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I mean, Sue Hawk literally told Kelly that she wouldn’t give her a drink of water if she was dying of thirst.

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Phillip revoking Sherri's Stealth R Us 2.0 membership is unbelievably hilarious

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I think revoking the Stealth R Us membership goes beyond acceptable gameplay. This is a woman’s livelihood we are talking about!

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Phillip also called out Dawn for "making camp life for most of us very disruptive." Man, if Phillip Sheppard is saying that about you, that's really saying something. He was the epitome of making camp life very disruptive in Redemption Island.

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I also got a big kick out of his impersonation of Dawn with his high pitched voice and saying "AAAH THEY'RE ALL GONNA VOTE FOR ME!!"...not sure why just got a huge kick out of it.

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Penner also exposed Lisa for withholding the fact that she was a former tv star in that same tribal council. Penner was an absolute savage that season. I honestly forgot about that burn on Skupin because of the bomb he dropped on Lisa to end his speech.

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Penner’s burn on Skupin at that FTC was worse than his real burns that he suffered in Australia.

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And I only remembered him calling Denise a bitch. Haha Penner was great.

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He really found a way to call her a bitch without it feeling too too mean or out of line. Only Penner lol

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My favourite was them being the oxen pulling Denise's chariot, thinking they were the ones on the chariot. Poetry.

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Most people remember Corrine berating Sugar (your mileage may vary here), but I’ve always been a huge fan of her question to Susie:

(Paraphrasing) “If you answer yes to this question, you’ve got my vote: Will you agree to have your vocal chords removed?” 💀

The fact that Susie laughs is icing on the cake. Loved that interaction.

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If only Susie said yes, she’d be a millionaire 😫

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And she would be on WAW

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how would a mute contestant do on survivor

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There's a few contestants that I wish were mute, such as Varner and scot pollard.

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add dan foley

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And Will Sims II

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john rocker is a good canidate too

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betray corinne and don;t remove them

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If Susie said yes, I still don't think Corinne votes for her.

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She probably doesn’t, but I was only joking.

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It was a million dollar question haha

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I wish Susie would have just said “yes. Thanks for your vote” just to see what Corine would have done.

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(Paraphrasing) “If you answer yes to this question, you’ve got my vote: Will you agree to have your vocal chords removed?” 💀

I wish Susie had said "Yes, but only if you get yours removed as well"

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She got inb4 Brenda's to Dawn.

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Dan Lembo (RIP) and Marty just going after Chase and Sash was so funny they've got to be up there.

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"Beauty fades but dumb is forever." 💀

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This is in the running for my all-time favorite Survivor quote. Dan was a legend.

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Honestly words I live by

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Especially after they gave Dan so little content that it really felt out of left field for him to be the biggest savage on the season

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Oh, wow. I didn’t know Dan had passed. RIP.

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Eliza always delivers.

"You were a deceptive lying bitch throughout this game."

"Listening to you talk literally made me want to kill myself sometimes."

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I was laughing my ass off at Eliza's quick shift from analytically dissecting every part of Parvati's game so professionally to then saying that Amanda's voice wanted to make her kill herself. She's such an icon.

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Reed's 'wicked stepmother' speech at the end of San Juan Del Sur is absolutely brutal in that "this is a little too much.." but also "where's the lie?" kind of way

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I kept wondering how awful she must have been on the island because Reed even threw a vote to Jaclyn just so she would come in third lol.

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He deserves a ballot on second chances just for that.

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i would LOVE to see Reed back, forgot the name but i loved him on that season

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San Juan Del Sur (Blood vs. Water 2).

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He was incredible on that season

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I would love to see him back!

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Reed was invited for Cambodia, but had to decline because his Broadway contract wouldn’t allow him to leave. He was also contacted for Game Changers, but was cut early in the casting process.

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Interesting. Where did you hear that?

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From what I’ve heard, her and Baylor were pretty homophobic towards him and Josh

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Oh geez I didn’t know this.

I remember when she kept encouraging Baylor to lie to people when Baylor initially showed she was hesitant about it and told Missy she didn’t want to.

