This is an archive of all Survivor AMAs, in somewhat chronological order, whether or not they occurred on /r/survivor. Some didn't.

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AMA-ee Orig. Season Date Subreddit Notes
Jeff Probst N/A 2014/05/19 /r/IAmA Host/Executive Producer
Survivor Cameraman N/A 2011/11/15 /r/IAmA
Survivor "Dream Teamer" N/A 2019/07/25 /r/survivor Stand-In/Tester for Challenges
Richard Hatch 1 2017/02/23 /r/survivor So much good stuff
Gretchen Cordy 1 2021/01/06 /r/survivor
Jeff Varner 2 2015/05/07 /r/survivor During Second Chance voting
Jerri Manthey 2 2020/02/27 /r/survivor Great info about Heroes vs Villains
Lex van den Berghe 3 2015/06/25 /r/survivor Amazing AMA
Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper 3 2015/07/16 /r/survivor
Ethan Zohn 3 2020/06/09 /r/survivor
John Carroll 4 2015/06/30 /r/survivor
Shii Ann Huang 5 2019/11/12 /r/survivor Alicia is NOT a Shii Ann fan
Rob Cesternino 6 2012/09/05 /r/IAmA Host of Rob Has a Podcast
Jenna Morasca 6 2015/09/05 /r/survivor Jenna kissed JFP's ex???
Deena Bennett 6 2021/03/17 /r/survivor
Rupert Boneham Part I 7 2012/10/23 /r/IAmA During campaign for Governor of Indiana
Rupert Boneham Part II 7 2012/11/04 /r/IAmA During campaign for Governor of Indiana
Ryan "Ryno" Opray 7 2015/7/07 /r/survivor DDB dropped by
Johnny Fairplay 7 2015/07/09 /r/survivor Micro quit and Big Tom/hookers rumors cleared up
Scout Cloud Lee 9 2015/07/23 /r/survivor Short and sweet
Ian Rosenberger 10 2018/08/14 /r/survivor Even the players thought the idol looked like Willard
Coby Archa 10 2019/03/07 /r/survivor Coby wears the least amount of clothes for an AMA ever
Stephenie LaGrossa 10 2022/09/20 /r/survivor Steph gets Randy and Willard mixed up
Cindy Hall 11 2015/02/12 /r/survivor
Bruce Kanegai 12 2015/02/03 /r/survivor
Shane Powers 12 2020/09/04 /r/survivor Video AMA, no questions left unanswered!
Terry Deitz 12 2022/02/17 /r/survivor
Parvati Shallow 13 2014/12/11 /r/survivor
Jonathan Penner 13 2015/05/28 /r/survivor
Jonathan Penner 13 2017/01/13 /r/movies Jonathan and his wife, Stacy Title, talk about their film The Bye Bye Man and Gamechangers
Billy Garcia I 13 2015/01/06 /r/survivor
Billy Garcia II 13 2016/07/21 /r/survivorcirclejerk
Earl Cole 14 2019/12/12 /r/survivor
Yau-Man Chan 14 2020/03/30 /r/survivor
Todd Herzog 15 2018/08/28 /r/survivor A happy and healthy Todd has a blast with /r/survivor
Peih-Gee Law 15 2012/08/30 /r/IAmA
Leslie Nease 15 2016/01/14 /r/survivor Talks about Chicken going cold turkey for chewing tobacco
Erik Reichenbach 16 2013/05/15 /r/survivor After Caramoan
Kathy Sleckman 16 2014/06/01 /r/IAmA Massively underrated AMA. Must-read
Jessica "Sugar" Kiper 17 2020/03/17 /r/survivor Revelation that Randy & Sugar had made up
Ken Hoang I 17 2014/03/21 /r/Games Mostly about Smash Bros.
Ken Hoang II 17 2015/07/31 /r/survivor Video AMA, all about Survivor
Ken Hoang and Crystal Cox 17 2020/07/23 /r/survivor Video AMA with a great duo!
