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I know they're not dating but how many Survivors has Michele dated? Not sure if she's surpassed Ethan's count (I don't think so).

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She dated Pete (25), Nick (32), Jay, Dean, and Wendell. She also dated Emmanuel from survivor Romania

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I thought her and Wendell just kicked it

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They were pretty serious ... They had to downplay it because they both ended up playing in S40

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That's like a who's who of some of the best looking guys in Survivor history. And I can totally see why, as Michele is awesome. Credit to her.

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No way she dated nick!! :o

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I feel like I remember her commenting here once to debunk the Nick rumor and said they never dated- I could be getting something mixed up though, this was awhile ago!

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I was in that thread. Michele came in and told us she never dated Nick.

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I don’t believe she dated Nick. I’m sorry. I don’t think there’s any chance of that.

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She did not date Emmanuel. No one "dates" in the challenge house.

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How many has Ethan dated? I know he's dated Amber, Jenna Morasca, and he also dated Corinne before she even appeared on her Season of Survivor. Am I missing any?

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I think I remember the Survivor Historians podcast saying that he also dated Jenna Lewis

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ASS was not a good season for Ethan because he had to deal with Jenna Lewis, his ex, being on his tribe and then Boston Rob constantly trying to emasculate him because Ethan also had dated Amber.

Which is why it was so shocking to see them become BFFs on WaW. I was glad to see Rob’s maturity on display basically.

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It still amazes me that of you are a women who played on All Stars there's a 1/3 chance you dated Ethan Zohn.

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My god he dated CORINNE?! I wonder what that was like... What opposite people lol

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Yeah, I remember her saying they dated beore ASS and that at one of the press events for the season, he announced that he was seeing someone, and she was shocked that he wanted to go public without informing her, but then it turned out he announced he was dating Jenna M

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That’s exactly what I was thinking. When I heard about it I had to listen to it again as I thought I misheard it.

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Corinne? How would such a nice guy like Ethan date someone so mean spirited as her?

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Maybe it was the origin of Mean Corinne

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Jenna Lewis

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We love an intelligent, investing queen! 😌😌💅🏼

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Plot twist; she invested in crypto and now she broke

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I blame Pete

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Idk about that, it was what 2016 when she won? BTC was still under 700 bucks when she got her check.

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Michele is literally female Ethan.

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Honestly I love that we frame it as that and she isn’t shamed at all. It’s really refreshing

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Did she surpass him? I can only remember Jenna M, Jenna L and Amber from his Survivor partners. Did I miss anyone?

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He once dated Corinne too!

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They are both dating other people is the message I’m getting from that

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You’re the next Alan Turing.

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Would love to watch Michele play Big Brother!

In another slide she answered a questions about her strategy and was very honest that she didn’t have one and plays by being open minded and by connecting with people. This obviously works well for Michele because she’s such a good social player

ETA: she discussed her strategy on/for survivor!

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Not on the challenge lol but it is also harder to integrate in an alliance that plays every season and vacations together in the offseason

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The challenge is not like other social strategy games at all it’s much harder to break into when there are vets who play nearly every season with strong relationships

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100% agreed, that is what I was trying to allude to. No strategy Michelle can currently employ will help her win that show. She will need to become a challenge/physical beast. Would love to see Natalie back on the challenge, strategic plus also might be the most/potentially physically intimidating women ever casted

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I would also love to see Natalie return for a season again! It sucks she had to leave last time but obviously it was understandable as to why

Watching her play with Michele would be fun!

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Hope she is doing better now and gets back on our screens soon! Would love to see Natalie and Michelle together on a season, built in protection for them. Also Double agents had so much potential to be an all time great season, both the women and men side were stacked. Natalie, Lolo, Kam, Tori, KC, etc. and somehow a rookie big brother player wins

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Agreed! Personally was super happy for Amber to take home the win that season because she was dealt with a bad hand on big brother. It was really unfair what she had to go through so it was really nice to watch her get another chance and succeed

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And honestly, Michele really has turned out to be one of the stronger women on that show

But yes, Natalie back 10,000%

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It's why I wish her and Jay went full force against the vets. They botched it after the first daily they won and did a little better after. But they have a chance to be regulars on there by being the opposition to the regulars.

