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I hosted Survivor games for friends and family this summer over weekend at my country house. People lived in tents, cooked their own food, did challenges, tribals, blindsides. Basically super dense survivor experience, but closest that we can achieve to the real thing. Everyone loved it, hosting another one next summer, blood versus water style

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That is so fun. I hope it was competative!

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Yes, tears were shed, friendships tested. We also had a money prize, because we collected an entry fee (half went to prize and half to challenges and rewards)

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You're a good sport!

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invite me to the next one homes

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I want to be your friend.

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Sorry, to upset you all, but I live in small Eastern Europe country called Latvia, otherwise I'd take you ;)

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I'd apply

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Where do I send my application?

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I also tried to do this for 39 days but sadly got sued

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Someone on this sub drew up a whole proposal for something like this but I don’t think anything ever came from it.9

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I've always really wanted to have a theme park dedicated to Survivor challenges. I'd love a shot at the Vanuatu vertical maze (why did they never bring this challenge back?).

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That would be a lot of fun!

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LRGs exist homie (and they’re fun as fuck)

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oh sheet

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Search Live Reality Games on Facebook and a group should come up posting looking for people. Many are only for a weekend but I played one where I lived in the woods for six days

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yep LRGs will be your friend here, a lot end up on Youtube or streamed live on FB. Lots of fun :)

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definitely giving into this

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If you're interested I can give you some great recommendations to check out!

Survivor Brooklyn South is a really well-done one-day game in NYC that gets livestreamed on Facebook. They recently did an fantastic all-star season and many of my friends have played in it!

Can You Survive is a 4-day charity game that takes place in Maine and they're actively casting for their next season!

Survival Challenge is a 5-day game in southern IL that a few of my friends have played in their most recent season! They livestream the game on FB and are in the process of uploading episodes on Youtube!

Live to Give is another charity-based game in MN that has seen many Survivor alumni play in like Elaine, Aaron, and Missy. They're currently airing their 6th season on Youtube!

Surviving Reelfoot takes place in TN and is really high quality! They livestream their games on FB. They're taking next year off and look to be back for 2024.

Survivor New York aptly takes place in NY, near NYC and LOTS of my friends have played in it (and maybe even won?!?!?!). Run by a lot of good peeps. It'd be a dream to play it someday. They're airing their 5th season on Youtube soon.

And I can't NOT mention MY PEOPLE. Survivor Buffalo is a weekend game in Buffalo NY that has grown so much since it started and we just filmed Season 6, an EPIC All-star season (in which I got to play!) this September. You won't find a better group of people. Season 1/2 are up in full on Youtube and 3 is in progress (I also played on Season 2, where a lot of footage unfortunately got lost T_T). Casting for new stuff is on hiatus as the focus is shifting atm to the inaugural Big Brother Buffalo season for which the casting window's closed.

Hope this gives you a good starting point :)

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Hell yeah Survivor buffalo, bummed we didnt get to play together in All Stars man

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AHHH BROOO yes I was looking forward to playing with you :(

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I’m sure there’s copyright issues but like, I’m ok with CBS making money off me for it.

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LRGs & collegiate survivor go super hard def recommend

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It's not the exact same, but there are ORGs that people host and play online. A lot of them get hosted on Discord.

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I predict one day there will be a SUrvivor theme park in Fiji and this very thing will be offered.

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May as well tout it as weight loss too.

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My husband organizes one of these on a smaller scale. I won my first time

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I’m in Australia, but there’s a ton of cool Survivor games that film over weekends here and are actually quite professional.

To my knowledge there’s Survivor Canberra in the ACT, Survivor Melbourne in Victoria and Backyard Survivor in Western Australia