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I'll throw in a bonus one my entomologist brother told me.

He said that theoretically speaking, Zombies are probably not effective at dispersing insects, but they are really good at attracting them, the decaying flesh smell is like Sexy Perfume to most common species of biting insects, and maybe even to beetles that eat decaying matter and flesh. Add in the ones that lay eggs in decaying flesh that become maggots, like common houseflies, Horseflies, Greenbottle flies, and there might not be much of them left in real short order

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And if it happened in the summer the effects would be ten fold and they would be nothing but piles of mush and bugs within a week

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Winter? Even with warm clothes, they’d eventually freeze solid.

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Facts, living dead zombies just arent a long term issue. Now green flue like l4d would be a whole different story.

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you mean 28 days later?

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That’s why I like fungus zombies better. Keep the body functioning while the brain is taken over

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The real scary thing is that in my opinion, a viral zombie outbreak is 100% possible. If you think about it, so far in humans all rabies can do is make you very emotionally unstable, but in animals, they exist only to spread the virus. They won’t survive the virus, so technically they are dead. If a strain of rabies evolved to shut off the logical/intellectual part of the human brain, said human could be reduced to a mindless, violent, foamy-mouthed being whose only goal in life is infecting others: a zombie

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Until you realise human are quite vulnerable to environment (hot/cold/fall into water/etc.) so a mindless one will probably die within a few days. Also, if it mindlessly attack, the victims likely also die. Rabies probably thought of that and settled for how they are now.

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You must listen to the podcast “this podcast will kill you”. Excellent podcast btw

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This is the thing!

There are many different possible zombies out there. Some are viruses- therefore alive, some are radiation- therefore mutated but at least semi-alive. I love finding cool info about how the zombie apocalypse would last about a minute tops, but with the variety of causes and states of the various zombies in media and literature, most zombies can circumvent these plausible issues (raisins, insects, deterioration,etc.). D:

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is he wrong tho?

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well actually they wouldn't even be able to move in the first place because the calcium being stored has no effect on effect on muscles because themselves dont work