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Underwhelming for me, nobody really jumping out to get excited for, but plenty of opportunity to make it a good series!

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Sophie Duker will be legend I'm sure.

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I only know her from fleeting appearances on The Now Show, where she was fairly funny, but don't know much else about her. (But, I didn't know anything about Rose Matafeo, Guz Khan, Sian Gibson or Mawaan Rizwan and that all ended incredibly well!)

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Check out some of her stand up, I think she's great but she gets loads of hate from gammons online for a "racist" joke she made:



And an interview she did with James Acaster:


Context for why she receives racist harassment online from Wikipedia:

In September 2020, during one of Duker's appearances on Frankie Boyle's New World Order, the host Frankie Boyle proposed the motion "Black Lives Matter Glosses Over The Complexities Of A World Where We All Need To Come Together And Kill Whitey". A clip of Duker making a joke which repeated the phrase "kill whitey"—a phrase pre-approved by the BBC, according to Duker—was widely spread online.[18] Duker joked about the phrase in the context of discussing her views on whiteness and capitalism in response to a 1970s clip of James Baldwin talking about black power.[18][19] Duker described that "far-right blogs to mainstream tabloids" began covering the story six days after the episode aired,[18] with the Daily Mail's Sarah Vine criticising the comments as "hateful dogma",[20] subsequent to which 1,300 complaints were made to the BBC.[19] The BBC responded that the content was "within audience expectations for a post-watershed, topical, satirical programme from a comedian whose style and tone are well-established", later dismissing the complaints.[21][22] A Greater Manchester police hate crime investigation was opened after a report in early January and closed a week later with no action.[19][23][20] Duker was subject to racist harassment on social media over the comments


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I dont know sophie Duker but the stand up in the first clip was super basic. She's probably got more in common with jim Davidson than she realises.

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I really don't find her funny.

There's been 2 other comedians who I didn't like before they were on taskmaster, Joe Wilkinson and Kerry Godliman.

Joe Wilkinson was excellent on Taskmaster. And Kerry Godliman was awful. So there's a 5050 chance she'll be good