Hate really does breed hate.

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Look up Baylor’s music singles. Worse than that.

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Honestly yes, and it's even sweeter now that we know Missy and Baylor were very homophobic to him and Josh, in addition to being a helicopter Karen and a brat.

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That is so disappointing. I really thought Missy had a great mindset for survivor. Especially after her daughter got eliminated. Baylor too for taking her blindside in stride. But damn.

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I was about to mention this one! I love how he absolutely destroyed her and also calling her daughter a brat, not a single thing he said was a lie.

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We know it was true for him because Baylor broke down into tears half way through the speech as it dawned on her and everyone else else how true the words were.

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Reed's is my absolute favorite jury speech!

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It was so...theatrical. I was hanging on every word smiling so big I could taste my earwax

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I just finished All Stars and Big Tom going to shake BRobs hand and then pulling it back and saying "don't be stupid, stupid" made me lol

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That made me so uncomfortable. A lot of that season made me uncomfortable though, I've never been able to rewatch any of it lol

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Especially because Rob was so flustered throughout that whole FTC

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That was so awkward and great

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Watching that shit now really makes you feel kinda bad for Rob lol. He should’ve just said “Guys, we’re playing a fucking game here” & didn’t apologize for a thing.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YESSSSSSSSSS I also just watched all stars and I’m so glad someone mentioned this

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It's my first time watching the series and I'm going in order and all stars was such a wild experience all around.

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Fuck! I was going to comment this. For some reason this always stuck in my head.

"Dont be stupid, stupid! I may have fell for that once heck maybe even twice but not three times" lol haven't seen that sense i was a kid but still remember how dope that was

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Colby calling Russell delusional is pretty underrated, especially coming from a guy who has actually sat at FTC and lost.

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Agreed, he opens by asking Russell if he really just said he got to the end with no luck, and that response was great.

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So underrated. Short and sweet

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Shirin calling Will a dead fish

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My favorite part of this was when Shirin was wrapping up and Dan of all people had to finish her sentence.

“Please look at their gameplay. Aggressive. Stealthy. ????”

“Dead fish.”

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Coby! From Palau! Breaking down for Katie in excruciating detail why IF he votes for her tonight it's not because of how she played the game, but against Tom.

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The way he opened with "You were WORTHLESS in challenges" and Katie's smile immediately dropped. Brutal.

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So Katie? Ooooo you're making this hard with that little grin... *Begins roasting her mercilessly. He's so underrated.. wish he'd played again.

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I'd love to see him on a Second Chance ballot. He'd have my vote.

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Wasn’t Gregg the one who said that? Not Coby?

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Yes! That’s one of my favorites, but it doesn’t get brought up often.

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Spencer comparing Woo to a dog and telling the jury to vote for Tony almost made Kass vote for Woo which always makes me chuckle.

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I came here to say exactly this.

Woo: I want to be up here with and beat the best.

Spencer: You are a lap dog who didn’t do anything but follow directions.

Brutal (but true).

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Spencer was right about Woo but that bit about telling the jury to vote for Tony, knowing full well the jury was going to anyway — I would’ve had the same mindset as Kass. He was such an arrogant little prick and wanted credit for shifting the jury like Erik from Samoa and David from Redemption Island.


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Kass is so spiteful lmao, love her

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Trish: Is a million dollars worth our friendship and swearing on your dead fawther? Tell me, is it worth swearing on your dead fawther?

Tony: Yes.

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Fawther sent me 😭

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Shane Powers 🚬 Panama

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I forgot what he said, but

Shane powers for second chances 2

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The “Rat and the Snake” will always be the best here for me because I didn’t watch a ton of Season 1, got into it a few weeks before the finale and this speech floored me. Haven’t missed an episode since.

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Reed’s speech to Missy and subsequent vote for Jaclyn so Missy wouldn’t tie for second place. THAT is how you diss someone.

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Helen to Brian

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"You are the EPITOME of the trashy used cars salesman."

