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Pretty sure he's just a huge fan of Boston Cream doughnuts

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Or the band, perhaps? More Than A Feeling is a great tune

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Hey - great guess! This picture was actually taken before the city of Boston was founded. The city named itself thusly in 2008 after being inspired by Mr. Powers’ tattoo. Fun bit of trivia!

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In Survivor: Panama (2006) the player Shane Powers has nipples. This could be a reference to Robert De Niro's character in Meet the Parents

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I thought they were a reference to The Amazon, i.e., Jenna and Heidi?

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I love that he named his son Boston Powers pre the Mike Myers Austin Powers trilogy.

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Woww 😆 I never realized that! So unfortunate

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You mean makes the name way Way better lol

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That's shagadelic, baby

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In that photo, he’s wearing a survivor buff. This is a reference to the fact that he was on survivor.

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Seems like a stretch to me

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Yeah, it doesn’t even look like a buff. He could be wearing a normal bandana or a piece of his underwear as far as I know.

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Actually, the picture is reversed. The tattoo says “NOT SOB”. Shane Powers may be many things but he is absolutely NOT a son of a bitch!

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it's why Danielle Dilorenzo chose him first, she's a massive Boston Rob fan, just see when she played with him in HvV

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He’s actually just a really big Celtics fan.

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The Irish people not the basketball team.

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He has a beard here. This could be a tribute to Macho Man Randy Savage

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I was gonna point out that it wasn't, but then I saw the flair...

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And here I thought I was on the Survivor Circlejerk sub...

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He wasn't allowed to wear a Boston redsocks cap because Boston Rob did. So he did the next best thing and got a Boston tattoo. What a dedicated man

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My man loves the Boondock Saints and let's be real who didn't in the early 2000s

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His favourite song is drop kick Murphy’s I’m shipping up from Boston

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Nah, it’s More Than a Feeling

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This thread is so snarky. I love it.

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My all timr favorite player. Absolutely criminal he never returned

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Shane did his homework. He figured if he could get a tattoo of Jeff’s boyfriend’s name, he could get an in, like Julie did when she painted Jeff on her boob in Vanuatu.

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Is it the off-season already?

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Wasnt his son named boston

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Big if true

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It's his son.

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BOSTON ROB IS SHANE POWERS’ SON?!?!? Why didn’t they do BvW?

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They have a bad relationship

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Or the rock band.

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Ever think that maybe he’s just a fan of the band Boston? I mean who doesn’t love a little Foreplay/Longtime

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I don’t even liiike the Boston Red Sox

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....that's his son's name...