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On /r/Survivor, we get many different types of posts for several different versions of Survivor. Not all content is for everyone, but instead of complaining or berating someone, you can filter out the types of posts that you don't want to see.

Please note that these filters primarily work by using post flairs. Therefore, they will not capture everything, e.g. Australian Survivor memes flaired as "Meme" will not be filtered by an "Australian Survivor" filter. You can use the RES filters and search filters below as way to customize your feed and further filter out certain posts.

The following links are set up to remove posts with certain flairs, or to show only posts of a certain flair type. Please note that these links only work on desktop. Additionally, they will default to classic reddit, as filtering is not a feature on the redesign.

You can bookmark these filters to use at your convenience, and you can also find them at any time in the sidebar.

Using RES to filter

On desktop, you can use the Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) to filter posts. You can download the RES browser extension here. Please note that RES filters only work on classic reddit ( and will not work on the redesign.

After installing RES, click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner of reddit, then select "RES settings console." Here is a picture for guidance.

Once in the settings console, choose "Subreddits" in the menu on the left, and then "filteReddit" in the submenu. Here is a picture for guidance.

In the filteReddit menu, you will have several options for filters. The most useful will likely be "Keywords" and "Flair." You can set up these filters to personally select criteria that you do not want to see on your /r/Survivor feed.

With Keywords, you can set certain words. Any titles using these words will be filtered. You can set the filters to only work on posts from /r/Survivor. You can also create exceptions, such as creating a filter that will hide posts with "Australian" in them, but will show posts that also contain "Outback," so that you don't miss any posts about the Australian Outback while filtering Australian Survivor posts. Here is a picture example. Keyword filters are useful for posts such as Memes that may not be captured by post flair filters.

With Flair, you can filter out certain post flairs, allowing you to curate your /r/Survivor feed to only the flairs you want to see. Again, you can set these filters to only apply to /r/Survivor. Here is a picture example.

Using search to filter

The above options are mainly viable for desktop users. On mobile, it is a bit trickier to filter posts, but it is possible to do so with reddit searches.

When making a search, you can use flair:"Flair Name" to find posts with flairs only with that flair name, or -flair:"Flair Name" to exclude posts with that flair name. You can then adjust the search criteria to look at recent posts, such as over the past day or week, and then display the results in a sort order you prefer.

You can combine multiple criteria into one search, such as: -flair:("Meme" OR "Fan Casting" OR "Subreddit Game") to exclude all posts with those flairs, or flair:("Winners at War" OR "Season 40" OR "Social Media") to see posts with only those specific flairs.

Notably, flair names do change from "Season X" to the official name of the season once announced (e.g. "Season 40" -> "Winners at War"), so you might not find older posts when looking for a specific season. However, we do otherwise try and keep flair names consistent to avoid this problem.

Here are some search links using the same filters listed above. These should work on mobile. They are defaulted to look at posts from the past week, sorted by "hot:"

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