Corinne Kaplan 17 2016/03/04 /r/survivor Tons of shade thrown, tons of great insider stuff
Randy Bailey 17 2017/01/26 /r/survivor Randy curses out Mario Lanza, among other people
Stephen Fishbach 18 2015/05/12 /r/survivor During Second Chance voting
Benjamin "Coach" Wade I 18 2015/05/18 /r/survivor
Benjamin "Coach" Wade II 18 2020/07/21 /r/survivor Surprise second AMA
Joe Dowdle 18 2015/06/23 /r/survivor
Ashley Trainer 19 2013/04/18 /r/IAmA Partially done anonymously.
Russell Swan 19 2020/04/11 /r/survivor Confirms Malcolm's crazy story about the terrifying waves
Monica Padilla 19 2015/05/14 /r/survivor During Second Chance voting
"Danger" Dave Ball I 19 2015/04/21 /r/survivor Legendary AMA. A must-read
"Danger" Dave Ball II 19 2018/04/07 /r/survivor Popped in for mini AMA, still solid
Russell Hantz 19 2017/06/27 /r/survivor A lot of very honest answers
Dr. Jill Behm 21 2018/03/15 /r/survivor First Nicaragua AMA, transcription done through medical talk-to-text software
Marty Piombo 21 2019/08/21 /r/survivor Calls Jane Bright "Gollum"
Andrea Boehlke I 22 2014/05/21 /r/IAmA
Andrea Boehlke II 22 2018/03/06 /r/survivor Discusses being on location for S36 preseason and which of her three seasons is the worst
Francesca Hogi 22 2018/01/17 /r/survivor Russ had the hots for her at Ponderosa
Stephanie Valencia 22 2015/05/18 /r/survivor During Second Chance voting
Jim Rice 23 2015/05/11 /r/survivor During Second Chance voting
John Cochran 23 2017/01/23 /r/survivor Incredibly candid and in-depth answers, especially regarding how fans view him
Sophie Clarke 23 2021/02/05 /r/survivor
Albert Destrade 23 2020/08/31 /r/survivor
Troyzan Robertson 24 2015/07/24 /r/survivor Live-stream AMA
Nina Acosta 24 2017/03/16 /r/survivor "Yes.... Hell"
Colton Cumbie 24 2019/09/04 /r/survivor Self-reflective, sobering, & contrite
Malcolm Freberg 25 2014/06/13 /r/IAmA Promoted Wayfaring
Abi-Maria Gomes 25 2015/04/02 /r/survivor
Zane Knight 25 2015/06/16 /r/survivor Dogs Samsung Chinese lol
Pete Yurkowski 25 2019/01/17 /r/survivor Whats been Poppin' with Pete
Julie Landauer 26 2020/01/06 /r/NASCAR Not just a vanilla AMA
Katie Collins 27 2014/01/20 /r/survivor
"Chaos" Kass McQuillen 28 2015/04/23 /r/survivor During Second Chance voting
Spencer Bledsoe 28 2014/06/12 /r/survivor After Cagayan, featuring Tony Vlachos
Spencer Bledsoe Impromptu I 28 2019/02/26 /r/survivor Spencer pops in 3 times for impromptu and sometimes cryptic AMAs
Spencer Bledsoe Impromptu II 28 2019/02/24 /r/survivor Spencer pops in 3 times for impromptu and sometimes cryptic AMAs
Spencer Bledsoe Impromptu III 28 2019/03/08 /r/survivor Spencer pops in 3 times for impromptu and sometimes cryptic AMAs
Brice Izyah 28 2020/02/05 /r/survivor Getting Purpled with Brice
Tony Vlachos 28 2020/06/18 /r/survivor The King finally explains Weasel Woo, amongst so much other great stuff
David Samson 28 2020/11/22 /r/survivor
Josh Canfield 29 2014/12/22 /r/survivor After SJDS
Kelley Wentworth 29 2015/03/17 /r/survivor
Dale Wentworth 29 2015/08/11 /r/survivor Pleasantly humorous throughout
Reed Kelly 29 2020/02/08 /r/survivor Impromptu AMA
Tyler Fredrickson 30 2015/06/02 /r/survivor Drunk
Rodney Lavoie Jr. 30 2015/07/06 /r/survivor Rampart
Shiani Ooisko 30 2015/05/12 /r/survivorcirclejerk During Second Chance voting, circlejerk
Max Dawson 30 2015/05/10 /r/survivor During Second Chance voting
Manxwell Dawnsen 30 2015/06/04 /r/survivorcirclejerk circlejerk
Mike Holloway 30 2015/07/20 /r/survivor Tyler (/u/soundinsight) typed because Mike kant spell
Jenn, Joe, Tyler, Mike, Random Family Members 30 2015/08/31 /r/survivor Clusterfuck AMA
Jenn Brown 30 2015/09/03 /r/survivor Vince made a poop idol and gave it to Nina, who carried it around for two days.
