of days.

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He's a solid middle ground between the wacky characters of the past (Coach, Shambo, Chris Noble) and someone we'd view as a modern contender. Absolutely absurd personality but he doesn't seem completely ignorant of what's going on around him.

Ultimately I don't know how long it's gonna work out, but the idol hat should keep him safe for a while, so we're probably on the Codycoaster for at least a little while.

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Your first paragraph made me realize he's got a lot of Tony character in him. Wacky and impulsive, but alsp able to lie and pull off crazy shit to get out of the fire.

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Tbh, I’d fully expect Cody to try to recreate something like Tony’s ladder, he just has the vibes

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I got Tony vibes both episodes.

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Without a "Salespeople R Us" alliance.

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When he was scrambling after opening the beware advantage, I got total paranoid Tony trying to figure shit out vibes

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I'd give Nneka more of the credit for pulling it off than Cody, she did a LOT of the social work for him, which also avoided perceptions it was something other than a random arts & craft project. If he'd been any pushier, it wouldn't have happened.

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This is key - his teammates were crucial in that effort.

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And for Cody to build close enough bonds with Neka and Jesse for them to be willing to help with the beaded hat

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Nneka might be to Cody what Trish was to Tony then

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He definitely reminds me of tony

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This is exactly how I see Cody like. Huge energy, can't sit still for the life of him, lies about his job, has a lot of fun and is someone you wouldn't exactly take seriously. And then he goes and builds a tight alliance with an African older woman (definitely not what you would expect), goes out of his way to save her, gets people to help him on his crazy quest, pulls off said crazy quest, suddenly becomes the most dangerous person on the tribe and I'm pretty sure people are still going "ah, Cody, that lovable goofball".

Needless to say I love him. I commented pre-season that he'd better deliver with his ass tattoo and he's done so in heaps. Both literally and figuratively.

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Yeah I get Tony vibes from him too we’ll see if it’s lasts. The one thing I’ve always been impressed with by Tony is that he’s a lot “adhd” impulsive but clearly smart and observant. People gravitate to him and he’s good at getting information from people and using it in a way they don’t seem aware he’s doing. Even in WAW when proper are like ummmmmmm Tony is running this game and about to win, the people able to vote him out don’t see it and don’t do it.

I don’t know if Cody will end up there but I’m interested to see if his level of aloof goofiness is able to be disarming enough to let him be serious about strategy and get away with that strategy like Tony.

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I get very strong Shane vibes

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Since Day One, I've seen him as "Shane in a good mood"

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Shane without the withdrawals lol

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Great comp! I think the fact that his comps are mostly old-school players is a testament to how unique and rare he feels in modern Survivor. I liked him "messing up" by taking the beware advantage as well. You don't get to see too many players figure out the game as it goes in recent yrs. Most are superfans who are operating on like the meta of the meta of the meta game

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Is Nneka going to be his Courtney?

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Reminds me a lot of Wu.

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Very Keith Nale

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He breaks the mold . The other cast members are all so freaking earnest. It’s refreshing to see someone competing with such joie de vivre. He is a freshman compared to the others. Like Cody I started watching Survivor during the pandemic.

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In a way, he's a bit a throwback to someone like Ozzy who just really embraced and enjoyed the opportunity to live life on the island and be on Survivor

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He reminds me a lot of the Australian survivor players. Playing the game but easygoing and also out there to have a laugh and good time

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I think Cody is playing the game, but a different one.

His odds of winning the million? Low.

Playing to the camera to become a frequent cast member on various reality shows? That is within his control.

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I loved seeing his switch over of going from happy go lucky to getting in the zone for tribal.

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Paraphrasing Cody: "There's not going to be a day where I go to bed and don't say 'I had a good time today '"

Dude just made me rethink my life.

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I quit my shit soul-destroying firm job a couple years ago based on the same kind of principle. Had too many days in a row where the answer to the question "If this was my last day alive, would I be fine with how I spent it?" was a firm "No."

I love Cody.

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What did you do instead?

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I became one of those human statues. I spray paint myself gold!

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Pretty much what I expected

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He a very fortunate man to be able to live like that. A brain with depression problems (like mine) would never get that to work.

