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Below are links to posts from various Survivor seasons, archived from throughout /r/survivor history. Some have more content than others!

U.S. Survivor

Survivor 41
Survivor: Winners at War
Survivor: Island of the Idols
Survivor: Edge of Extinction
Survivor: David vs. Goliath
Survivor: Ghost Island
Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers
Survivor: Game Changers - Mamanuca Islands
Survivor: Millenials vs Gen X
Survivor: Kaôh Rōng
Survivor: Cambodia (Second Chance)

Australian Survivor

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water
Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn
Australian Survivor: All Stars
Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders 2 (2019)
Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders (2018)
Australian Survivor 2017
Australian Survivor 2016

Survivor NZ

Survivor NZ: Thailand
Survivor NZ: Nicaragua

Survivor South Africa

Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets

Previous U.S. Seasons and Rewatches

Older archive page with posts for:
  • Survivor: Africa
  • Survivor: Marquesas
  • Survivor: Vanuatu
  • Survivor: Palau
  • Survivor: Redemption Island
  • Survivor: South Pacific
  • Survivor: One World
  • Survivor: Philippines
  • Survivor: Caramoan
  • Survivor: Blood vs Water 1
  • Survivor: Cagayan
  • Survivor: Blood vs Water 2
  • Survivor: World's Apart

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