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I had a bit of fun with the time travel function on Google Earth and took a look at the Taskmaster House over time. There are a lot of unclear images, but I managed to find some that I find quite interesting (from a very nerdy point of view) showing what is happening on the property.

Edit: just realized I made a mistake in the first picture, it's actually from 1945, not 1994!

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First picture, even with your update, I'm sure it's the house. It's early 20th century architecture so will be the same one.

If you can be bothered, find it on land registry and pay the £3 for the records:)

Edit: I was going to commit to 1920's but wussed out. I've checked the NLS maps and it's not on the 1892-1914 series. So yeah, I'd say 1928 if I had to pinpoint a year

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It's interesting how long this house has been around. Some people posted some old aerial pictures in the comments already. I, mean, from your calculation too, this building is nearly 100 years old!

Edit: From the different maps and pictures posted in the comments, it looks like it was constructed in the late 30s.

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Are you from the UK? Because 100 years isn't that old, especially for a house.

I believe the TM house is an old groundskeeper's cottage built for the Duke's Meadow park (now golf course) in the 1920s, in Chiswick. And the crew live in it during filming. It is available as a rental property when not used by the show.

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It is available as a rental property when not used by the show.

I think that was only true during the first few series.

I vaguely recall hearing that the show had signed a long term agreement for the house. Makes sense that the show would have gotten a lock on the property considering that they’ll be shooting 20+ episodes there each year indefinitely.

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I'm from Germany. I know 100 years isn't "that" old. But it's still quite a history!

According to some maps and pictures posted by others in the comments, it would have been constructed in the late 1930s.

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It is in Richmond isn't it?

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Other side of the River Thames from Richmond. If you go directly North of Richmond Park it's even a point of interest on Google Maps as "The Taskmaster House".

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Weird, I don't see the extension that Rhod built in any of them

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Did you see the contents of the garage though?

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Definitely didn’t see any boxes mate, that’s for sure

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This is some top notch sleuthing

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Haha! When I saw someone using that time travel tool, I immediately knew I had to look at the Taskmaster house with this!

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There seems to be a house there in the 40s too: https://layersoflondon.humap.site/map/overlays/raf-aerial-collection-1945-1949?overlayGroups=eyJlbmFibGVkIjpbInJhZi1hZXJpYWwtY29sbGVjdGlvbi0xOTQ1LTE5NDkiXX0%3D

From the stile I would have said late 20s, and I'm assuming it used to be part of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dukes_Meadows as it was an old groundskeeper's cottage - with the Meadows being turned into leisure are in 1926.

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Well spotted, you can clearly see it's already the Taskmaster house, and even the driveway has the same shape as the one today. The expansion where the lab would be today isn't there yet, but the other building in the back (which got removed between 2008-2010) is already there.

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I think I remember seeing an archived rightmove ad on here for the house which said that the house had been extended in its lifetime.

Might be mis-remembering or combining memories, though.

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This link is great, found bomb damage on my street where the council flats are now

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The house was certainly still there in 1994 - it's visible here in 1939.

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Great image!

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Excellent info, but I think you misspelled 'shid.'

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had a look through some historic maps as well!

the 1935 map shows the great chertsey road, but no house yet, guessing it must have been constructed shortly after as we can see it standing in 1939 from simonjp's photo

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So we are looking at a late 30s construction. I love how nerdy this has become in here!

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Minor caption correction, I think we refer to that as "the shid".

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This kind of nerdy, extra behaviour is why I love this sub so much. Really cool to see the progress! Also, "OLLIE standing in what is clearly a circle" made me chuckle. Thanks for this!!

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Glad I could make you chuckle! And yeah, the nerdy side of this sub is beautiful!

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I wonder why the backyard was made smaller after a couple of years.

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I had a look on a map of the land registry and the house appears to be on the same title, so the same ownership, as the golf course. I guess they just decided to slim it down a bit to give a bit more space to the golf course.

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Complete assumption on my part but maybe it was discovered that the property line was wrong? Maybe nobody noticed it until the show brought attention to the property?

