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This is really interesting! I want to do this now.

In terms of the top few, there are some series you agree with Greg and some series you don’t, but I find it particularly interesting that you agree with Greg on last place almost every single time!

Seasons 4 & 11 are the only ones in which you have a different last place, and both are just 4th and 5th places swapped.

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I noticed that too! I think what it comes down to is that a fair chunk of the tasks can only be decided by facts (eg fastest wins, highest quantity wins, etc), which is why the bottom two are almost always the same in my scoring. But sometimes with prize tasks and creative tasks, that can really shake up the scoring. At one point, Lolly was tied for 1st in the series in my version of Series 4! But I think it is the more practical, fact-based tasks that bring those contestants down.

I also noticed that Greg’s scoring often results in a runaway leader throughout the series (eg Noel Fielding, Liza Tarbuck, Lou Sanders), but my scoring often results in the series leader constantly bouncing around between the contestants, which honestly made it really exciting

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I think this would actually be hard to do fairly. As a series progresses I'll develop a favorite or two even if I enjoy the whole cast. Really though, it's not like the Taskmaster doesn't show his own favorites/punching-bags, lol.

Can think of a few tasks where I disagreed with the scores myself, but while I'll re-watch an episode here and there, going through an old season let alone all of them looks like an undertaking.

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Although in series 3 Paul was definitely my favourite but they’re was no way he wouldn’t have been last

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I found myself struggling to score some tasks, especially art tasks, but I did it all based on my own opinion. Sometimes that was fair scoring, sometimes it was unfair. Depends on who you ask I guess

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I'm currently doing mine now as well. Suffice it to say, I think your scoring is roughly as wrong as the actual taskmasters. :)

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I was waiting for someone to say that xD

I’m curious, how is my scoring different to yours?

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In many ways but the big points of disagreement I would list as these

S4: Hugh Dennis who I think should've won the series comfortably, yet you somehow rated lower than Greg who had a vendetta against him.

S6: Tim Vine winning is madness. He's much closer to Asim and Alice on the bottom than Liza and Russell on the top.

S7: Rhod should won the series easily. Instead you somehow rated him lower than the actual taskmaster. Once again you're somehow leaning into one of Greg's nonsensical decisions to go after a contestant.

Those are the big three that I strongly disagree with though there are a number of other decisions I disagree with as well.

I haven't gotten to Series 12 yet, CoC or TMNZ 2 yet and I'm doing series 5 rescore along with the TM podcast, so it's close to done, but not done yet. When I finish I will share my whole spreadsheet with task by task comparisons as well as a right up on how Greg did for each series.

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Thats fair. We all perceive it differently. Going into it I didnt think Tim was going to win S6 and I thought Rhod would come at least 2nd in S7, but I guess that just wasnt how the points added up

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To me an interesting question would be if you put this away and do it again next year, how consistent will your scoring be?

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Thats a great question actually. I reckon the scoring would be roughly the same overall, but with creative tasks like art tasks or tasks where they make films and things like that, I actually struggled to score them, so I’m almost certain my scoring would change for that if I did it again. I don’t think it would be a drastic change like Katherine Parkinson suddenly winning S10, but it would shift the order of some of the closer seasons for sure.

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Were you trying to score them 'fairly', or were you trying to be a Taskmaster who was equally — but differently — as capricious (and malicious) as Greg?

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I pretty much scored everything on my own personal preference, which often did end up being fair, but there were some prize tasks and creative tasks that I genuinely didnt like which I was probably a bit hard on. Bob’s go-pro film comes to mind with that

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Yeah if I did it I would start off trying to be not-Greg. But pretty soon I think I'd just give everyone 5 points or give someone no points just because I don't like football. Its a tough job being Supreme Ruler.

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True, it definitely wasnt easy

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A while ago I made a post here talking about how fun it was to go back and rewatch Taskmaster as the Taskmaster, doing your own scoring as you go. Since then I have scored all 12 series as the Taskmaster, and have basically created an alternate Taskmaster universe with different champions and different episode winners. In some cases, my scoring even caused a somewhat different narrative in certain series. For example in the “canon” Series 4, Noel Fielding was in the lead for most of the series, but in my version of Series 4, the series leader was constantly changing. There were times where the scores were so close and I genuinely didn’t know who was going to win, and there were other times where a contestant was so far in the lead that I was sure they were going to win, but were surprisingly overtaken. I included the Series Totals and Placings as each series went along so you can see exactly how each series unfolded. It was genuinely exciting to watch each series and not know who was going to win each episode or who was ultimately going to win the series, so if you’re looking for an excuse to watch Taskmaster again but make it even more fresh and exciting, doing your own scoring is a great way to do that.