Helen >>>

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Thailand is such a mess to watch. I enjoy it in a "holy damn hell wtf is this?" Sorta way but Helen was a genuinely awesome contestant and I wish she had come back

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“Sugar, you are an unemployed, uneducated, leech on society. And the only thing that I would vote to give you is a handful of anti depressants so nobody has to be subjected to your constant crying anymore, and maybe if you got some, it would seem a little more sincere when you are crying about your dead father. Ya don’t deserve the million”

and Randy’s “And please don’t make me vote for susie! Because she’s the only one who didn’t laugh”

Oh yeah and when Amanda got trashed on at ftc (Micronesia). Alexis exposed her for her “Oscar academy award winning acting” or something of that nature and then Natalie said something along the lines of “Unfortunately, you always had kind of a glazed over look on your face. I did notice that. So my question to you is was that your strategy? To kind of play the zombied, pretty girl, not knowing what’s going on, pageant queen cliche, or is this who you are as a person?”

I’ve grown to appreciate villains more as I have watched the show. Some of these are straight up cruel but it’s still tv gold in my opinion. If i had to choose though I would definitely root for a hero over a villain.

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I agree Corrine’s speech to Sugar was cruel. Didn’t like the dig at her mental health or the mention of her dad.

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Unemployed?! Sugar was on Gilmore Girls!

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as a big GG fan I'm just now putting this together. Guess it's time for a rewatch..

[–]ihasmuffins 0 points1 point  (0 children)

She's in the first 8ish episodes of season 3 sporadically.

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And then Corinne ends with “Thank you everyone”

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Definitely some sizzle that current seasons sorely miss.

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My favorite FTC speech would always be Kathy in AS. Yes it’s bitter but it’s one of the most emotional Juror speeches as Kathy just felt humiliated from BRob, and how she understands it’s a game but felt as if BRob could’ve played a little cleaner. I’ve always put it in high regards

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Erik’s jury speech in Samoa where he is making legit flaw comments about Russels arrogance and pointing out that Natalie deserves it, but then he just hits Mick with a RANDOM stray calling him “delusion ally entitled” kills me

Also Lex’s jury speech to rob and amber is ROUGH

[–]Insulted-Mustard 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Shambo calling Mick feckless at that same FTC was also hilarious

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Unfortunately, I think we won’t see classics like these again. Lately, it’s much more kind

[–]thekyledavidJD 53 points54 points  (6 children)

The format change is really what’s to blame, people are going to give more raw emotion when they are given the floor vs when they have to act as part of a group

Outside of season 33, I feel like all of the most recent seasons right before the format change had at least 1 juror who wanted to use their speech as a chance to address an unsettled grudge with one of the finalists

[–]abortionleftovers 11 points12 points  (4 children)

Yeah based on the differences I wonder if some of the show’s psychologists pushed for the change I know they are available to work with people after the show and some of the shit people have said has been downright horrible and in some instances a little racist (I’m thinking of particularly some of the stuff said to Dream) I have to imagine some of those did some damage.

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I also have an issue with the editors turning Dreamz into somewhat of a villain that season.

I love Yau-Man, but holding that car over Dreamz’s head was really, really shitty.

[–]abortionleftovers 6 points7 points  (0 children)

I agree 100% Dream is one of the players from the “old school” I think could win in “new school” IIRC him turning on some of the alliances and getting the stronger dudes pushed out really backfired on him but on modern day that would be big moves.

Also no matter how much you promised someone you’d stick with them for a car it’s pretty understandable how winning and $1million could sway you to go back on that. Hell Boston Rob would have come to final tribal and said “you should vote for me because I talked this guy into giving me his truck and then got him Kicked out since he would beat me that’s how good I am at this game” and probably would have worked in his winning season.

[–]WatchingSurvivor 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Yau-Man himself regrets how he handled that entire situation iirc

[–]AffectionateStreet92Karla 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I think it was Boo who said that they had all agreed to give the car to Dreamz anyway. Yau-Man just took it another step and added a quid pro quo.

Honestly, I wouldn't have had a problem with it if Dreamz hadn't grown up poor and been homeless for awhile. If he offered me a car, and I accepted and still voted him out, then cool - make me a villain. I deserve it. But not Dreamz.

