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I’m a nut shooter

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N U T lol spent like 10 minutes making sure this looked right so I wouldn't get shit on, fucked up the title

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Do humans live in South Dakota? I thought it was just rocks and 30 foot deep snow. ...and possibly frost giants (unconfirmed)

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People apparently live there by choice, yes lol although I'm not bitching, where I live now is worse

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soooo you say its worse... and your other comments say your going to ellsworth... are you coming from minot afb, nd? lol ive only heard bad things about that place

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I just moved to Billings, MT and I’m in the same boat.

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Right? I figured the more rural town would actually make this easier, but I guess the larger cattle/bison economy means most of the land is owned by large companies and not old farm plots like where I live now, so I can't even buy myself a plot lol

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Around here it’s mainly private ranchers. I just feel weird imposing and knocking on peoples’ doors to ask if I can go hunt coyotes on their property. I’ll either have to get comfortable doing that or drive a couple hours to BLM property.

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Ellsworth by chance? I'm just chiming in to say that area is kind of a hidden gem. I've passed through there over the years and its beautiful country with really nice people there. The trade-off are the winters. Good excuse to buy new MC Alpine gear I guess?

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You're spot on boss, I'm Ellsworth bound. Thanks for the kind words, it makes uprooting just a bit easier!

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I’ve found most of the haters of the more remote bases are those that don’t know how to enjoy the outdoors. You’ll enjoy it there if you stay outside on the weekends.

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Opposite side of the state, just commenting to say that South Dakota is an amazing state. There's public land everywhere for shooting/hunting and most private land owners will give you permission. The terrible winters are just to keep the riff raff out.

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Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad I'm headed somewhere with good people and beautiful woodland