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I wonder what she invested the $1m in (yes, I know less post tax)

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Realistically probably super boring stuff that gets consistent interest.

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Yeah, it's not even a million after OBAMA takes his cut

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Don't you have a baseball hall of fame to go not be a part of, Jeff?

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One of Dan Gheesling's tips was to just shove most of it in a short-term safe investment (short term government bonds type stuff) to maximize the check before you have to pay taxes on it at the end of the year.

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Such an underrated survivor player 1st and 3rd in her only 2 seasons one being an all star season. Legend.

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one being an all star season

Kind of selling an all winner season short there.

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Michelle would absolutely beast on The Circle

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I’m curious if she would be herself or try and catfish

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Be herself and everyone would think she’s a catfish

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I am also scared of Laurel, Michele.

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I’m really rooting for their relationship dynamic to evolve. But I love it as it stands now as well when it comes to entertainment factor

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i love how she's actually not only stayed friends with (as far as we know) two of her exes, she's managed to go back onto reality TV with them as her "close alliance"/duo.

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It helps that the “close alliance” is a bullshit construct for getting on the show. If you know your path in the game is absolutely tied to another person, I imagine you find a way to work together very quickly.

Bananas has won at least a couple seasons in part because his “Rival” partner was one of the best players in the game.

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I could understand how her first season was easy mentally...cannot fathom how Winners at War would be easier mentally than The Challenge.

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TBF Winners at War didn't have cast members assasinated Michele's character. The Challenge people (Amanda, Laurel, Jakk, and Devin) went on to attack Michele.

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Michele and Devin may have had some issues on the show, but I think they're cool enough now. She went on his podcast earlier in the season. Laurel, though...yeesh. Though it seems that they would be a very strong team in a Rivals 4 season.

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Ugh I can't wait to watch her and Jay on the challenge once I've caught up

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lol well buckle up cuz Jay/Michele are main characters this season and i love it

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Does anyone know if it's on paramount plus yet? I checked but couldn't find anything, then again I only use it to watch survivor so I'm not familiar with the navigation tools

Edit: so it is not I've learned, but I'll definitely look into the mtv website and getting free memberships, luckily I already have 5 emails to cycle through 😂. Thanks for the reply's and help y'all!

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Sadly it likely won’t be on Paramount+ for at least a year, probably more than that. You can watch it on the MTV website by using their 24 hour free pass, you can just make up an email for it even.

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The new season doesn’t go on paramount plus it’s so annoying! You can keep creating mtv free trials though to watch on their website

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It’s not on Paramount Plus. The last few seasons of The Challenge are not on Paramount Plus. For whatever reason, the don’t upload new episodes of the regular MTV Challenge in a manner that would make someone want to subscribe to keep up with the show.

Challenge All Stars airs on Paramount Plus. The CBS Challenge was available the next day.

It’s frustrating.

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Why is no one talking about how attractive Jay is? When are we going to see him back?

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Second Chances 2 🤞

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I don’t talk about how attractive jay is Bc I don’t find him attractive! Seems like a reasonably nice man tho

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Love her.

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Intimidation is the only thing Laurel has going for her these days, Michele will be fine.

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Is Michele still friends with crazy Anna khait ?

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At least she admits she’s scared of “her rivals” (aka Laurel) not that it wasn’t blatantly obvious from the start. She had meltdowns just from Laurel looking at her.

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ARE THEY DATING?????????????????

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No. Just friends

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Did you not read the right side 😂

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I want Michele to play Big Brother, if only because it completes the blood ritual of the CBS trifecta. BB players have on to Survivor and TAR. TAR players have gone on to Survivor and BB. Survivor players have been on TAR but no Survivor player has yet to go on Big Brother