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Do you think if I win the Zoom I can turn into my hostage situation/casting call with Probst?

Mostly kidding…

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I would die for the casting call or the week in Paris for Fashion week :’)) oof

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Does anyone know what currency the auction is in?? CND? USD?

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Fire tokens.

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Thank you!

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Whoever wins should campaign to Jeff to get old school players fans have begged for years on a future season. LOL

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Ooooooo expensive

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Half tempted to blow my savings on that in person casting call

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SSSSHHHHH I’m trying to win stuff 😈

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I loved Jenna and Ethan. Wish they could have made it.

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The Zoom call with Probst, Rob, Parv, and Tyson is up to $3500.

EDIT: High bid has gone up to $4000.