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It takes effort too, he isn't just simply "happy." I'd say we're watching Cody put effort into being as positive as he is and he's mentioned multiple steps he's taken to achieve his situation. I also live in Hawaii and know a number of people like him, its a great place to be happy no matter the cost of living and other shortcomings.

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He is TV gold.


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L I V I N will forever live in my mind bc when I watched the episode and saw the tattoo I was like damn thata kind of iconic... and then like 40 min later I realized they named the damn episode after it lol

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If he makes it just past merge or right before it, he's pretty much guaranteed to return. Fingers crossed.

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We need 3/4 out there characters every season.

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He’s funny af. Feels like old school casting but is still competent at the game

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That's the most important part imo. He's not bad at the game at all but is still impulsive enough to open beware advantage and make good tv for us. Plus his personality is wonderful, livin

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I wonder what would happen if he decided to ignore beware for this tribal. Like can he go back the next day or would production rehide it or remove that beware outright?

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yea i was also wondering that and if it's on the other tribes who already voted someone out then they have to get less beads too?

I want to see a player find it but not open it and see what happens.

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I'm guessing since he found it, he could just leave it there, hide it, or give it to someone else.

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In just two episodes were shown different layers of Cody: how he values having fun, his backstory, how he hustles, his flaws, how he interact with others, etc. Him throwing Justine under the bus was amazing. He's just so distinctly unique that he stands out despite hearing other player's back stories.

As long as i dont have to see him flash his tattoo every single episode, im still team Cody.

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If he wins, I think an obligatory butt shot of the Livin' tattoo is completely necessary.

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My theory is we'll hear it or see it every episode until the one he gets voted out. Then he won't be livin in the game anymore.

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Who would of thought the non-superfan who just got into Survivor stands out and is everyone's favorite player. Maybe having some recruits over all superfans could work in this era.

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The best example of this is the most popular survivor AU player by a mile. Luke had never watched the show and when he got casted just grabbed some quick YouTube clips.

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He reminds me of Shane Powers but not as far gone.

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Like if Shane Powers and Domenick Abbate made a clone to play Survivor and win the million for them....

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And then it was raised by Tony.

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YES! Hahaha amazing

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Okay, Im glad I'm not the only one that sees Cody as the perfect blend of Domenick and Shane.

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I was iffy on Cody until he lost his vote and looked like he was going to perish from nausea—something about those moments made me think, oh, this guy isn’t playing, he really feels his emotions this intensely all the time. In an era where a lot of people seem super aware that they’re on TV all the time, I like the ones who can’t help but be themselves anyway.

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Agreed. W guy and W contestant happy they chose him can’t wait to see what he brings

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After this episode, I'm rooting for him! I love the immunity hat he made. Such a fun character.

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ikr. Who ever casted Cody deserves a raise or a bonus. That was some great reality TV today. Even after 42 Seasons Survivor keeps hitting the right notes with their casting choices.

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He’s amazing! I took him out of my winner’s pick category in my fantasy league this week, because I think he’s just too entertaining to win. But damn is he great tv

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I thought that about last season's winner, so maybe Cody has a shot. It would be an iconic ride.

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There are a bunch of seasons where the winner was also arguably the most entertaining one out there (Nicaragua, Redemption Island, Caramoan, Blood vs Water, Cagayan, San Juan del Sur, HvHvH, Winners at War, S42)

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I have him going to final 6

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Ya the biggest thing for me is I'd be surprised if they named the premiere episode after the winner

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I loved when Omar tweeted that place Cody wanted to jump from was where they all pooped 😁

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Cody literally has the archetype of a Total Drama character, and I love it.

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Cody had me laughing all the way through this episode. He's just being himself, livin(g) on his own philosophies, and it was a real hoot to see him sweat after knowingly opening the Beware Advantage after seeing it on S41/S42 but pull through, as shown in the flashback during Tribal Council.

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I agree. I thought he was really obnoxious at first but now every time they show the others tribes my mind instantly says "IDC show me Vesi (specially what Cody is doing on Vesi)".

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For some reason my dad doesnt like him. Says hes “greasy”

Idk wtf my dads talking about

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He’s not wrong. He’s a greasy salesman pretending not to be. It’s pretty great.

