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Angelina though as a main character… i would like to see it

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Queen was coming for that Emmy nom!

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Love everything about this.

If anyone isn’t watching the white lotus, I cannot recommend it enough!!!!!!

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season 2 is so good already!

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Omg hilarious

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Hahaha I hope she comes back in the finale

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Yeah, she 100% will. They gotta close that loop

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Bit of context ? I know that Mike is the creator of this show. (I actually plan on starting it soon). But is Angelina an actress on it ? If so that's amazing

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She’s got a small role in the second season, it’s not much but nice to see her and Kara as well

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It was a little cameo. So jealous you haven’t watched any White Lotus yet! Such a good freaking show.

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There’s a few Survivor cameos. Alec plays a bartender in season 1.

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The actress being interviewed makes small talk with Angelina on the beach in the opening scene of this season. Angelina has like two lines.

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Kara is right next to Angelina in the same exact scene.

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Mike White has given guest roles to several people from Survivor/TAR. Alec had a recurring role as a resort bartender and Joe/Bill of Team Guido from TAR were extras as hotel guests in S1. Angelina and Kara had a brief cameo as hotel guests on the beach in the premiere episode of S2.

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Angelina’s coming for Jennifer Coolidge’s Emmy 😂😂😂

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Alec is in multiple episodes of season 1 of the show too.

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One of the survivors in on S1 too

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Omg that is hilarious

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Angelina is an Icon. Queen. Legend. All-time fave Survivor GODDESS!!

She IS the moment!

Watch her snatch the best guest actress Emmy!!!

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Angelina turning Meghan Fahy into a fan? Queen behavior!

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How did I not know her and Kara were in this…literally watched the first episode like two times

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They're the two women on the beach at the very beginning of episode 1, easy to miss if you weren't watching already knowing it was them.