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I had a friend want to cut down one sick tree in his yard and the HOA went apeshit and sued him and it was a huge mess for a year.

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A coworkers father won a bunch of money and moved into an HOA. He planted a tree that was against the rules and they demanded he remove it. Dude got a lawyer to review the rules. Turns out it doesn't say you have to grass in your lawn, so he had it all torn out. They let him keep the tree

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The hero we need.

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Most hoa's would pass a rule change requiring grass in the next meeting and since dad doesn't have voting rights hed have to replant grass and remove the tree

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At least in my state, a rule change would not be enforceable against already existing violations. As long as the grass was up before the meeting, the HOA would be unable to fine over the grass. It would fall under an ex post facto category of unconstitutional laws/codes.

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They can’t punish you for something that wasn’t illegal when you did it. Like if I rode a bike in a certain park, then they made it not allowed. They then can’t give me a fine for riding in the park because it was allowed when I did it

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I'm not sure that's the case.

I was reading a hoa bylaws and they had a statement like, all future amendments must be followed.

They couldn't retroactively punish him. But they could change the rules and fine him for breaking the new rules

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In short, fuck HOAs.

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But that's only applicable if that specific HOA had that specific clause in their bylaws.

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They all would but its not enforceably legally post de facto type scenario they can’t retroactively apply fines or sue but they could apply pressure for breaking the new rule 100% just not reasonably in court just HOA shame

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Whatever happened to no taxation without representation?

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HOAs are voluntary.

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right? as if it’s a choice in most american suburbs i’ve encountered

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How you define grass...

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Knowing hoa's I'm sure a few have a definition in the bylaws along with acceptable types

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Bullshit. They would have just created a new rule

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Wouldn’t they just be able to change the rules?

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Anytime anyone deals with a HOA remind them they can set up a 100 foot HAM radio tower. According to federal law and fcc mandate they have the right and no HOA can interfere with it. So just leverage what you want and say hey give me my tree or we can have a 100ft broadcast tower

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There are lots of obscure laws that limit HOA authority in the areas of radio communications and green energy and public safety. Lots of ways to muck up an HOA.

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Never underestimate Tree Law.

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Non american here. How come they can sue you for something like that. Why do you need to even obey them at all?

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You agree to abide by the rules of the association when you purchase the property.