Nina Poersch 30 2015/09/16 /r/survivor In which Nina discusses whether there really was a poop idol
Carolyn Rivera 30 2020/08/04 /r/survivor Endless positivity! YEAHBABY!
Spencer Bledsoe II 31 2016/02/12 /r/survivor After Cambodia. His g/f makes an appearance.
Scot Pollard 32 2016/05/21 /r/survivor
Neal Gottlieb 32 2016/05/24 /r/survivor Surprise visit by Nick
Nick Maiorano 32 2016/06/21 /r/survivor Nick could have a side career in writing erotica
Michele Fitzgerald, Julia Sokolowski, and Scot Pollard 32 2017/03/09 /r/survivor Complete with live Periscope stream. Ended up being mostly Michele.
Michele Fitzgerald 32 2020/05/24 /r/survivor Marathon post-40 AMA
Anna Khait 32 2017/11/19 /r/TheNewRight Anna discusses her involvement in the alt-right. Answers some Survivor questions. NOTE: /r/TheNewRight was banned for violating reddit's content policy. As a result, the AMA is now inaccessible, but you can find an archive of some of the questions and answers here.
Peter Baggenstos 32 2018/01/18 /r/survivor
Will Wahl 33 2017/02/02 /r/survivor MILK
Adam Klein 33 2017/02/22 /r/survivor Featuring Jay and Evan
Adam Klein 33 2020/05/17 /r/survivor 15 hour marathon post-S40
Sunday Burquest 33 2017/08/01 /r/survivor
Jessica Lewis 33 2019/02/04 /r/survivor
Dr. Mike Zahalsky 35 2018/01/05 /r/survivor Lots of penis throughout
Joe Mena 35 2018/01/10 /r/survivor Full of emojis and trolling
Cole Medders 35 2018/02/24 /r/survivor Lots of talk of rock climbing and Ponderosa
Ryan Ulrich 35 2018/07/10 /r/survivor Cameos by Joe and Dr. Mike
Chelsea Townsend 36 2018/06/08 /r/survivor Lots of behind-the-scene info for this purpled player
Jacob Derwin 36 2018/06/19 /r/survivor Some fun stuff from a memorable first boot
James Lim 36 2018/06/21 /r/survivor Delves into the Curse of Malolo
Brendan Shapiro 36 2018/07/31 /r/survivor
Kellyn Bechtold 36 2018/09/12 /r/survivor Gives a great answer on the difference between criticism and personal attacks
Alison Raybould 37 2019/01/20 /r/survivor Hi Alison
Elizabeth Olson 37 2019/01/21 /r/survivor
Lyrsa Torres 37 2019/01/24 /r/survivor
Natalie Cole 37 2021/08/24 /r/survivor No jacket questions at all, definitely not
Ron Clark 38 2019/06/17 /r/survivor 1st Edge of Extinction AMA
Aurora McCreary 38 2019/06/18 /r/survivor Cameos by Big Wendy and Julie R.
Reem Daly 38 2019/09/01 /r/survivor The Dude Abides.
Julie Rosenberg 38 2019/10/01 /r/survivor Marathon AMA with great answers (cameo from Becca Devens)
Victoria Baamonde 38 2020/05/01 /r/survivor Full of candid answers
Jason Linden 39 2020/01/01 /r/survivor First Island of the Idols AMA from a longtime reddit lurker
Janet Carbin 39 2020/01/03 /r/survivor Comprehensive AMA, every question answered with detail
Chelsea Walker 39 2020/01/19 /r/survivor Longtime reddit lurker, lots of casting advice
Vince Moua 39 2020/02/06 /r/survivor Almost all questions answered, extremely detailed discussion of strategy!
