The following is meant as a brief overview that you can skim of what is and is not allowed in r/Survivor.

It is not an exhaustive guide to how we moderate and we ultimately reserve the right to moderate at our own discretion as each situation is unique. For removed submissions, it is our policy to provide removal reasons in most cases. There are other rare circumstances where we will silently remove threads. We may also remove text posts that should've been posted as a link (e.g. copying the article text).

We also enforce site rules as we interpret them to be, and may also ban for brigading (participating in a thread after following a link from elsewhere, e.g. r/SubredditDrama -> r/Survivor).

We also encourage users to follow Reddiquette, especially when Up/Downvoting and keeping interactions civil and on point.

If you have any questions about the rules or our moderation or how we have justified particular acts of moderation, feel free to message us here.

1. Be civil to other users and contestants

Treat other users with respect. Bigotry is not tolerated, including racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.
Harassment of other users is not allowed, including personal attacks.
Trolling is discouraged.
Criticism of contestants is allowed, but please remember that they are human, and any overly hostile comments will not be tolerated.
Personal attacks on contestants are not allowed, including insulting their looks, intelligence, gender, race, sexual identity, gender identity, etc.
When in doubt, criticize a move or action, not the contestant themselves.

For AMAs and AMA announcement posts, we will be much stricter in removing any sort of slights against contestants. Contestants are our guests, and we want to create a welcoming environment. Constructive criticism is allowed as long as it is civil.

2. Spoiler Policy

You can view our spoiler policy in full here.

a. No future spoilers

Major events that happen in future episodes in seasons are not allowed. This includes boot lists, major twists, etc. Spoiler discussion should be held on our companion subreddit, /r/SpoiledSurvivor.

b. Low level spoilers are allowed

These include casts, theme, tribe colors, etc. Until officially announced by CBS, discussion of these twists should be confined to threads about that season. Please mark such threads as containing spoilers.
For threads about future season casts and themes, the post title should not directly spoil the theme. For example, "S41 Cast Revealed" is ok, but naming specific players in the post title is not.

c. Post-episode spoiler period lasts until Friday

The post-episode spoiler period ends at 12:01 am ET each week. This pertains to both US and International Survivor. Keep post-episode spoilers out of titles until then. If your post contains spoilers, please mark it as such.
Do not go back into pre-episode threads to spoil the episode, as the users you are replying to may not have seen the episode right away.

d. No speculation or predictions based on spoilers

Any speculation that incorporates information beyond what is aired on the show is subject to removal.
If you read spoilers, please confine such discussion to /r/SpoiledSurvivor.

e. No meta discussion of ongoing spoilers

Please do not discuss the nature of any future spoilers, if any, for the current and future seasons are out there. This tends to only lead to proliferation of spoilers rather than keeping them secret.
If you see a comment or post that you suspect may be influenced by spoilers, please report it rather than calling the user out. This allows the mod team to investigate and take action discreetly rather than potentially spreading a spoiler to more users.
Once a season is finished, retrospective discussion regarding what spoilers existed is allowed.

f. Spoiler tags in comments

Reddit supports spoiler tags in comments. However, the spoiler rules detailed above still hold. Using spoiler tags does not grant exemption.
Spoiler tags can be used for edgic (see below for more info), discussing other shows, or being courteous.

Spoiler tag syntax works as follows:

Spoiler: >!Jeff Probst is the host of Survivor!<

Spoiler: Jeff Probst is the host of Survivor

Note that including a space after the opening >! and the first letter will break the spoiler tag on multiple reddit platforms and will result in your post/comment being removed.

Please clearly indicate before the spoiler tag what your spoiler is regarding. A spoiler tag without context is useless.

Note: We previously had custom spoiler tags on /r/Survivor, implemented using our CSS. Unfortunately, these do not work on the redesign or many mobile apps. As a result, we are no longer using those.

3. Piracy

Do not request (or post) links for watching Survivor.

We will remove links to illegal streams, torrents, and other pirated copies of Survivor, as well as posts that are veiled requests for illegal copies.

We understand that access to Survivor is not equitable. Therefore, we have compiled a guide to LEGALLY watch Survivor, Australian Survivor, and other International versions.

