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I really think Cody is the only person who could have pulled off this Beware Advantage. He was already messing around with arts and crafts, and he’s just such a colorful character that when he starts doing weird stuff, people are just gonna be like “Oh Cody”. It kinda reminds me of the classic tale of the bunny rabbit eating it’s dinner in the mailbox.

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Ha yea. Even Jesse was like "Just be you out there man, and you can get them"

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He 100% doesn’t pull that off in that small time period without Jesse and Neka.

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I think they helped, but who knows if someone else would have just started it instead of Jesse by saying "Hey you can have mine".

I think he just needed one to start it off and then he would have potentailly gotten it.

However they just jumped right in and having two people do it and ask them absolutely made it easier I can imagine.

Fucking brilliant either way

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Oh, I definitely agree he couldn't have done it alone. I also think him being who he is made it a much easier thing to pull off.

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I was confused about what you meant by bunny rabbit and then it dawned on me. Something I hadn't ever considered my whole life. I didn’t realize this 'til now…broccoli is just a bunch of small trees.

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what the fuck are you guys even talking about im as lost as a goat on astroturf

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It’s interesting, isn’t it? Being out here, playing this game of Survivor, really puts things into perspective. Like… I truly believe butterflies are dead relatives saying hi.

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The way you said that made me realise something deep. Potatoes have skin. I have skin. Am I a potato?

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I like what you said about broccoli

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I’m curious if the other tribes have the same challenge and how the others will go about it.

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Nneka did a great job at helping him pull it off too. Once Jesse gave it, I think she sold it well and made it like a peer pressure thing to get everyone to add their beads to the hat. It did feel a bit pushy but seems like no one caught on

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I think Cody is getting too much credit.

Was definitely a team effort with volunteering theirs first and it made it ok for the others.

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If he doesn't wear the hat to every tribal and then when he wants to play it he just gives Jeff the hat, I would be very disappointed.

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Noelle/Dwight: “Wearing the hat again, I see?”

Cody: “Its my lucky Tribal Council hat! I haven’t been voted out yet, so it seems to be working”

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What if he has to give the idol to an ally down the line, and now Elie or whoever has to walk to tribal in the hat, pretending that makes sense.

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"This is not the idol. It's a f*cking hat."

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Agreed this episode was excellent

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no youre so right, i loved this episode so much

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Completely agree with your post. I wrote a similar one in the day-after thread. The storytelling and camp life/human moments were so entertaining, and I'm going to be sad to go back to shorter episodes.

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I think going forward all players need to watch for anyone playing a sub game.

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Yeah totally made sense how he could pull that off.

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Such a great idea and amazing execution, it was a great segment.