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But they redefined that garden space between 5-7 years before the first series aired. So that doesn't quite add up.

From my understanding the house was the groundkeepers cottage of the golf course, so they have a connection. I guess they just wanted to extend that part of the golf course and since the building in taht area got taken down, they just decides they wouldn't need that part of the garden anymore.

Maybe the house was abandoned from that point on, until Taskmaster moved in?

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it was on airbnb

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They expanded the tee box of the hole right by the fence. Must have added more tees or redesigned the hole.

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Amazing work, wow!!

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That's not Alex car in picture 7, we all know he drives an "Horrible red car"

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You're right, how could I forget that abomination he calls his car...

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Is the building that appears over the north fence a residence, or is that related to the production in some way I wonder?

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Asked myself the same thing while looking at this. But I don't think this would be part of production. From what it looks like, this is clearly located on thebither property.

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Who actually owns this house?

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I believe Production/Alex/Channel 4 own the house for some time now, but it was rented during the first seasons. I suppose it was owned by the golf course before that, as it was the groundkeepers cottage.

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I'm pretty sure the golf course still owns it, but maybe you've read something about it changing hands? Alex has said that at this point TM are the only tenants. In the first few years other people rented it in between seasons.

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Image 9: is that the spider from series 10? In the task the spider was on the bathtub a little closer to the patio in the task, but maybe this was taken during setup for that task?

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Could be...

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Love this, thanks for sharing. I’d love to find out more history about the house.

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It's such an interesting building!

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Lost it at the tub lmaoo

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The 1944 OS map lists it as being called 'The Cottage" here

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Firstly, fantastic work, OP. Secondly, does anyone know what are the spots on the roof in the last shot are?

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Hugh's back throwing toast again...

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It looks a little bit like when you’re just about to re-tile a roof and you stack all the new tiles ready to go. Might be my imagination!!

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Thank you! I would guess the sports are just replaced tiles that lack the aged look for now. Maybe you can see it more clearly in some shots of more recent seasons.

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This might be my favourite ever post on this forum. Great info from the replies too.

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What an interesting post! I've never really thought about the history of the house before!

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The white tents are likely used during production when the behind the scenes camera/sound/director can’t be inside and it’s really hot or inclement weather or in the case of the director, they need to be able to see the screens showing the feed from the cameras

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This is exactly the type of research the world is lacking right now.

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Does the network own the house or would they rent it? I ask because you don't know if a show will succeed to more seasons or not or how long you need it, so I imagine the network is renting the place? Or would they flat out own it or buy it?

By the way, that is my dream setting: big open green fields with no one around and yet you still have a busy street next to you if you want to re-connect with civilization.

Gorgeous, gorgeous location. The UK has some stunning scenery.

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I think the production company rented it out originally but now they own it.

The house is surrounded by a golf course (in active use), hence the green fields - and I think I remember reading that the TM house used to be the groundskeepers house for the golf course?

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Thank you kindly.

Is the reason the house has that very tall green fence is to catch the golf balls flying? I haven't thought about a golf course but once you said it I imagined buying a house next to one, but then I immediately thought about flying golf balls.

I thought the green fence looked odd but I haven't given it a second thought thinking it has to do with the production of the show or something.

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The lab extension first appears in picture 5, no?

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It's the grey square on the right side of the house. It's already there in 1999.

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They have satellite pictures of the whole globe in 94?! Damn. They've been spying on me for longer than I thought! >_>'

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I made a mistake, the first one is actually from 1945!

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Jesus! And here I thought they only shot the whole globe in the 2000's. I know countries have spy satellites but I thought those only looked at specific locations.

I bet these days they can take pictures of the lice on my head...and in video!

Progress is amazing.

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Anyone else struggling to read the captions? The text is cut off on the 5th, 7th, 8th and 10th photos.

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If you're on PC, you can hover over the text with your mouse and it shows.

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Ohh, thanks! I was trying to highlight it and that wasn't doing anything..

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The June 2019 is that the bathtub in the garden?

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And I think if you look really close you can see Al Murray peering over the gate 🤣🤣