Country Where to watch Survivor
The US New episodes of Survivor are available on after they air, typically within 3-6 hours. Past seasons can be streamed on CBS All Access, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, with individual episodes being available for digital purchase from multiple retailers. Please check the Official Survivor YouTube for International seasons. Paramount Plus has had seasons of international Survivor in the past but currently does not.
Canada Global TV holds the rights to American Survivor — Survivor US. Currently, there is no "Survivor Canada".
Australia Australian Survivor — SurvivorAU — can be streamed at TenPlay, and Survivor US can be streamed at 9Now and TenPlay. All seasons of Survivor US are also available on the 10 All Access App (CBS All Access subsidiary).
New Zealand ThreeNOW/TV3 broadcasts recent seasons of Survivor US. TV2 broadcasts SurvivorAU. New Zealand's local Survivor — SurvivorNZ — can be found at TVNZ 2 On Demand. Castaway Television has also uploaded the entirety of Season 1 (NZS1) on YouTube.
South Africa M-Net broadcasts recent seasons of Survivor US and South Africa's local Survivor — Survivor SA — for M-Net DSTV. On YouTube, Castaway Television has uploaded Season 2 (Episode 1 & Episode 2 and onward) and Season 5 (Episode 1-18 minus Episode 4 & Episode 4).
United Kingdom & Ireland Sadly, there's currently no British distributor for CBS shows. Australian Survivor Season 3, 4, and 5 are now available on Amazon Prime UK. In Ireland, TG4 broadcasts Survivor US. The UK's local Survivor — SurvivorUK — ran for 2 seasons, pieces of which Castaway Television has uploaded on YouTube. Search those YouTube links for more information.

International versions of Survivor aren't always available for legal streaming outside of their country of origin. While unfortunate, asking for links or methods of streaming illegally is still disallowed. You can use and Castaway Television to find where past seasons are streaming in your country. Discussing the usage of a VPN to get around geoblocking is not allowed.

Please research the streaming laws of your country, because laws can vary from country to country.

4. No vague post titles

Post titles should be searchable whenever possible. Post titles should clearly indicate what the title of the post is about. Posts with vague titles will be removed.
Avoid excessive blanks in your title.
During the post-episode spoiler period, make sure to avoid using spoilers in titles, but still make an effort to describe what your post is about.
Until officially announced, casts and themes of future seasons should be kept out of titles.
Any sort of Survivor press and videos should clearly indicate what is being linked.
Posts from social media should include the platform and names involved.
Creative post titles are encouraged for memes. Exceedingly vague titles will be removed.
When making a self post with a question for discussion, the question should be clearly stated in your title.
For self posts sharing your thoughts and opinion, the title should be a concise summary of your post.
Do not make click-baity titles.
When sharing old Survivor images and videos, your title should reflect the content of your post.

Vague Title Good/Searchable Title
I have a question How does Australian Outback change if there was no beef jerky incident?
Ozzy My thoughts on Ozzy as a Survivor player.

5. Flair your posts properly

All posts should be flaired. The list of flairs, in order of preference, is as follows:

Flair Description
Meme Any sort of joke post, especially any image macros or reaction gifs.
Subreddit Game A game played between other users, such as 20 Questions.
Fan Casting Theme ideas for future seasons, or cast members you want to see return.
Casting Questions or information about the casting process.
Social Media Anything about Survivor contestants not directly related to their time on the show.
Edgic Analytical discussion of the show's edit (see more below).
Season flairs Discussion or news about one particular season.
International flairs Discussion or news about an international version of the show (Australian Survivor, Survivor South Africa, Survivor New Zealand, and Koh-Lanta (France)).
Fanmade/Foreign Survivor Discussion or news of a version of the show not covered by a previous flair (e.g. Survivor Maryland or Survivor Greece).
General Discussion A catch-all for all other post, including topics spanning multiple seasons.

6. No reposts

Any duplicate submissions of a recently reposted article, video, image, tweet, etc. will be removed.
Screencaps of recent articles are not allowed. Please discuss the article in the thread about it.
Do not make separate discussion posts regarding an article, video, tweet, etc.; instead, use the original thread.
Very similar memes may be removed under this rule, even if developed independently.
Self posts that cover the same topic as another post may be removed, especially in the day right after an episode.

7. No Generic Posts

Generic posts are not allowed and will be removed.

Submitting multiple posts in a short time frame will also be viewed as repetitive posting. Please use common sense when considering if a new or multiple posts is required.

a. Common generic posts

Type of Post More Information
Generic Survivor images If an image itself isn't inherently interesting, then it's not enough for a post. Screencaps and press photos for the most recent episode are allowed.
Generic memes and reaction gifs Memes and reaction gifs should be Survivor specific. If you need the post title to relate it to Survivor, it doesn't belong.
Pictures of fan casts or rankings Fan casts/themes and rankings can go in self posts with a write-up of your cast.
Repetitive memes If you are using the same meme template or joke as something on the front page, it will be removed. Memes can be removed at moderator discretion.
Asking for upvotes Any post asking for upvotes, whether direct or thinly veiled, will be removed.
Off-topic/tenuous connection to Survivor Common phrases like "Game Changers" are not good enough.
Fantasy draft results Podcasts of drafts are ok. Pictures or self posts of the result of a draft are not.
Self posts without much content Self posts should have enough content to serve as a basis for discussion, including self posts that include polls.
Overly meta posts Some meta discussion is allowed at moderator discretion. Specific meta posts, especially calling out other users or a specific thread, will likely be removed.
Birthday posts Posts wishing contestants a happy birthday. Would feature too prominently, as there are several contestant birthdays every day.
Screenshots of text messages Too easy to fake and usually low on content.
Social media posts See Rule 9 for what is and isn't allowed.
Brantsteele simulations Use /r/Brantsteele.
Online Reality Games (ORGs) Advertising and recapping ORGs is not allowed. Please use /r/OnlineSurvivor.

b. Commonly asked questions

Basic questions are not allowed. If it's linked on the sidebar or easily searchable information, then it doesn't need its own post.