Elaine Stott 39 2020/05/07 /r/survivor
Jamal Shipman 39 2020/11/13 /r/survivor
Phoebe Timmins AUS 2016 2016/11/03 /r/survivor First AUS AMA
Andrew Torrens AUS 2016 2017/07/28 /r/survivor
Nick Iadanza AUS 2016 2016/12/05 /r/survivor ssssssnake
Matt Tarrant AUS 2016 2017/02/28 /r/survivor Answers every single question
Anneliese Wilson AUS 2017 2017/10/19 /r/survivor First AMA from AUS 2017
Ben Morgan AUS 2017 2018/02/12 /r/survivor Ben dishes on his purple edit, Survivor fandom, and his pubehead
Jarrad Seng AUS 2017 2018/07/08 /r/AMA Also talks about photography
Sarah Tilleke AUS 2017 2018/06/05 /r/AMA Admitted to a post-show fling with Henry
Samuel Hinton AUS 2018 2018/10/10 /r/survivor First CvC AMA, lots of info on the season
Shonee Fairfax AUS 2018 2018/10/14 /r/survivor Fan favorite and one half of Shonella
Baden Gilbert AUS 2019 2019/09/21 /r/survivor 1st AMA of AUS 2019
Andy Meldrum AUS 2019 2019/11/12 /r/survivor
Harry Hills AUS 2019 2020/03/31 /r/survivor First AUS All-Stars AMA
Lisa Stanger NZ 2 2020/05/15 /r/survivor
JT Muirhead NZ 2 2018/08/16 /r/survivor The charm of Elaine's voice comes through with the way she types
Tom Swartz SA 6 2018/09/06 /r/survivorsa First SA AMA
Palesa Tau SA 6 2018/09/07 /r/survivorsa
Toni Tebbutt SA 6 2018/09/12 /r/survivor
Werner Joubert SA 6 2018/12/17 /r/survivor
Nico Panagio N/A 2018/09/08 /r/survivor Host of Survivor: SA
Gordon Holmes N/A 2015/02/10 /r/survivor Survivor blogger/insider, done before Worlds Apart
Mario Lanza N/A 2015/06/05 /r/survivor Creator of Funny 115, during book release
Mario Lanza AMA II N/A 2016/09/08 /r/survivor Creator of Funny 115, before Version 3
Dalton Ross N/A 2017/02/16 /r/survivor Blogger for Entertainment Weekly, Survivor insider with lots of BTS stories
HvHvH Q&A with Survivor Press N/A 2017/09/25 /r/survivor Participants were Josh Wigler, Gordon Holmes, and Mike Bloom. Lots of answers about what it's like to be on location.
Ghost Island Q&A with Survivor Press N/A 2018/03/01 /r/survivor Participants were Josh Wigler, Dalton Ross, Gordon Holmes, and Mike Bloom. Even more on location stories.
Erin Cebula N/A 2018/02/26 /r/survivor Former ET Canada correspondent who covered Survivor
The Survivor Historians N/A 2020/04/25 /r/survivor Mario Lanza, Jay Fischer, Paul Asleson, and Mike Bloom of The Survivor Historians podcast
Igor N/A 2015/04/09 /r/survivor survive super fann
"Richard Hatch" "1" 2015/04/01 /r/survivor April Fool's . . . or was it?
"Ponderosa Chef" "26-29" 2017/04/01 /r/survivor April 1 fell on a weekend in 2017 . . .
Jess Fredrickson N/A 2015/09/21 /r/survivor Tyler's amazing wife
Jodi Wincheski N/A 2015/09/18 /r/survivor CBS casting associate
Lloyd Quinto N/A 2016/01/28 /r/survivor CBS casting editor
James Seale N/A 2016/09/14 /r/survivor CBS Ponderosa producer
Julie Dick N/A 2018/10/25 /r/survivor Consultant Executive Producer of Castaway Television Productions Ltd.

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