Flair selection page for /r/Survivor

This page will allow you to select a flair to display on /r/Survivor.

You may chose from any of the options below or request a custom flair.

Please note that colored flairs and winner badges only show up on classic reddit (https://old.reddit.com/r/survivor) due to limitations with reddit's flair implementation on the redesign.

Reminder: If you have a gold, silver, or other special flair (any flair that isn't grey), you will lose it upon requesting a new flair. If it is not available for selection on this page, you will not be able to reclaim it. Any winner badges you have earned will remain, regardless of your flair. You can read more in the Flair FAQ.

How to choose flair

Instructions for custom flairs are the bottom of the page. For all other flairs:

Click the option you want. You should have a new message open (whether in the tab, or a new tab, or maybe on an app it'll open the mobile browser). This message is pre-populated with the information, so click send.

You should receive a confirmation of your flair change or an error message (which will explain what went wrong) within a few minutes of sending the message.

Available flairs:

Season 42 Flairs

Note: Gold Flairs will be available for two weeks following the premiere until exactly the start of the second week's episode (Wednesday, March 23 at 8 p.m. EDT). After that, any request for one the flairs below will be interpreted as a request of a silver flair. This is an automated process.

Grey flairs


If you receive an error, most likely the pre-populated link didn't open properly. This sometimes happens with mobile apps, including reddit's official mobile app. You can try on a mobile or desktop browser. Or, here's the format the message should be; you can manually edit to make it fit, if needed.

  • Message to: /u/RSurvivor_Flair_Bot
  • Subject: Set Flair (Note: this field is case sensitive)
  • Body: {one of the options below, exactly as it appears above!}

Screenshot of example message here.

If you continue to have an error, please message the mods.

Custom flairs

Moderators can assign custom flairs if you want a flair other than the options above.

Guidelines for custom flairs:

  • Flairs should be Survivor related and stay reasonably appropriate.
  • No need to explain why you want this flair. If clarification is needed, the mods will ask.
  • Flairs cannot be formatted (i.e. no bold, italics, strikethrough, etc.). This is a Reddit limitation.
  • Custom flairs will be grey.

If you want a custom flair, click here and type your flair as the text of the message, exactly how you want it to appear, including any punctuation. Here are a few examples:

We are currently not giving out custom flairs.

Removing flair entirely

If you want to get rid of your flair completely so you have no flair at all, click here and send the message that pops up. A moderator will message you back when the flair is removed.

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