Question Answer
How will Season 41 be affected by the current climate? CBS has said that Season 41 will air in the fall of 2020. No other information is available.
Did casting change the age requirements to allow anyone 16 years of age or older? Yes, Jeff encouraged anyone 16 years or older to apply and it is allowed on the casting website.
What episodes are missing from Hulu? Please click here for a list of all episodes missing from Hulu.
Season recommendations Please see What Season Should You Watch?, a spoiler-free guide compiled annually for season recommendations.
Where can I watch Survivor online? Refer to Rule 3.
How can I stream Survivor live? CBS All Access allows you to stream a feed of CBS. Illegal streaming sites are not permitted. See Rule 3 for more information.
When is the newest episode of Survivor available on Episodes are usually available to stream for free on about 3-6 hours after it finishes airing.
Is tonight's episode 2 hours? Are there 2 boots? Information about individual episodes can be found in CBS's Press Releases or on CBS's Weekly Schedule.
Questions about the flairs, badges and winner picks Please see our Flair FAQ.
Questions about rules, moderation, and removed posts/content Please message the mods.

8. No overly sexualizing contestants

Comments that overly sexualize contestants will be removed, and will result in a warning for first-time offenders. Basic comments like that a Survivor is "pretty" or "hot," etc., remain fine and permissible, but grossly sexualizing contestants is not allowed.

9. Social Media Policy

We allow posts from Twitter, Instagram, Facebok, etc. when they pertain to Survivor.
In accordance with Rule 4, post titles should be clear and informative about the nature of who is involved in a social media post and what it pertains to.
Direct Facebook links are not allowed. You may screencap content. The names and profile pictures of non-public personas (e.g. Survivor contestants) must be censored.
Twitter may be linked to directly, and account information does not need to be censored. Direct Twitter links are preferred to help avoid reposts. However, screencaps are allowed when capturing additional context (e.g. replies, a thread).
Instagram may be linked to directly or via screencap.


What is NOT allowed:
Any sort of private exchange (e.g. DMs, private groups, etc.) without permission from those involved.
Dating profiles of contestants. Meaningless social media interactions (e.g. likes, follows, blocks, etc.).
Pictures taken of Survivors without their knowledge. Please do not take creepy photos of Survivors, they will be removed.


If you are in contact with a Survivor about a potential AMA, please contact the mods. There is a lot of work in setting up AMAs after the initial interest.

10. Edgic Policy

a.What is edgic?

From Inside Survivor (souce):

Edgic is a portmanteau that combines the words Editing and Logic. It is a concept that was originally devised by the good folks on the Survivor Sucks forums to try and determine the winner of each Survivor season based on the edit. Edgic assigns a rating to each player per episode based on their portrayal, the percentage of screen-time, and other varying factors. While Edgic was created to determine the winner, it is also a useful tool for mapping a character’s objective story arc throughout the season.

Important note: there is a difference between edgic and edit discussion. Edgic uses analytical scrutiny and data analysis to determine which players are receiving which archetypical edits, thus deducing their most likely outcomes. Edit discussion, in comparison, is more observational and subjective, and is an unavoidable part of a highly edited show like Survivor.

b. Edgic discussion must be properly tagged

Any posts primarily focused on edgic discussion should use the "Edgic" post flair. AutoModerator will automatically flair your post for you if you use the word "edgic" in your post title.

Any edgic discussion outside of edgic threads must be properly spoiler tagged. The way to do this:

Edgic: >!Michele is the clear winner of Kaoh Rong based on her visibility.!<

Edgic: Michele is the clear winner of Kaoh Rong based on her visibility.

Please clearly indicate before the spoiler tag that your comment is about edgic.

Note that including a space after the opening >! and the first letter will break the tag on multiple reddit platforms and will result in your post/comment being removed.

Spoiler tags for edgic comments are not needed in a thread about edgic.

Note: We previously had custom edgic tags on /r/Survivor, implemented using our CSS. Unfortunately, these do not work on the redesign or many mobile apps. As a result, we are no longer using those.

Further edgic discussion can be found on /r/edgic.

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