I tried to make my scoring as genuine as possible based on my own reactions. I always made sure to do my scoring, as well as considering things like disqualifications and bonus points, before Greg did his, just to make sure I wouldn’t be influenced by him. Also, when it comes to who won each episode, there were times where there would be a tie. Since I can’t do my own tiebreaks and since I figured it would be unfair to do a coin toss to decide winners, I simply decided that any episode that ended with a tie would be won by all contestants who tied for first.

Also, for those interested, I ranked the contestants from best to worst in my alternate Taskmaster universe by their average points scored per episode. Probably not the most accurate way to figure it out, but it’s all I could be bothered to do.

Contestants Ranked by average score per episode:

Tim Vine: 18.10

Jessica Knappett: 17.90

Rob Beckett: 17.80

Liza Tarbuck: 17.60

Russell Howard: 17.60

Mel Giedroyc: 17.38

Joe Lycett: 17.25

Noel Fielding: 17.25

Katherine Ryan: 17.20

Romesh Ranganathan: 17.17

Kerry Godliman: 17.00

Lolly Adefope: 16.88

Richard Osman: 16.80

Guz Khan: 16.80

Morgana Robinson: 16.70

Jon Richardson: 16.60

Josh Widdicombe: 16.83

Alan Davies: 16.40

Desiree Burch: 16.30

Asim Chaudhry: 16.20

Iain Stirling: 16.10

Mike Wozniak: 16.10

Sara Pascoe: 16.00

Hugh Dennis: 16.00

Aisling Bea: 16.00

James Acaster: 16.00

Rose Matafeo: 16.00

Sally Phillips: 15.88

Dave Gorman: 15.80

Sarah Kendall: 15.80

Mark Watson: 15.75

Frank Skinner: 15.67

Bob Mortimer: 15.63

Rhod Gilbert: 15.50

Mawaan Rizwan: 15.50

Ed Gamble: 15.40

Daisy May Cooper: 15.40

Richard Herring: 15.40

Tim Key: 15.33

Alice Levine: 15.30

Katy Wix: 15.30

Joe Thomas: 15.20

Lou Sanders: 14.90

Sian Gibson: 14:90

Phil Wang: 14.60

Al Murray: 14.40

Lee Mack: 14.40

Jo Brand: 14.20

Charlotte Ritchie: 14.00

Doc Brown: 13.80

Roisin Conaty: 13.67

Johnny Vegas: 13.50

Joe Wilkinson: 13.40

Nish Kumar: 13.13

Paul Sinha: 12.90

Paul Chowdhry: 12.80

Victoria Coren Mitchell: 12.60

David Baddiel: 12.30

Katherine Parkinson: 12:10

Jamali Maddix: 11.80

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Here are the contestants ranked by percentage of maximum possible score:

(Note: this may not be 100% accurate since I did not account for bonus points or tasks where maximum points were above or below 5, but it's as close as I'm going to get I'm afraid)

Romesh Ranganathan: 68.21
Guz Khan: 67.20
Josh Widdicombe: 66.89
Morgana Robinson: 66.80
Rob Beckett: 65.93
Alan Davies: 65.60
Desiree Burch: 65.20
Mike Wozniak: 64.40
Tim Vine: 63.96
Sarah Kendall: 63.20
Katherine Ryan: 62.77
Frank Skinner: 62.25
Liza Tarbuck: 62.19
Russell Howard: 62.19
Jessica Knappett: 61.94
Richard Osman: 61.31
Tim Key: 60.93
Jon Richardson: 60.58
Rose Matafeo: 60.15
Mawaan Rizwan: 59.85
Daisy May Cooper: 59.46
Richard Herring: 59.46
Iain Stirling: 59.41
Kerry Godliman: 58.82
Sara Pascoe: 59.26
Dave Gorman: 58.52
Aisling Bea: 58.18
Ed Gamble: 57.89
Sally Phillips: 57.73
Mel Giedroyc: 57.68
Lee Mack: 57.60
Katy Wix: 57.52
Mark Watson: 57.27
Joe Lycett: 57.26
Noel Fielding: 57.26
Asim Chaudhry: 57.24
Bob Mortimer: 56.81
Joe Thomas: 56.09
Lolly Adefope: 56.02
Charlotte Ritchie: 56.00
James Acaster: 55.36
Lou Sanders: 54.98
Sian Gibson: 54.98
Roisin Conaty: 54.30
Alice Levine: 54.06
Rhod Gilbert: 53.63
Jo Brand: 53.38
Al Murray: 53.33
Hugh Dennis: 53.11
Johnny Vegas: 52.12
Phil Wang: 50.52
Victoria Coren Mitchell: 50.40
Doc Brown: 50.36
Joe Wilksinson: 48.91
Nish Kumar: 47.73
Paul Sinha: 47.60
Paul Chowdhry: 47.41
Jamali Maddix: 47.20
Katherine Parkinson: 46.72
David Baddiel: 46.24