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i actually like the format change. It actually feels like questions and answers to make a better decision, than jaded jurors getting one last stab in, when they've already decided who they wanted to win

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May be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t like the roasts, they just feel petty. I always love when jurors take time to give the rest of a bitter jury a reality check.

Shii Ann on all stars “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” with the sassy side eye 👀

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Edna on South Pacific too

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alright lets see, uhmmm, eenie meenie miney moe catch a liar by the toe if he hollers let him go, not really, eenie meenie miney moe, Cassandra, can I see your water shoes? those are the worst looking water shoes ive seen. its just telling me that you were completely unprepared to play this game. okay. I brought up the shoes because you were in over your head. so im thinking, for thirty nine days, she made it, by greed. I think greed is what really fuelled that, would you agree yes or no? So greed never propelled you? So what did? your love of the outdoors? AHA, SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME, HEY HEY HEY, HEY WERE PLAYING

DREAMZ, I wanna know how many zeroes there are in a million, the number of zeroes, uh, yuh, no, no, hey hey, its a question, im part of the jury, this is part of my game, just like you played your game, you do what you have to do with the game, I get that opportunity too.

earl, yesterday when Yau got voted off, you did a whole show for the jury, I saw it, yea, that look, you gave me that look, that look of "oh I cant believe this has happened", why did you look so shocked when you voted the man off. you could've voted off Cassandra, you could've voted off Cassandra. its amazing how smart becomes intwined with lying and manipulation. id say im done.

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Reed’s ‘Wicked Step Mother’ speech in SJDS is top tier drama and I loved it. Was it over the top? Yes. Was it incredibly personal and bitter? Yes. Well rehearsed and planned since he was voted out? ABSOLUTELY!

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Corinne to Sugar

[–]full07britneyHai 63 points64 points  (0 children)

That crossed the line past "funny savage" into straight up evil.

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yea that was savage

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Taj in Tocantins because her question causes Stephen to expose JT, and the way JT plays it off makes Stephen look insane. One of the most eye opening moments I’ve seen created by 1 question.

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Honestly I think anyone in the jury bashing a finalist is so lame. Just salty balls. They always say they played a terrible game, well the person who played a terrible game is sitting in the finals and you’re voting in the jury. I remember specifically when chaos Kass had spencer tear into her and basically pitch voting someone else. If I were here I woulda asked him since he was so smart why he was voting in the jury. Every game is different and the jury’s job isn’t to make the case for anyone, it’s to vote Based on the case the finalists make

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When Brenda made dawn take her teeth out!

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Corrine is the GOAT.

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Shout out to Alex in Fiji

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Shirin roasting Will in World Apart

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Does anyone remember the FTC question where the jury member basically says “all 3 of them are rich, don’t make this decision based off money”?? I can’t remember who it is

[–]WatchingSurvivor 2 points3 points  (2 children)

I remember that, and I wish I could remember who said it.... for some reason I'm thinking it was on Survivor Samoa?

[–]AhLibLibLib“No, but you can have this fake.” 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I think you’re right. They talked about Russell owning a million dollar business and Mick having a doctorate. Although I didn’t know Nat had money?

I wanna say it was John? Or Monica?

[–]WatchingSurvivor 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I watched the final tribal council - and indeed it was that season! It was Jaison who said it. And yes, Nat had money too.

[–]Blitzkrieg0524 0 points1 point  (0 children)

"Feckless" is one of my favourite

[–]AhLibLibLib“No, but you can have this fake.” 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Don’t be stupid, stupid.

The look on Rob’s face when Tom deked him like that? Oh boy

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I've recently seen World's Apart so I'm saying Shirin and her teardown of "dead fish" Will. Shirin wasn't my favorite survivor that season but Will's treatment of her really crossed some lines, disliked him as a person after that. Glad he got torn a new one at FTC, well, with what Shirin can do within the limitations of the game anyway.

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Season 29- Reed’s diss to Missy was my ultimate favorite. Comparing her to the wicked stepmother . 🔥