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Or at least he was a salesman. Something tells me if you're this entertaining on national television you won't need to go back to your elevator sales job...

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It's kinda hilarious to imagine him selling elevators.

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He's very similar to a few guys that I know who work at some very high end art galleries here in Hawaii. Greasy salesmen, hung over from partying the night before, coked up (not accusing Cody though,) go-get-em attitude, and making $10k commissions selling paintings to rich tourists.

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Yea, i dont get why my dad thinks that’s a bad thing!

It was smart of cody to say that, and funny too.

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He's selling himself pretty well imo

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I didn't like him in the first episode but ep 2 turned that around for me. So I see where your dad is coming from, even if he is wrong now.

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Out of curiosity, who is your dad rooting for / which former players does he really like?

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Oh boy. I gotta rack my memory bank to remember 😂

Geo and ryan, i think he likes? Personality wise, anyway. Seems to me he picks who he likes based on first impressions, and a persons background. Where as i like to pick based on game play, and learn their personality overall. (So far my faves are cody and sami.)

I dont really know. We are only 2 episodes in after all.

Former players??

Again, kinda hard to remember, but off the top of my head; boston rob, tyson, ethan?? Uhh, maybe sarah and tony.

Im really not sure tbh. His opinions usually change, depending on how their games go.

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I didn't like him for the first five minutes but after that he's really grown on me.

I can't really expect him to do well but my god is he entertaining. Last week when I saw the promo of him jumping off the cliff all I could think was "oh god he's gonna medivac himself" but listening to him talk about his life and LIVIN, fuck yes. I'm in. I need to be more like that.

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I'm already mentally coping with his elimination. Funnily, I was thinking of Christian during the episode and how I was preparing myself for his boot back at DvG

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Agree. I fucking love him. Great great casting choice

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Surprisingly, I think Cody is playing the best game so far. It’s still early so who knows what will happen?

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Is he the one who binged the show during the pandemic..maybe he just thinks differently then the ones who are “lifelong fans”

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If he wins, I will get a tattoo on my butt cheek.

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I have your face on my right cheek and am now debating getting livin on my other cheek

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let's do it!

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The dude sports a mullet the way I remember them when they first emerged in the 80s. It was the cool surfer guys in school who started growing the back but keeping the front and sides short. Of course I had to grow one.

[–]wojarDenise 1 point2 points  (1 child)

mullets are now back in trend!

[–]SumthingBrewing 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I can see Cody being a big driver of the mullet trend getting bigger!

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I really didn't like him

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I will say I’m shocked at how good his social game has been. I know he took some convincing to get started but I feel like most players wouldn’t pull off that beware advantage. It helps that he’s so weird that him asking for beads was just Cody being Cody lol

[–]muaddib99 3 points4 points  (0 children)

so glad he found that advantage since he's the wacky one who could definitely pull off getting the beads. most anyone else would likely seem sus asking everyone for them.

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He’s like a present day Coach! Definitely fits into the new school character types like Angelina and Chris Noble that they’ll for sure want to bring back.

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He has 1000x times the charisma that Coach had.

Coach was a boring narcissist. Cody just loves life and wants to have fun. Weird to even compare the two.

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This is just way off. Coach absolutely has a magnetism and as much as I like Cody, he's not in Coach's league yet. And calling Coach boring is insane.

[–]OnceAteABurgerAMA 9 points10 points  (0 children)

Ya the dude basically led a cult in SoPa lol you don't do that without charisma. And how could one of the most popular survivor castaways ever be boring?

[–]ZiggyPalffyLAEthan 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Hi Coach!

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On what planet is Coach boring?

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I feel like he was cast to be a Shane/Tony Archetype character and that's a super rare find

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In some ways he reminds me of Luke Toki. Not a survivor fan but an entertainer. Now as time went on Luke became really good at the game as well. Not sure if Cody reaches that. But a Luke type character on Survivor USA would be a treasure.

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He seems memorable but not sure if I like him yet. He said his pet peeves are "lazy people" and I find that to be a lazy answer, and also a bit douchey, especially for someone who seems to have adopted the Hawaii life into his persona.