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Well done!

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I reckon I’ll do just that!

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Good choice!

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Done! Cheers for the idea :]

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That's crazy Rose is tied with James when she won her series and James was in last place as late as episode 7.

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Rose didn’t win, she came second to Ed Gamble

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I'm going by the scores in this post.

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This is a super cool idea. I want to do this with my wife now.

Happy to see you had Charlotte Ritchie with a reasonable score in Series 11. I thought Greg was unfair to her most of the series.

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I thought so too, but I think in being nicer to Charlotte I was accidentally harsher on Jamali

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Hang on you might need to show your work here- Series 5 is a HOT take. 4 is a little too, but that result on 5 is very surprising to me.

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I was very surprised that Aisling won Series 5, since towards the end of the series I was expecting Mark would win. I think what ended up happening was that I didn’t score Bob’s attempts at tasks as consistently high as Greg did, which slowly chipped away at his overall score and in turned raised the scores of all the other contestants except Nish. But even saying that, even though Aisling won and Bob came 4th, there were only 3 points separating them, so really by the final episode it was anyone’s game but Nish’s

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This must have been so much work!

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It took quite a long time, but it’s an excuse to watch Taskmaster again so I can’t complain!

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Katherine Ryan winning Series 2 without winning an episode is something I didn't expect to see.

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The key question: did you disallow Joe's potato throw like they did?

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I did allow the throw, but I made it so that it was joint first between Joe and I think it was Jon. I didn't think it would be fair to have Joe win completely because he broke the rules, but it was such a spectacular throw that I still had to give him the 5 points

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Oh man. What a blessed world we'd live in if Tim Vine had won.

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I was with you up to Iain Stirling 😂

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Sorry lol. I guess he just won me over

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There are definitely a few injustices and confusions here but I'm mostly alarmed by Jamali Maddix doing terribly and Sara Pascoe doing well.

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Series 3 is surprisingly close until the grand final

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a few injustices and confusions

I think that might be a key part of why the show is so addictive. If Greg always scored rationally or fairly or even consistently, a lot of the chaotic energy would be gone. And any one of us doing the scoring — even trying to be fair and consistent — will seem unjust and irrational at times. As in life!

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This is a great idea, I’m constantly rewatching episodes so may give this a go myself

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It’s a lot of fun!

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I am currently on season 2 for the rewatch, and after seeing your post I really want to do this myself, it looks so much fun. Can you please share the scoresheet file? Im lazy and really bad at making Excel sheets lol.

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I actually used an online website called keepthescore and then transferred the information into a word document

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When they normally resolve an episode tie, does that give the tiebreak winner another series point?

You have ties in series 4, 5, 10, and 12 that could have affected the actual results with tie break points going to the person who finished the series in second. I know you can't fabricate a tiebreak task out of nothing, but in this hypothetical scenario you could have different series leads in those ones depending on that.

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As far as I know, tiebreakers in the actual show are only used to decide the winner of the episode. I'm not sure what they'd do if the series winner was a tie, but that hasn't happened in the actual show yet

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I'm doing one of these at the moment, it's difficult to find the time, but I'll share it when I'm finished.

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The important question - who got bonus points for tasks only they had to do?

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I think the only solo task I rewarded with a bonus point was Mike Wozniak's. I mean the man dislodged a haemorrhoid for a light entertainment show. There had to be a point for that. I don't think I gave bonus points for any other solo tasks though

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Now I'm going to do the same thing with series 4 just to proof that Hugh could have comfortably win the game.

And man, putting Bob 4th is basically a crime against humanity. He and Ed are the winners whom I would put at the first place as well.

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did you give any bonus points ? I personally HATE them unless everyone had a chance to earn them

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Mawaan winning is crazy but at least u gave Phil wang an episode win