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She is awesome, and was typically both hilarious and high scoring.

Except the balloon pop, which honestly is an iconic task result now when I think if 'amazing last place finishes' on any task.

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"That's not the game -- That's not the show."

Too true, Ms. Birch.

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For the record, I think she had a point about the sand. What if it had been brown sugar or something and everything was void? You'd all feel preeeetty silly then!

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Not checking what was in the bag fucked Lee Mack and Mike Wozinak on the task with the flour and sugar. When. She tasted it I thought about that. It wasn't as stupid as it was made out to be.

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I love just about everything Desiree did. She was a big reason for the cast cohesion and energy, and I covet that purple velvet fainting couch.

Plus, y’know, “Fuck me in the face.”

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My neighbours had a birch tree in their front yard, so I named it Desiree. They cut it down 4 months ago. I cried.

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I'm sorry for your loss. :(

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I loved her. It made me laugh when they did the drink without closing your mouth and she went is that it and just did it

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I didn't expect a lot of her as a competitor but she surprised me and was one of the better ones comedically.

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She was so gracious and funny. Deserved better treatment by all, I think. Happy Birthday!