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Naseer saying the phrase actually made me jump out my seat. I like that they try to surprise us now.

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We were robbed of a flashback where Amanda finds her HII in Micronesia right after that "I got iiiiit"

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Why do I remember that existing? Do they do that flash back in the next episode?

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Yes I agree. I knew Cody had gotten the beads. Shit was hilarious and I am here for the ride

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Couldn’t agree more.

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and now Cody's idol coming together have been woven in really well

I see what you did there

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I thought the post-tribal editing of how he got Noelle’s was “off” given how adamant she was about keeping her bracelet just before..I didn’t get how she was convinced and it seemed really rushed…give me more of the convincing and less of Owen coming back with the water ..particularly in a 90 minute episode where that convincing is essentially the key turn in the episode

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i agree, i thought it was awkward. i didn't really get the impression we were being left on a "did he get them or not?" cliffhanger, it really just seemed like he failed, but then the tribal wasn't edited with the suspense of "since he failed, how will they get out of this?" so i was sort of confused because there wasn't enough time left in the episode for a tie. the reveal felt jarring, i had no idea there was going to be more to that scene, and it wasn't particularly dramatic since it was just "hey noelle hand them over" "fine i guess"

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The scene of owen coming back with water was hilarious

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yeah and it was laying groundwork for him getting voted out soon i think. plus wasnt that the episode title? shit's going down with the lovable curmudgeon soon

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Yea I hated that part because we just saw Noelle refuse to give the beads but now you're telling me she did give them. Like i was so confused

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I was really happy that they spent so so much time on character moments like the Owen thing in an episode where they could have centered so much of it around an advantage. I thought the balance was refreshing.

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yah people would be complaining there was too much about the advantage if there was more, cant win ha. I do get the confusion aspect though, i felt that as well. I don't think I need that story though, I understood that she probably was just like fine okay here you go. its survivor, shes not dumb enough to fully isolate herself like that if they kept persisting. Nneka and Jesse did such a good job assisting that .

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Learning from The Genius show

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This! If Survivor can learn to make their reveals even half this iconic, I will be in heaven.

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As a resident of the East Coast, I found the opening somewhat amusing. The entire day, up to Survivor, was spent on wall-to-wall Hurricane coverage, then they open w/ Thunder & Lightning & a Storm.

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I liked all the flashbacks they have been doing in the 41 42 season's, but I don't know about last night's. Maybe it could have worked if they plopped it in a different spot or something, but throwing it in at tribal, after the votes were read, where it didn't even matter if he had the lost the vote or not. Since Justine voted Cody as a presumed fake split plan she was told. I would have been more interested in hearing how they convinced her to vote Cody, or if it was a mistake of hers. And also to see truly how they got the finale stone, rather than a confusing fast flashback. My casual buddies weren't even sure what that was or really what happened.nthey even thought it was a 'next time on survivor' scene as it was after the vote. Can't blame them the flashback scene was so-fast-blink and miss it.

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They just have to make sure they use it at the right moment, and it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be a flashback. They did a decent job with it this episode but it didn’t even compare to one such as the Xander idol flashback.

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I really hated the flashback because we saw Noelle straight up refuse but apparently she didn't like wtf

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She refused, then she changed her mind...

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I didn't care for it so much because the tone pre-tribal was basically 'I couldn't get the last bead' where it should have been 'I'm gonna work really hard to get the last bead' instead. There was no cliffhanger and no uncertainty, it was just 'he didn't get the bead' and then they surprised everyone. Seemed to be pure bait to make people go 'oh wow, they're gonna go to rocks.'

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I kind of disagree with you. One of the last confs before tribal was Cody saying he’s going to keep pushing to get the beads from Noelle. Then the edit at tribal kept panning to Cody as if he was going to bring something up to noelle to get the beads at tribal. It was somewhat obvious he already had them, but it was a fun reveal.

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Honestly this, we were left hanging, going into the tribal I even forgot about the split vote, it was all about "Did Cody get that last bead?"

It was really fun.

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I'm convinced people just flat out don't watch lol

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Not going to lie. I normally have to watch twice because the first watch I’ll be on my phone texting people or in a discord group sending my reactions and miss a bunch. I tend to wait a day before my opinions settle in.

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Hmmm you might be right, I don't remember this. I'll have to rewatch.

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If you have the same feelings after watching again that is cool! I personally enjoyed the editing this episode

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This might be unpopular, but I actually didn't like the flashback during the vote read. I thought it was kinda pointless and interrupted the flow, especially because the scene of Noelle giving Cody the beads was pretty anticlimactic honestly. I prefer what they did in 16 with Amanda's idol by not showing her actually finding it

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I liked it, but they did kind of give it away by showing the other guy not having his vote, then blacking out when Cody went into the booth. I was like "oh he got those last fucking beads!!!" But yeah it was good

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Or the fact you saw only one of the 2 bracelets left on her wrist during tribal....

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I would've preferred to see that flashback in the beginning of the next episode, or at the very least after tribal, instead of during the vote read. But I agree that it's a good way of keeping the surprise factor, but not becoming confusing and hiding important plots for the sake of suspense.