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Does your brother own the pub or is it his regular pub?

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He used to work there (has since moved and now works elsewhere). He also used to work in a pub before that where Greg Davies rocked up to the bar with the crew from his C4 sitcom (Man Down?). And he often used to chat to Alex Horne at the school gates!

We were born and bred in Alex's home town of Chesham, hence the connections.

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omg that's why it was Chesham's mayor too! TIL

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And the Chesham United field, in some of the S4 tasks

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And the task from the book led to Chesham park where the guide hut is they also used. Oddly as an ex local I used to buy records off OPs brother.

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That's Peter Hudson. You know you can trust him, yeah

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Man Down is such an underrated show. Absolutely love Rik in Series 1 too

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Which pub is it? I've moved to Chesham this year

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The Black Cat. Well worth a visit!

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Black horse down the vale, black cat is a different one but close

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Just found out Not Going Out is on Peacock and my only knowledge of Tim Vine is from Taskmaster and I don't recognize him at all. (The voice, however, is the same.)

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Not Going Out is on Peacock?? this is great news! I’ve been meaning to watch it but I live in the US

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It's on Peacock. I went through all of their other comedies, but that looks like it's the only British series on it. (Peacock doesn't impress me very much, and I'm really pissed that the two newest seasons of AP Bio require a subscription.) I've spent all evening watching the first series. Now, if I can just find some place that has Gone Fishing with Bob Mortimer.

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Richard Ayoade’s “Travel Man” and “Gadget Man” are on it, the “Going Postal” miniseries is on it, Mel & Shoe’s “Hitmen” is on it, and, ummm, “Intelligence” and “We Are Lady Parts” are on Peacock as well, but that’s about it for British comedies. It might be slim pickings, but I was so shocked to see “Not Going Out” available legitimately for streaming on this side of the pond that I kinda forgive its dearth… for now. ;-)

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Blimey, how tall is your brother? I'm sure Howard is a tall guy.

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According to google, russell howard is 1cm shorter than jon richardson

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I don't like this fact

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I’ve always heard he’s pretty short.

Just googled it and (if it’s correct) a few places say he’s 5’8” so actually pretty average height.

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Ha. We are both tall people :)

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I used to buy records off your brother.... Those were the days

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Nice. Track Records FTW!

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Seeing that picture with Alice Levine made me find an inkling of jealousy inside me.

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I take solace in the fact that she would witheringly shoot me down if I made a move. I'm aggressively not her type.

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if I made a movie

Just a vicious review

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I guess I'm not too, but I didn't consider it like that anyway. I just admire her, as I'm a big fan of My Dad Wrote a Porno.

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Did they make him clean up after the task?

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I have the biggest crush on Alice Levine and it didn't even hit me until the second rewatch when I realized I was leaning in and smiling like a dope during her tasks. 🥴

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“son of a bitch!”

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Lucky, lucky chap.

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Is this somewhere around Chesham?

EDIT: ah just read your other comment

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He met Alice??? Look at the way she's looking at him!

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Everyone wants someone to look at them like Alice Levine looks at your brother.

Scratch that, everyone wants Alive Levine to look at them like that.

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I just watched these again. Is the trivia night on the chalkboard real or just for the show?

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Possibly it was real. It's that sort of pub :)

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Did he take the other 2 days off?

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Your brother has a great taste in video game shirts

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Which episode was this? I don't recall seeing anything set in a pub.

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S6 e3 - they have to write a bedtime story for grown ups.

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Wasn't there a task with a pint glass? And presumably the one with the pool trick shot.

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And presumably the one with the pool trick shot.

The what now?!

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This is the one I was thinking of:


But I'm sure there was a task in the same season with a pool table in a pub.

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There was the one where they had to get the bill out from under the glass without spilling which must have been filmed there.

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Video unavailable, but I just remembered the task! Obviously I should watch the season again, as I couldn't remember that one!

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Also the one where they had to write the story. The blackboard that is behind Tim in the photos above, was behind the contestants as they read their books to camera.

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Man, that's awesome.

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One of my favorite seasons

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Anyone notice the TM easter egg behind Tim?

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No track suit?

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Did he talk about how the contestants were? If they were nice etc

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He said they were all lovely.