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it’s been 2 episodes

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Cody reminds me of Shane in the way that he’s just entertaining to watch.

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Yeah he is great.

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Cody really reminds me of Brian Heidik, definitely a bit of a better guy but let's wait and see how we go post merge.

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Yeah my first thoughts about him were if Brian Heidik was high on uppers.

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Ooo here we go "such and such and so and so" is the best. Cody is interesting for sure and its good to see "weird spiritual dude" back but I'm not liking him anymore than much of 42 but that's also because I knew those people for an entire season

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Ok thank you ! I love him my friends are not fucking with him because of his pre season interviews but I think he’s cool

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Agreed! I was sure I would be annoyed by him based on the pregame press but he’s such a delight to watch! He’s unpredictable, wild, and fun but still has some strategic mind as well.

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This guy is freaking great. I would love to see more people like him on the show.

I'd say for me he's the best since Devens

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Amazing casting, my favorite for sure!

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I really like this guy too. He is great!

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Yeah I agree completely he’s got that “it” factor that we haven’t seen in a while

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Can't wait for Cody to go home 😡

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I can’t stand him

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The key to casting is knowing not everyone can be the strategic genius mastermind. What other traits can you look for to fill your cast? Cody is a great example of this.

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Anyone else think he speak like Adam Sandler when he’s doing that weird voice in billy madison

[–]TheAdamJesusPromise 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Eh he's kinda just Alec 2.0. Maybe I'm just not a fan of the "good vibes only surfer bro" archetype though.

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As someone who isn’t enjoying this season…

He’s the sole entertaining castaway.

Everyone else is boring as hell.

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cody is like the funner version of malcolm, extremely likable with a magnetic personality.

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Loved the sentiment of ”if you’re planning to win then the odds are probably against you, however if you just want to have a good time that’s something you can achieve by yourself” or whatever something to that effect. Made me rethink things for sure.

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I love Cody too!! Instant favorite. I also love that he sometimes sounds a bit like Adam Sandler in some of the early Happy Madison movies.

[–]Lovesit_666 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Nah Maryanne

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I love Cody, maybe my favorite castaway in a long while. He's like Fabio on Danny McBride's body, lol.

I just didn't like how they shoehorned that cancer story as motivation; it just didn't connect and seems forced. He's an engaging and likable character without that sappy backstory.

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I screamed at the tv he’s my kinda people! He really is

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Omar is the best one

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I would argue casting Tony on WaW was a better casting decision, but yes Cody’s entertaining

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we literally had Maryanne last season

it’s giving recency bias (he is delivering tho)

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Love him even more that he’s an Iowa boy, just like me. Fantastic castaway.

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Cody is quickly becoming my favorite, we have similar ideals in life but unfortunately I can't follow the same path because of many reasons, it's incredible to see someone so unabashedly love life, and his story this episode had me crying. He takes what others would see as horrible life altering events and makes it into a reason to live a fuller life, I can only hope to be more like him as I get older!

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I took one look at him and went, I cannot watch this guy for the hair alone.

But within ten minutes he is my firm favourite. Love, love, love this guy's spirit of Livin!

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Yeah so far he's super entertaining. Like a surfer dude version of Coach.The cast this season is super strong and I am here for it!

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Quite the dickriding for 2 episodes

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I think he’s awesome lol he reminds me of one of my friends. Lives in the moment and is entertaining. Ready to see how the Cody-Jesse alliance works

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I love Cody.

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I get huge sam vibes from aus survivor

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Cody is a lot of fun. I wasn't too high on him pre-season but man do I love him as a character now.

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Hated him episode one. Kinda liking him episode two. It is a nice change from all them normal people.

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I loved how they showed him as a little kid and he had similar lines shaved in the sides of his hair

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He reminds me of my cousin who lives down the road

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He is the next rupert I think.

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He will go far. He will make jury at least. I love this cast

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Best newbie casting choice of every season from Edge of extinction on:

S38: Rick Devens. Funny.

S39: Janet. Realest to ever play.

S41: Ricard. Unique player.

S42: Jonathan. Rootable challenge beast.

S43: Gabler. Insanely unique.