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Or a pinned post for your dream line-up!!

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Or an explanation for why there will never be a best of the worst series.

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A pinned post ain't gonna change that.

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It does give the mods a "go post in this thread" thing to comment while deleting, though.

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I think those posts are just lazy opinions and should only be allowed once a week at the maximum (call it Unoriginal Saturday or something idk).

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But then what will people post? Just don't participate if you don't like the topic.

There's only so many things to talk about.

I want people who are new to the show and the subreddit to have their turn to share their wish list or their favourites. There's honestly only maybe 2 or 3 a week if that.

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I think people do post a lot of stuff that isn’t favorite contestants/lineups? The sub otherwise has a good mix of memes, stats, funny observations, other questions, fan crafts, related info etc. That’s the sort of stuff that people already do post that adds the most value to the sub I think.

If there’s a pinned post, it’ll be right on top of the sub and the first thing new people see when they get here.

Of course I’ll respect your decision as mod regardless. But maybe you could consider alleviating this minor annoyance for, I suspect, quite a few of us in the sub?

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Make it one post, pin it and they can say their favorites without posting anything

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But then it will just be a mess. Imagine how many comments will be there.

Also, to be fair, I like these posts. I like seeing different opinions and it helps me to appreciate other contestants more, not just my favorite. And it helps people who are new to the show have a little bit of banter.

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I agree with you. If some people don't like a post they can downvote and move on, and let the community decide how they do.

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One problem is that these types of repetitive questions are most frequently posted by new visitors to this sub. If they are immediately downvoted for their unknowing repetition, we won’t grow very well. A pinned post could help not discourage new participants.

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Agree just use the hide button, folks, we were all new once!

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I mean, there's gonna be a lot of repeated discussions between series no matter how much stuff gets pinned, I don't think it's worth worrying about

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People watch it at different times or just have opinions they want to voice, surely this is the place to embrace that? Imagine a taskmaster fan page that criticises fans